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Is buying an American-made car important to you when buying a new sedan? For many Americans, finding something “Made in America” is as important as the price and features that come with the car. However, mismarketing and the ill-informed public eye have resulted in many of us not really knowing which vehicles are more “American” than others. Many people believe that Ford, Nissan, and even Subaru are entirely American-made, but that’s not the case. and Kia Optima. Read: Where is Toyota camrys manufactured5. Coming in at the bottom of the group is the Kia Optima, with just 1.5% of its parts manufactured in the United States. Read more: where are text messages stored on Android phones | Top Q&A4. Next will be a surprise. Ford Fusion, the “American automaker,” uses only 34% of its American-made parts. Meanwhile, 60% of cars are made in Mexico. Coming in third on our list is the Nissan Altima, with 61.5% of its parts being produced domestically. However, the six-cylinder version only owns 47.5% of the US-made parts. Surprisingly, the Hyundai Sonata (LTD) ranks second in our midsize sedan group. 64% of its parts are made in the United States.1. Coming in at number one in our group of five is the most popular midsize sedan in the country, the Toyota Camry. The timeless sedan is made in Georgetown, Kentucky and almost 70% of its parts are made in the USA! Read more: Sleepy Hollow FAQ | Q&A’s top conclusion, whatever your number one priority is when buying a sedan; Price, features, reliability, or American-made, the choice is clear: Consumer Reports’ new #1 sedan, the Toyota Camry.Click here to browse our new Camry inventory. Remember you are never limited by what we have on the lot. Tell us what you want, we’ll make it. No wires, no extra costs! Read more: K. Michelle Data comes from the Made in America Auto Index 2018.

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