The Battleborn Die-hards Staring Down Extinction

Robin Kiss saw a message from his friend in the Playstation Network chat: a link to the Gearbox forums. He followed the link and read the news on the other end. A game he religiously played when it came out, Battleborn, has closed its servers and will be unplayable. There was only a handful of forum comments from players who lingered — the maximum concurrent player count on PC was just 38 in the month before the announcement, according to Steam Charts data. , announced that in January 2021 the game’s servers will be down, rendering it unplayable and leaving the rest of its players locked out of a world they love.

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Kiss said, “It was all unexpected. “It is clear that since the very beginning, the player base is slowly dwindling. The game seems unsustainable, but that doesn’t stop me from investing my time. “Kiss isn’t the only Battleborn player left who shares this sentiment. The game’s impending demise wasn’t a shock to many of them, but it was a disappointment for a game they thought could be great. since beta version. “Battleborn has a great skeleton. I think all Gearbox games have great bones. It has great structure, great combat, but there are things that never go right. “Battleborn was released on May 3, 2016, billed as a first-person hero shooter with MOBA elements. It came out with mixed reviews and suffered from a number of issues including a learning curve and lack of help for new players. Kiss and Lichtman both reiterate that for those who don’t remember, Battleborn was the first game with this first-person perspective, Unfortunately for Gearbox, it was also later surpassed by Blizzard’s Overwatch, which has several genres significantly overlapped with Battleborn and was released just three weeks later. “Decommissioned in 2021, it [will] only [have been] online for 5 years,” said Tyrell Sargent, a player with 160 hours in Battleborn. “So having a game that only works for five years is pretty disappointing.”battleborn 00 1Regret and disappointment were not the only emotions the players expressed. Many people are angry about spending money on a game they will never play again. One such player is Anthony Waymen, a Twitch streamer who, until recently, has consistently played Battleborn for his viewers. “It sucks when you pay for something and you can’t even use it anymore,” Waymen said. “I think in anything you can buy, like a car or something, anything you pay for and you expect to work, and [Battleborn]No, so it sucks. “Lichtman also doesn’t shy away from his disdain when he buys what has become a stupid product. “I think my first reaction was I guess I don’t own a game that I paid a lot of money for,” he said. “I’m not stupid, I totally know that with online-only games you’re paying for a service they promised would be there.” Some of these die-hard Battleborn fans have even purchased the game multiple times to try and increase numbers and get more players involved. Many people, like Kiss, have seen this come and are already prepared, but losing something you care about is never easy. I’m worth my money, I’m worth my time,” Kiss said. “My time on this game has been great, but I still get a little sad thinking about it.”battleborn 02 1920x1080 2

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Continue play

For most gamers, having Battleborn shut down servers isn’t really a big deal. When the outage was announced, Steam Charts data showed it had been 18 months since more than 100 players logged in at the same time on PC. Based on anecdotal evidence, the situation on consoles shouldn’t be much of a difference, but for a few dozen players, there are countless reasons to still play Battleborn. As for Twitch streamer Waymen, he had a lot of fun in the game, loved the MOBA, and his friends were playing too. In particular, Kiss found a hero, stealth assassin and rebel leader Deande, and got to know the character so well that he performed statistical analysis for her and posted them on the Box forum. number. The breakdown will be used to help new players on the forum understand what the best overall version of the character is. Kiss spent hours comparing builds to this. Lichtman loves the characters and the humour. Battleborn also fits his lifestyle very well. “The gearbox has great writers. They have funny lines and they are all different,” he said. “They are 30 characters, all with distinct personalities, all with different fighting styles. Which also means, if I want to play for five minutes or I want to play for three hours, there are modes that are suitable for that. ” Tyrell Sargent and Pete Johnson will be back for more. In the 160 hours Sargent played Battleborn, 140 of them were in single player mode. “I absolutely love those story missions and the dialogue always makes me laugh,” he said. “So this summer I went to the local game store and they had Battleborn for $8 so I spent $16 and bought two of my friends copies and played through the story. with them.” Johnson, a co-op movie fan with him. family, loves Battleborn because he feels it fills the void the console is having with MOBA-style games. It also allows him the chance to play a game with his wife or family when they get the chance. Sargent and Johnson, Battleborn is an always-online game — even if you’re only playing single-player. Gearbox hasn’t announced any plans to update the game to fix this issue, and an official FAQ states that “once the servers go offline in January 2021, Battleborn will be unplayable.” any way.” Sargent is well aware of this fact. . “I don’t hold my breath that they will make story missions available offline,” he said.battleborn 02 3OverwatchCredit: Activision Blizzard

