The Full Nelson and Half Nelson Explained

Everyone remembers playing with your friends as a child, struggling and getting entangled in a strange seemingly magical retainer, something that at the time was unavoidable and a secret weapon that friends Use yours to dominate all the other kids while wrestling around. It has been argued that the most natural and perhaps first real sling that any child discovers is the Full Nelson, which is not only a sling for children to play in but can also be a method of Very effective positioning and even a neckline if placed correctly by a strong opponent. The Full Nelson Hold The Full Nelson Hold, named after Horation Nelson, vice admiral of the British Navy fleet and credited for defeating Napoleon’s Navy at sea, was originally a Catch Wrestling technique that is still practiced. called the double shoulder lock and the Nelson double strike. There are other Nelson holds, such as the Half Nelson hold, the Nelson quad hold and the 3/4 quarter hold commonly used in amateur and Olympic wrestling, the Full Nelson hold is illegal in amateur and Olympic wrestling. are used in amateur and Olympic wrestling both in the standing position and more are seen in side fights as they are useful in pinning opponents as well as establishing dominant positions in a very safe handling. whole. done while standing or on the ground depending on the variation, done while you are behind the opponent by placing your arm or arm (depending on the variation) under the opponent’s arm and squeezing Chop your hand behind the opponent’s head. .

What is the purpose of Nelson Hold?


There are a number of different reasons to use different Nelson Holds, the first being a form of positional control like when you control the opponent’s head, you end up controlling the top of their spine and with the position. Position your body near their hips, you control 2 heads 3 balance points (3 balance points are head, hips and knees) and therefore have a great advantage in controlling the opponent.Variation Three Quarters Nelson Three Quarter Nelson Variation The second reason is to punish the opponent. All Nelson Holds have an element of pressure on the neck and this is not a comfortable place to do it. It’s very difficult to breathe and the opponent will need to use a lot of strength to get out of a well-positioned Nelson Hold. a pin. We see this at all levels of wrestling and from time to time the simple Nelson Hold, especially the Half-Nelson is often used to rotate an opponent from 1/4 position upwards. back to get the latch.

The different types of Nelson hold

There are 4 main Nelsons as explained earlier, namely Full Nelson, Half Nelson, Quarter Nelson and Three-Quarter Nelson, all of them have a certain grappling scenario and set of rules by which moves are used. . Below are the types of Nelson Holds and their applications.

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The Full Nelson

Full Nelson Hold Full Nelson Hold A true favorite of hitters, security guards and police when trying to control an attacker, Full Nelson is used when behind your opponent with your arm under your opponent’s armpit. Play with your opponent’s arm up in the air. Your hands will be placed on the back of the opponent’s neck, overlapping each other and touching the opponent’s nape, creating forward pressure on the opponent’s neck while bringing your elbows back, making the opponent’s arms and shoulders back. backwards, this puts a lot of pressure on the neck and can even sometimes create the sensation of a crooked neck. Due to the fact that there is a risk to the cervical vertebrae, full nelson is prohibited at all levels of amateur and Olympic wrestling. submit. Full Nelson can often be seen in older hollywood movies and TV shows as well as in WWE wrestling with many famous WWE wrestlers using the move to hurt opponents, such as stars like Bobby Lashley (renamed Full Nelson to Hurt Lock) and Chris The Masters (renamed the Full Nelson hold to Master Lock) have used the hold hold as one of their signature moves. end or pin and are used more to protect an opponent, this is another reason we don’t see this move in combat sports like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts.

The Half Nelson

Half Nelson Half Nelson One of the first moves taught to young amateur wrestlers, the Half Nelson is a great move for control and peg setting, it is one of the easiest and most well-known wrestling moves. most commonly used because it is very effective and has a high percentage. Half Nelson is applied in a similar fashion to Full Nelson but is placed while on the ground and not standing up. Generally, it is placed when the opponent is in a four-quarter position (also known as the turtle position in BJJ) and you are applying pressure on them from the top down and to the sides. You just take an arm and pass it under the opponent’s arm pit and wrap it around the back of the opponent’s head. Your 2nd Arm (unused hand) needs to be locked on the opponent’s wrist to prevent them from exiting Half Nelson, or raise the Arm to prevent movement to the pin. A great tip for Half Nelson is to place your hands on top of your opponent’s head instead of their neck as this will increase leverage and create more pressure on the opponent. take the hand that will be on the opponent’s wrist during the initial Half Nelson and place it on top of your hand that is on the neck, this puts more pressure on the opponent’s neck and in general is a pin. In some cases where you can’t get your hands to rest on the nape of your opponent’s neck, you use your remaining forearm bone as a sort of pry bar with your palm facing the ceiling and grasp that hand with your arm. One problem with Power Nelson is that the opponent can freely strike and thus create some resistance to the wrestling technique.

