Tyra Karn

Tyra Karn Biographical informationHomeworld:ReefReading: where is tyra karnSpecies:AwokenGender:FemaleEye color:Read more: Sleeperholic | Top Q&APurpleAffiliation:GuardiansRank:Crypto-ArcheologistClass:Warlock “Centuries ago, I thought the story of the Iron Lords was finished. I see now that it was waiting for the next chapter.” — Tyra KarnTyra Karn is an Awoken Cryptarch who resides at the Iron Temple.[1] During the Dark Age, Tyra served as the lore-keeper for the Iron Lords, and after their defeat, she went on to help establish the Cryptarchy. With the return of SIVA, Lord Saladin Forge convinced her to return to the Iron Temple to share her expertise on SIVA’s origins with the Guardian. During the Red War, Tyra sought safety at The Farm and remained there after the reclamation of The Last City to continue studying the nearby Shard of the Traveler.



Early Life as a Guardian[edit]

“I find myself reflecting on the cyclical nature of existence. Life, death, rebirth. The Iron Temple was once a place of Light. Then the Iron Lords were lost, and Saladin turned it into a memorial. Now it will be reborn, much like that curious servitor.” — Tyra KarnRead more: Wormspore | Top Q&AIn the time of the Iron Lords, Tyra was the keeper of their stories and a close friend of Lord Saladin Forge. Later, she helped found the Cryptarch order but withdrew from its day-to-day operation to concentrate on her studies. Tyra has dedicated decades sorting through recovered artifacts, documents, and Ghost discoveries in hopes of bringing out the undeniable truths of the past. Even today, Tyra considers herself an observer of history rather than a participant.One of her studies involved the search for a lost Warmind vault on Mars, which Tyra presumed held the second known Warmind, Charlemagne. Only after a decade of study did Tyra and her Ghost uncovered the true nature of Charlemagne as a submind of Rasputin.[2]

The SIVA Crisis[edit]

When SIVA returned in the hands of the Fallen Devil Splicers, Saladin was able to convince her to return to the Iron Temple to aid the Guardians in the SIVA Crisis. Tyra provided advice to seek out SIVA prototypes belonging to Clovis Bray in a research lab on Mars, a plan originally conceived by Lord Timur. After the Guardians were able to acquire the prototypes and with Shiro-4’s help, she was able to find a self-destruct sequence to end the SIVA replication center in Site 6.After the replication center’s destruction, Tyra provided missions to Guardians so they could prove their worth to wield artifacts of the old Iron Lords. In addition, Tyra played a pivotal role in rebuilding the Exotic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher that led to Bannerfall, where the Guardians discovered a Fallen plot to destroy the tower. With Tyra’s guidance, the Guardian was able to defeat the Fallen, save the tower and recover the rocket launcher plans.

The Red War[edit]

“I’m sorry, have we met before? I’m afraid losing my connection to the Light has been… disorienting.” — Tyra KarnAfter the Red Legion struck at the Last City and attached a device to the Traveler that stripped Guardians of their Light, Tyra found refuge at The Farm in the European Dead Zone. Tyra’s memory was damaged due to the trauma of having her link to the Light stripped from her. Like other Guardians, she received a vision compelling her to seek out a Shard of the Traveler located near the Farm, but she was wary of it, believing that it had been corrupted since being cast from the Traveler during the Collapse, and knew that without the Light her old body could not make the journey. When the Young Wolf arrived at the Farm, she cautioned them about following the vision as the Shard’s corruption had spread to the forest surrounding it and made it dangerous to venture into. Tyra wished them luck if they did decide to go to the Shard, and she offered what aid she could before reminding them they were no longer immortal.[3]Not long after the Young Wolf left, Tyra’s dreams of the Shard changed. The Guardian soon returned, having had their Light restored by a fragment of the Shard that still contained some of the Traveler’s Light. Tyra was overjoyed by this development, and noted that although she did not have her Light back yet, she would chronicle the exploits of the Young Wolf against the Red Legion, and noted that all of the Last City’s hopes now rested on their shoulders.[4]

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A New Golden Age[edit]

