The Best Suburbs to Live in Melbourne in 2020

The best suburbs to live in Melbourne in 2020

  • South Yarra
  • St Kilda
  • Carlton
  • Brunswick
  • Footscray
  • Fitzroy
  • Richmond
  • South Melbourne
  • East Melbourne

Are you growing fast or bored with the area you currently live in? Do you want to move to a new place, but have to choose from dozens of possible suburbs? There are many things to take into account before making a decision, such as lifestyle suitability, proximity to shopping and entertainment options, and ease of getting around. Using data gathered by experts at Domain Group, a leading real estate business in Australia, we’ve included the 10 best suburbs to live in Melbourne, taking into account many factors and viability factor. Whether you are looking for a home to buy or a home to rent, this information can help make your decision easier and as Melbourne’s leading movers we can help with every aspect. during your move.

1. South Yarra


South YarraReading: Where to live in melbourne South Yarra is one of Melbourne’s most liveable suburbs. Located 4 kilometers southeast of the CBD, it has a population of more than 25,000 and boasts a thriving shopping, café and nightlife culture. Chapel Road and Toorak Road are bustling hubs of activity, with a wide range of entertainment and dining options to choose from, all easily accessible via public transport to reduce traffic congestion. but not limited to the hotel sector. The suburb is also home to a number of popular landmarks and attractions including the Prahran Market for fresh produce, the Jam Factory for high-end shopping, the headquarters of Network 10 TV and numerous open spaces such as the Garden. The Royal Botanical Gardens are all within reasonable walking distance. In addition, the suburbs have residential addresses and reputable grammar schools.

2. St Kilda

St KildaSt Kilda is the perfect suburb to live for those who enjoy being close to the beach and want to be surrounded by a thriving culture that includes cafes, live music, cinemas and festivals. Located 6 kilometers southeast of downtown, the suburb now has a population of over 20,000 and is within walking distance of several popular attractions. This includes the historic Luna Park with its festivals, the Palais Theater where live music is regularly performed, and the Art-Deco-style Astor Theater, which hosts film festivals and private events. . . Homes to rent and homes to buy in St Kilda include a diverse mix of housing styles, some including palatial villas, terraces and modern apartments. St Kilda Beach attracts a large number of water sports enthusiasts year round. The suburb also hosts one of the largest free festivals in Australia with street performances, community activities, market stalls, and more. There are also many parks and gardens for those who love nature and open spaces.

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3. Carlton

CarltonLocated adjacent to the Melbourne Central Business District, Carlton is a highly culturally ranked suburb. Lygon Road, also known as the ‘Italian Quarter’, is the birthplace of Melbourne’s coffee culture and has dozens of restaurants lining its sides. Readings Bookstore, Cinema Nova, Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum are all within walking distance for those looking to expand their knowledge and marvel at historically significant buildings. Read more: where to find menthol in stores | Top Q & ACarlton also ranks highly for public transport, with trams running along Swanston Street to Carlton North. Excellent medical services are also available at the Royal Women’s Hospital and the Royal Dental Hospital, both located close to each other. The population of 18,000 includes a large number of students living in apartments, many of whom attend the nearby RMIT University or University of Melbourne campuses.

4. Brunswick

brunswickBrunswick is one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs and has become a hub for young art creators and enthusiasts of all kinds. The area has a large population of students attending the nearby middle and high schools. Known for its bohemian culture and vibrant live music scene, Brunswick is also renowned for being home to some of the most popular shopping and dining destinations. The suburbs score particularly well for their high walkability and are among the best areas for public transport. Those who value the environment and enjoy spending time surrounded by nature can also frequent a number of open recreation areas on its western border, including Brunswick Park.footscrayFootscray used to have a reputation for being shabby and lacking in security, but there’s no denying it’s now one of the best suburbs to live in Melbourne. The area is an immigration hub and is known for its diversity and multiculturalism. More than 100 food outlets spread throughout the suburbs, many serving international cuisine. It’s also one of the lowest median home prices to buy outside of the highly rated suburbs. Located 6 kilometers west of the Central Business District, Footscray boasts an emerging arts scene as well as a growing number of bars and nightlife options. The suburbs are well served by public transport, including trams and trains that make getting around easy. Footscray Market is located next to Footscray train station, where fresh seafood and products are available. Many educational facilities, public libraries and health services are also easily accessible.

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6. Fitzroy

fitzroyLocated 3km northeast of the Central Business District, Fitzroy is one of the most densely populated areas in Melbourne with over 10,000 people on just 100 hectares of land. The suburb is already known for its bohemian culture, live music performances and art exhibitions. Artists are drawn to the plethora of art studios, commercial art galleries and street art exhibitions. Fitzroy is served by three tram lines and is highly rated for walkability. A large number of pubs and cafes are at your fingertips, providing locals with no shortage of dining options. Brunswick Street also has dozens of shopping and entertainment options. There is also a wide range of homes to rent and homes to buy, including Victorian terraced houses and modern apartments.

7. Southbank

Read more: Where is gta 5 quarrySouthern BankSouthbank is a densely populated suburb with a population of over 18,000. The area is dominated by high-rise apartments, all within walking distance of Crown Casino, Southbank Promenade and more. This is one of the biggest entertainment areas in Melbourne, with plenty of shopping and dining options. The Yarra River represents the northern border of the suburbs, offering a superb cruise experience and unobstructed views of the Melbourne skyline, making the suburb perfect for those who enjoy spending time time in an open environment. Five tram lines pass through Southbank, providing easy access to here and other parts of Downtown.

8. Richmond

richmondRichmond is one of the best suburbs to live in in Melbourne for those who want to stay close but not too close to the CBD. The current population of 26,000 has no shortage of shopping, dining, entertainment, arts and culture to mingle with Victoria Street, Bridge Road and Swan Street. The area is suitable for students, family units and other groups looking for safety without sacrificing their lifestyle. Homes to rent and homes to buy include housing styles from most periods, including Victorian terraces and modern apartments. Nature lovers can enjoy the wonderful trees and open spaces like Burnley Park and Richmond Oval. The suburbs are also served by several tram lines, making commuting and moving around the suburbs easy.

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9. South Melbourne

south melbourneSouth Melbourne is one of the oldest suburban areas in Melbourne, known for its Victorian streetscape. It has a population of just under 11,000 and is within walking distance of a number of retail shops, art galleries, food and drink establishments, along Clarendon Street and at the South Melbourne Market. The suburb also has excellent tram access, with four routes going through it.

10. East Melbourne

east melbourneEast Melbourne ranks highly in most livability factors, making it one of the best suburbs to live in Melbourne. A number of impressive cafes and cultural activities are located in the area along with some of the most impressive gardens in Melbourne. This includes the Fitzroy Gardens, the Treasury Gardens and the Melbourne Sports and Recreation Area, which includes three parks. East Melbourne is also served by several major tram lines and train stations.

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