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Why did the Battleborn fail

The reasons each player gave for why Battleborn failed were similar in many ways. The game is too hard for everyone to learn, it doesn’t have much of a player base to start with, it ages quickly, and the matchmaking services take too long or don’t work together. those complaints, a major reason came up over and over again: Overwatch. Overwatch was released on May 24, 2016, just three weeks after Battleborn, with its overwhelming reception and large, rapidly growing player base. “[Gearbox] releasing everything too soon and there were bugs and issues all over the place and they never got over it and ended up being defeated by Overwatch,” Lichtman said.battleborn 03 1920x1080 4Battleborn (2K Games) on the left, Overwatch (Activision Blizzard) on the right. Not all players blamed Overwatch’s success on Battleborn’s failure. Kiss said that pointing out Overwatch as the main culprit was a “convenient answer”. He blames the Gearbox. From the start, Kiss thought that Battleborn wasn’t marketed well enough. In an October 2019 podcast, Battleborn creative director Randy Varnell said that based on rumored figures, Blizzard has spent more money just marketing Overwatch than Gearbox has spent on it as a whole. Battleborn development. working on the next big game in the hugely popular Borderlands franchise when Battleborn was released. As an online game, players expect updates and changes to Battleborn, but some feel Gearbox is too busy with Borderlands. 3 released their first major patch, the Battleborn servers were down for two or three weeks,” Lichtman said. “It is not a coincidence. I submitted a ticket for 2K and they said, ‘Is your internet down?’ I said, ‘No, this is not a coincidence.’ Then when they released the second patch, the game shut down again and two days later they just said, ‘Yeah, we’re going to shut the game down.’battleborn 03 5The disappearance of the video game community is nothing new. There have been a lot of online worlds dying leaving their players abandoned. The few remaining of the Battleborn community handled it differently. Despite the risks, he says he’s holding out hope for the future of the franchise. “I don’t think they’re going to give it up completely,” Waymen said. “I hope they get another Battleborn, although some will think I’m crazy. I hope. Lichtman mentions that groups of 10 to 12 people will play Battleborn together in private matches because matchmaking is so poor. He also said people have been trying to save this game for a long time. “Someone posted on the forum like a year and a half ago and someone was like this game isn’t dead yet and here’s how to fix it. Everyone tried to gather all the players,” he said. “It’s like Battleborn Day, and it’s fun to do it.” He felt a sense of community was still there, especially strongly when 2K announced the end of Battleborn. “When they make the announcement on the forum and people come back and are posting, there are a lot of people who have posted that haven’t posted in six months or three years,” Lichtman said. “It’s kind of like a five-year high school reunion. It was fun to see those names and reminisce. “Kiss is sad that you will never be able to return to the world that brought you so much joy and where you met so many new friends.” Thinking about never being able to return to this place where I am met hundreds of people. People I later met in real life,” he said. “I edited some of my favorite moments with some of my friends and they archived them on YouTube. It’s like a photograph to go back and witness what happened to retain those memories, but it’s not the same as having the actual property I paid $60 to buy back in 2016. It’s sad and bad. ”hero override 6

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To Battleborn with messages to Gearbox from fans

Through 2K PR, Gearbox declined to answer any questions or provide comment for this story, instead directing me to its original statement on November 25 when the studio announced Battleborn would go offline. But the players I spoke with wanted to send a message to Gearbox: a thank you and thank you to the studio, to Battleborn, and the characters they love. they understand. A video game publisher and studio also needs to make the best financial decisions to stay afloat. “First of all, I would like to thank them for taking the risks they took. Not all of it paid off, but I think they probably learned some valuable lessons in it. They just do the unusual things that I love,” Lichtman said. “Secondly, this is a great IP. Don’t just sit on it. “Kiss just wanted to see Battleborn back somewhere else because of his love of the characters.” It didn’t even need to go through another video game. I just want to know at least what happened in the end,” he said. “Ideally I would love to see all of these characters at a time. One thing I would say to Gearbox is do what you need to do from a financial point of view but please don’t give up this IP. It might work, you just have to do it a little differently. “All images unverified: 2K Games

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