“There has been no greater Dawning than this. The dawning of a new age, whether we call it one or not. I hope it is not the dawn of a new Collapse.” — Tyra Karn, in a discussion with Efrideet[5]During the celebration of The Dawning following the reclamation of the Last City, Tyra communicated with Efrideet. After wishing each other a happy Dawning, Tyra turned down Efrideet’s offer of an ornament for her jumpship, noting that she no longer had any wish to travel and that it would be better served in the hands of her jumpship’s new owner. She then commented that this was the start of a new age, but expressed her concerns that it could also herald another Collapse. She was concerned that other Guardians would be blinded by the Light of the Traveler’s awakening and forget the lessons they had learned by losing their Light to the Red Legion.[5]

Return to the City[edit]

“I am still wary of interacting so closely with the Darkness, but we can no longer avoid it. Do you think the Dark Fleet is attempting to communicate through these lenses and engrams? There’s still much to learn.” — Tyra, speculating on the source and point of Umbral EngramsAfter the arrival of the Black Fleet in the Sol System, Tyra left the Farm and returned to the Last City. She oversaw a Cryptarchy project investigating how some Engrams had been altered by the Black Fleet’s incursion into the system, leading to the creation of Umbral Engrams. The Cryptarchy seized the Umbral Decoder and Prismatic Recaster from the Drifter to further their studies and installed them within the H.E.L.M.. Tyra requested that the Young Wolf help their research by modifying the Umbral Engrams they found in the Recaster and recording the results for the Cryptarchy. She provided them the last Prismatic Lens used in their studies to enable their first decryption of an Umbral Engram.[6] As the Young Wolf began aiding the research project, Tyra admitted that she was wary of studying the Darkness so closely but accepted that it was unavoidable. She wondered if the Black Fleet was trying to communicate through the Umbral Engrams and prismatic lenses and looked forward to continuing the research with the Young Wolf.[7]Read more: Where is madam nazar today 2021