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Dear Nelson

Dear Nelson Quarter Nelson A really great version of the Nelson Hold that has a lot of applications in grappling sports outside of wrestling is Quarter Nelson. Generally, Quarter Nelson does not work in high level wrestling but lower level wrestling as it is effective to use the technique when the opponent shoots with their head down. and it is used by placing your hand on the opponent’s neck, then placing the other hand under the opponent’s arm at the armpit area, locking the other arm by grabbing the wrist and applying pressure.

Nelson three quarters

Three Quarter Nelson has recently become quite a popular wrestling position and is starting to be used more and more in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Submission Grappling because it is so close to D’Arce Choke.Three quarters of Nelson Three Quarter Nelson Performs 3/4 Nelson similar to Half Nelson but with an empty handshake and passes it below the opponent on the same side. Because one of the hands is extended far above the neck and the other hand’s wrist is wrapped around the neck by a tight palm, that’s why the Three Quarter Nelson pose is so familiar to practitioners because of it. basically identical setup for the D’Arce Choke, the difference is that in amateur and Olympic wrestling the choke is illegal, so the move is to set up a latch. It should be noted that Three Quarter Nelson has a much higher move rate than Half Nelson when it’s done properly. Can’t turn out of hold.

How to fully counter Nelson

There are different ways to fight Full Nelson but the best way is Dean Lister Method to get rid of Full Nelson. Dean Lister, a master grappler, ADCC Champion, UFC fighter and BJJ Blackbelt has come up with a really cool way to get rid of a Full Nelson. S-handle. Once this grip has been achieved, press into your forehead while pushing your neck back and try to bring the inside of your elbow toward the center of your chest in a flying motion. This creates an incredible amount of leverage and if done properly will get you out of a properly placed Full Nelson.

How to fight Half Nelson

Half Nelson is not a great place when in a wrestling match and many inexperienced athletes make the mistake of turning into their opponent when trying to counter Half Nelson. There are many different Half Nelson counters but our favorite in Grapplezilla is first looking away from your opponent and slightly lifting your head, next, you want to grab your opponent’s fingers behind your head with the table. hand on the same side as the hand you are holding to release the hand. from your neck and place your hand on the ground with your hand on top. Now place your other hand on the mat and lift your body so you can bring your knees out of place.

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How to fight Quarter Nelson

The first way to counter Quarter Nelson is that by the time your opponent goes to Quarter Nelson, you keep your head strong and drive to grab the opponent’s leg as if you were shooting a leg. you just need to put Half Nelson on yourself (put your hand on top of the opponent’s hand) putting pressure down your neck and upward at the same time as moving your body away from the opponent.

How to counter three quarters Nelson

The Third Quarter Nelson Objection can be divided into 2 different scenarios, one in which 3 Quarter Nelson is in place and 1 where ¾ Nelson is in place. In a wrestling scenario where your opponent is in the process of placing you in the Three Quarter Nelson, all you need to do is lower your head slightly and rotate towards your opponent and continue attacking his leg. them while making a rotation. If you find yourself in the Three Quarter Nelson pose, you can hook the elbow of your same arm, tuck your head into the space between your bodies, and sit outward. In Submission Grappling and Catch Wrestling, you can continue to use your arms to keep endings as Kimura or Chicken Wings depending on the style of grappling you’re practicing.

In short

Full Nelson, Half Nelson, Quarter Nelson and Three Quarter Nelson are great grappling techniques that can be used at all levels of competition, they are versatile and easy to perform. Regardless of whether you are an Olympic aspiring wrestler, a BJJ enthusiast, a Grappler No-Gi Submission or an MMA fighter, knowing Nelson Holds will only benefit you when you control your opponent and get closer. to victory.

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