Warframe Argon Crystal Farm 2021

As one of the rarest resources you can find in a Warframe, the Argon Crystal can be quite difficult to farm occasionally. Raising Argon Crystals can only be released in one place, Void requires the player to unlock the planet or a node on the planet in order to be able to raise the Argon Crystal. method can be considered as the fastest way to get Argon Crystal. In this guide we are sure to help you find the easiest ways to raise Argon Crystals.Also find other resource farming tutorials:

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How to farm Argon Crystal?


Argon Crystal has a low drop rate but it drops from enemies and storage while also has a guaranteed drop from Argon Pegmatite deposits. Read more: where to get the legendary bear leather strap | Top Q&A Using a farming Warframe would be a good idea to increase your chances of getting these crystals as it’s best to try to milk your enemies as much as possible when the drop rate is as low as Argon Crystals.

Where is Argon Crystal Farm?

You can only raise Argon Crystals in the Void. All quests have a good chance of dropping Argon Crystals but to make things easy it’s best to choose the lower level quests or the easy to complete ones like Ani, Oxomoco and Ukko. These quests are the best locations to raise Argon Crystals.

Argon Crystal Decay

Since Argon Crystals belong to the Void, they won’t last long when taken out of them, meaning they will expire. Don’t try to hoard Argon Crystals if you don’t use them as they will decay 24 hours after your quest is completed. It’s best to only farm them when they’re the last ingredient needed to craft something.

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Argon Crystal Cultivation Site

Ukko (Void) – Shoot

Ukko is one of the fastest ways to get Argon Crystals as you just need to capture the target and extract afterwards. After catching the target, you can start looting around or killing enemies until you get the amount of Argon Crystals you need. you are the lucky one, the enemy will drop them. This can be considered as one of the easiest ways to get Argon Crystals but it can take some time to open the inventory.

Ani (Void) – Survival

For more experienced players, this is considered the best place to farm Argon Crystals as you can kill countless enemies. With a farming Warframe like Hydroid or Nekros, you can easily farm Argon Crystals in no time, especially when you’re on a team. more efficient experience. One of the easiest ways to farm an Argon Crystal is to get a Hydroid and camp at the start of the quest, which ultimately gives the player a boost of Argon Crystals.

Oxomoco (Void) – Destroy

Extermina is another preferred choice for most players when it comes to raising Argon Crystals but this sometimes requires a Warframe that can quickly destroy enemies on the mission. easier to go through. The technique for this method is to kill enemies while searching around the map for Argon Pegmatite storage or deposits. The enemies you kill in the quest have a low chance to drop Argon Crystals but if you look around you will definitely stumble across some.


You will only be able to obtain Argon Crystals once you already have access to the Void. This happens if someone gets you there by inviting you to a team and choosing a mission in the Void, or if you actually unlocked it. The best way to farm Argon Crystal is to be able to search for Argon Pegmatite inventory and deposits while also killing enemies. If you have a good Warframe farm like Hydroid or Nekros, you can use them accordingly. Hydroid is still one of the best choices when it comes to farming Argon Crystals due to his Pilfering Swarm enhancement, which allows you to easily farm Argon Crystals at the start of the quest. Read more: Fortitude shot final series in Bristol | Top Q&A

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