  • “Good, don’t move, if you stay still the cleaning frames will mistake you for one of these statues.”
  • “If I had a use for it, I would’ve kept it for myself.”
  • “It is time we let the past guide our future. Lord Saladin has asked me to help you forge a mighty weapon. A powerful new Gjallarhorn for a new generation of Iron Lord. The Gjallarhorn is a weapon steeped in tradition. To do it justice, seek a challenge at the site of the Iron Lords’ last battle. Find more of the Medallions worn by the Iron Lords. Then return to me.”[8]
  • “Tell me, do you believe all you’ve been told about the Cosmodrome?”
  • “Good good, I could use some help.”
  • “You keep changing things, Guardian, I’m going to keep my eye on you.”
  • “So, you have had some experience with Rahool. What would you think of him becoming the Chair of the SIVA programm(?)?. The Mothyards have been picked clean. Focus, on the colony ships.”[9]
  • “Welcome.”
  • “Let’s begin.”
  • “The truth awaits.”
  • “Lets get some answers.”
  • “What do you seek?”
  • “Are you here to help?”
  • “Dig into anything good?”
  • “Anything worthy of a closer look?”
  • “Shall we unravel what’s hidden here?”
  • “We have many mysteries in need of attention.”
  • “I’m a historian. We’re very good at waiting.”
  • “I have many mysteries in need of attention.”
  • “Consider my knowledge at your disposal.”
  • “I cannot close my entries on the Devil Splicers in the Cosmodrome yet.”
  • “You have questions. I can help you get answers.”
  • “Even with the Fallen weakened, there is still more to observe here.”
  • “Defeating the Archon Prime won’t end this I’m afraid.”
  • “You’re turning those Devil Splicers into little more than a footnote.”
  • “The Splicers are where they belong: in the history books.”
  • “I expect you’ve now seen more SIVA than even its creators did.”
  • “Do you think the Fallen are clever enough to use SIVA in ways we should fear?”
  • “History awaits Titan.”
  • “What’s your story Titan?”
  • “Let’s see what we have Titan.
  • “Unearth anything worth sharing Hunter?”
  • “Where is your mind today Warlock?”
  • “What pique’s your interest Warlock?”
  • “Lord Guardian. You have returned.”
  • “Lord Guardian. Our work is not yet done.”
  • “What’s next for you, Lord Guardian?”
  • “No rest for you, Lord Guardian.”
  • “History is knowledge my friend.”
  • “History knows no end.”
  • “Not every lead has been exhausted.”
  • “There are still more secrets to unearth.”
  • “It won’t end here.”
  • “We’re grateful for the help.”
  • “Go where we cannot.”
  • “To new frontiers my friend.”
  • “I look forward to hearing of your travels.”
  • “Stand strong Titan.”
  • “Our history awaits Titan.”
  • “Stay focused Hunter.”
  • “I do value your insight Warlock.”
  • “Our history rests with you now.”
  • “I’ll be here when you return.”
  • “Until your hunt is over.”
  • “The truth is waiting.”
  • “Thank you.”
  • “Farewell.”
  • “Well chosen.”
  • “It’s seen more years than most of us.”
  • “It once served me well long ago.”
  • “I rarely have use for armor anymore.”
  • “There’s a reason I’ve held onto that for so long.”
  • “Think of it as a tool with which to make history.”
  • “If I could use it, I would keep it.”
  • “You are holding history now.”
  • “From the Cryptarchs. For your help.”
  • “I hope you can appreciate what you have now.”
  • “I do hope it serves your needs.”
  • “Take care of it. There aren’t many like it anymore.”
  • “Let it lead your curiosity far.”
  • “Use it wisely.”
  • “Are you willing to test your strength Guardian? The power of the Iron Lords awaits, if you return victorious.”
  • “I knew the Iron Lords well. You would have fit in with them in their glory days as you do now. Take this as a sign of respect.”
  • “Do you seek the truth above all?”
  • “Good, good! I could use some help!”
  • “Help me tell the true story of this place.”
  • “This is interesting for a whole other reason.”
  • “Come closer. Perhaps our questions are the same.”
  • “Tell me what mysteries bring you back to this place.”
  • “Not satisfied? I’d hoped not. There is still so much about the Cosmodrome that is a mystery.”
  • “They say the victors write history. Lets just say I don’t expect to see any Splicer accounts of this war.”
  • “Now that it’s finished, do you think the truth is more interesting than the legend? I do.”
  • “Some questions have been answered, but I do hope we’re not done yet.”
  • “Perhaps now we can get some real work done.”
  • “Shiro’s work is far from over.”
  • “You seem like a perceptive one.”
  • “You seem like the type that demands answers.”
  • “You seem like you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.”
  • “Your observations of SIVA so far have been invaluable.”
  • “You keep changing things Guardian. I’m going to keep my eye on you.”
  • “I’ll be recording your deeds for posterity Guardian. All your deeds.”
  • “So, you’ve had some experience with Rahool. What would you think of him becoming the chair of a SIVA Studies program?”
  • “Hmm. Another speechless one.”
  • “I thought you had something to do?”
  • “Taking a moment for silent meditation on the influence of false gods?”
  • “My goodness you’re almost as good at standing around and looking important as the Speaker himself!”
  • “If curiosity kills the Guardian… well, that’s what we have Ghosts for.”
