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Nestled in the Hida mountains of Japan, Takayama is a city full of tradition, especially in its old town area. Once a major source of timber and carpentry, the city’s streets feature some of the most intricate architecture. Over the years, residents have preserved many of the old buildings, providing an opportunity for tourists to travel back to the Edo period. Every spring and autumn, large floats parade the streets during the Takayama Festival. lots of counties but finding the right one is still important. You may prefer to stay near modern hotels and restaurants or closer to the historic parts of the city. Start your accommodation search with this guide to the best places to stay in Takayama.

Where to Stay in Takayama, Japan: A Complete Guide to Neighborhoods and the Best Areas for Travelers


Traveling around the city, you will come across several distinct districts, each with its own atmosphere. To the east of the Miyagawa River is the historic Sanmachi-suji district, which has access to narrow streets lined with quaint houses.The downtown area has a mix of traditional and modern Japanese culture. You can find shops, bars and restaurants of all styles. It’s a bit far from Takayama station area. Near the station you will find the largest selection of hotels, convenience stores and restaurants, mainly catering to tourists and business travelers. you stay but staying close to the locations in your Takayama itinerary can save some time. Some of the best areas to stay in Takayama for visitors include:

  • Sanmachi-suji Quận District
  • Takayama Center
  • Takayama Station Area
  • Sakaurayama-Hachimangu . area
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Sanmachi-suji Quận District

✔ Best area to stay for history and culture loversSanmachi is the historic district and consists of three main streets that surround the area. Some of the structures date back to the 17th century, making it one of the best areas to get a glimpse of life in pre-modern Japan.Shops on one of the three main streets in Sanmachi-SujiRead more: where was brian regan on rock filmed | Top Q&A You can find most of the top things to see and do in Takayama in the Sanmachi-suji district. This includes a stroll in the old streets. Too narrow for traffic, the pedestrian-friendly streets are lined with traditional Japanese houses. With whitewashed walls and dark wood, the old buildings consist of businesses downstairs and homes upstairs. Some of the buildings are museums while others are now restaurants or cafes. When traveling through the area, be sure to try some of the local delicacies, including locally harvested tea and handcrafted soba. There are many hotels to choose from in this area. In fact, there is only one standard hotel and a wide selection of ryokans and apartments. Here are some of the best hotels and accommodations in Sanmachi-Suji Ward:

Takayama Center

✔ Best area to stay for shopping and local foodThe downtown area is located between Takayama Station and the main river. It offers a mix of old and new, catering to a wide range of locals and tourists alike.Takayama Jinya, Takayama, Gifu, Japan, 陣 , か , , た , 岐阜 , 岐阜 , ふ , , , に ほThe area itself doesn’t have many attractions, but a few are among the top of the city. The central area houses Takayama Jinya, the former administrative office of the Tokugawa shogunate. The building is now a museum with tours explaining how the day’s taxes were collected. The downtown area is located on the west side of the river with views of the historic old town. To get to the traditional houses in the historic district, you can cross any of the four short bridges connecting the two districts. Fortunately, the downtown area still has a few options to consider. Keep in mind that most of these spots are located along the outskirts of downtown but are still walkable. Here are some of the best hotels and accommodations in Downtown Takayama:

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Takayama Station Area

✔ The best area to stay for modern amenities and familiar restaurantsThe Takayama station area has more modern developments, including a large variety of restaurants and hotels. In fact, you can find many Western restaurant chains in this area, giving tourists the feeling of being at home. Read more: where to put the bike lock when riding | Top Q&AHida Kokubunji Temple in TakayamaSince this is the area where most tourists go, it offers the widest range of accommodation options. Some of the best hotels in Takayama are located near the station, a short walk from the old town. You can cross the downtown area and cross the Miyagawa River to get to the historical sites. The station area also has its own attractions. When you stay here, you are only minutes from Takayama Park, instead of green space, this is a commercial park with small shops and craft shops. You can shop for handmade souvenirs between stops at the nearby cafes and restaurants. You can find modern facilities along with quaint small hotels with authentic Japanese architecture and decor.


✔ Best area to stay for rural scenery and historical sightseeingThe Sakaurayama-Hachimangu area is located to the north and northeast of the city center and main historical district. It still gives you close access to some of the cultural attractions in the old town area but also gives you a break from the crowded tourist spots.Haiden of Sakurayama Hachiman topqa.infoIf you enjoy hiking or outdoor activities, this neighborhood puts you closer to the nearby trails and day tours. The Sakaurayama-Hachimangu neighborhood also includes many of the city’s important shrines and temples. For historical sightseeing, you’ll want to spend time in this area even if you choose a hotel in another district. This means you will have fewer problems finding vacant homes. Where: The Best Hotels in Sakaurayama-Hachimangu As with other parts of the city, ryokans are more popular in this neighborhood. There is only one hotel in the immediate area. If you want a private bathroom, you may have to start looking for an apartment or vacation home early. convert 2 | Top Q&A

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