  • “Tell me. What do you make of the Fallen and their love of machines?”
  • “Another Skiff! Send word to Shiro. He’ll want to track it.”
  • “I can’t help but wonder: how many Splicers made off with Skiffs full of SIVA, and will we find them?”
  • “The Splicers have incorporated SIVA into a tithe-like system… the exact inverse of their traditional Either distribution! Fascinating.”
  • “The Fallen keep proving themselves smarter than we’ve noted. Hmm. Open a new entry on Fallen intelligence.
  • “Only the Fallen would try to build a god in a warehouse.”
  • “I’ve missed this place. The Iron Lords shared something here, more than a kinship. Honestly, I’ve never seen something like it since.”
  • “I often wonder where we would be if the Iron Lords returned to the City. Their fall here changed the course of history.”
  • “I’ve always suspected Saladin’s grief colors his memories, more than he realizes.”
  • “I do hope this brings you peace Saladin.”
  • “The City will know of your bravery Jolder.”
  • “I wouldn’t exactly call that truth… yet. Radegast’s legend is full of unchecked statements.”
  • “The answer lies with Felwinter’s tale. There is still more to learn from him.”
  • “There is still something missing in Felwinter’s tale, and its buried somewhere down there.”
  • “Something tells me Timur was in there for a very good reason.”
  • “Be more perceptive. Try thinking like Skorri might have.”
  • “There is still more to learn from the Iron Temple.”
  • “Stay here as long as you like. This is your temple now Lord Guardian.”
  • “You may have proven yourself far beyond the legends, but I must confess: I hope to never see you enshrined here.”
  • “This doesn’t end with the Iron Lords.”
  • “At last! Something more definitive on the Cosmodrome.”
  • “Saladin might have peace, but there is still more I want to know. The Cosmodrome is a nexus point. History converges here.”
  • “Fascinating! This proves there is still so much more to the Cosmodrome.”
  • “Tell me. Do you believe all you’ve been told about the Cosmodrome?”
  • “There is more to the Cosmodrome than meets the eye. Literally. Some of these tunnels go for miles.”
  • “I applaud your effort, but I’m afraid we’ve learned nothing new about the Terrestrial Array System.”
  • “I don’t suppose you found any record logs in that vault? Dead Ghosts? Last wills and testaments?”
  • “You may want to try the Jovian Complex.”
  • “Ah yes. Through the old Rocketyard?”
  • “The Mothyards have been picked clean. Focus on the colony ships.”
  • “They don’t realize how little it would take to make the colony ships fly again!”
  • “If we can’t find those EXODUS ship logs, then Dead Orbit scavengers must have gotten them first.”
  • “Override entries Cosmodrome forty-six dash A through seventy-two dash F with the incoming abstracts. A full report to follow.”
  • “With every discovery in this Cosmodrome comes more questions.”
  • “What other secrets are buried here?”
  • “We need a way to crack more of these Clovis Bray encryption schemes.”
  • “If only they had done a bit more research. They might have seen SIVA for what it really was.”
  • “We must discover all outstanding SIVA directives. Who knows what commands are still active.”
  • “It may be done here, but who knows what SIVA they spirited away.”
  • “Tell me little SIVA mite; what role did you play in all this?”
  • “I do wonder; SIVA can be a great tool but who can be trusted?”
  • “Close Cosmodrome sub-entry SIVA eighteen dash D. Open full entry SIVA three dash D.”
  • “SIVA’s role in history is not over. Far from it.”
  • “And still, no hint of Rasputin?”
  • “Where are you now Rasputin… and why do I suspect Saladin knows.”
  • “And of course the Warminds lurk in the margins, always just out of sight.”
  • “So the Warminds were aware of the prototype’s limitations, but then why continue into production?”
  • “Tell me. What do these words mean to you: format moral structures for Midnight Exigent.”
  • “Of all the corners of the world, why Old Russia? What did they hope to find?”
  • “It’s corrupted beyond repair, but if you find anything with a similar timestamp, I’d very much like to see it.”
  • “A great battle, or a series of unnatural cosmic events? Honestly it’s hard to say what’s more likely.”
  • “We’ll need to amend the records. The proof of Exo deployment here is undeniable.”
  • “I should run the Exo data past Ashur. The scribes will find this fascinating.”
  • “And with the last comes the biggest question of all: did you die in vain?[10]
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Incomplete Idle Transcriptions[edit]

  • What is the Skabredi? program?
  • When everything has settled down, I would very much like to (…) interview you Lord Guardian. (…)
  • Saladin might have rebuilt the Iron Lords after (…) I prefer to deal in facts (…) not armchair psychology.[10]


  • In Rise of Iron, Tyra Karn has orange eyes. However, in Destiny 2, she now has white eyes.


List of appearances[edit]

  • Destiny: Rise of Iron (First appearance)
  • Destiny 2
    • Curse of Osiris (Mentioned only)
    • Forsaken (Mentioned only)
    • Black Armory (Mentioned only)
    • Joker’s Wild
    • Season of the Worthy (Mentioned only)
    • Beyond Light (Mentioned only)
    • Season of the Chosen (Mentioned only)


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