Tale of An African Booty Scratcher | By Emmanuel “Rambo” Afrifa

* I got a scratch on the back of my leg * My name is Moses Manu, and I’ve been called “African Booty Scratcher” since I was in 2nd grade. I never knew what booty African meant either or where does it come from. I’ve always considered it a stupid term that puts black and Latino children and self-hating black children over the children of African immigrants like me… * I scratch my butt * Actually, maybe I just think the kids are mean, and I don’t understand why I’m the target. A confused 25-year-old tries to delay the truth about his future: Time is running out, my potential is being covered with dust. I’m too lazy to attack the date, so I attack my past. “… What does “Destroyed Scratcher” mean? “searched for it on my phone. *I scratched the back of my left arm* “16,700 results”, Google reports. Articles pop up. Very different interpretations of “European booty scratcher” What’s phi”, but there are three interesting ways to stand out. Ok, let’s get started. The first definition of ABS is: ABS Explains a “A slave was used to scratch their master’s ass, because they were too lazy to scratch their own ass. me.” via the slave owner hates[1]That’s certainly a bizarre and degrading use for a stolen individual, but hey, it really speaks to the literal usage of the word, doesn’t it? “An African slave was used to scratch their master’s ass…” sounds simple enough to me. but more like an asshole. A chuckle. A coward.” Charles Mckenzie[2]*I scratched the bottom of my foot* Wow, that’s deep! “A chuckle. A coward. “No one told me bad things. So I can’t say because I don’t get the dish, do you feel me? “Indicated due to the fact that many poor people in Africa are recorded in terrible poverty or are bitten by flies.”[3]Well, I’m most familiar with this definition, or least familiar with its assumption. “Let’s go back to Africa!” Black kids will talk. “Manu looks like doodoo” Black Latinos would say. “Why are you black?” Light-skinned Latinos would say. If that’s not ugly, I don’t know what it is. J.Cole said in his song, “unabomber”: “Remember when we called the African booty scrapers? Yeah, it’s a random person, but so is life. ”[4]*I scratched the left corner of my back with my right hand* I love Cole, but that’s my life. My life! And it doesn’t feel random. It feels calculated. *I roll in bed* Well, to an extent that’s okay. Honestly, I hardly think about that phrase anymore or the Bronx (BX) disagree. It is not their fault or their parents’ fault, but rather a byproduct of postcolonial, post-imperialism and post-slavery (can’t think of one “ism” and another “ism”. to swing together). my left cheek * At this point, I’m just wondering, why am I so itchy all of a sudden. Don’t you love us? ”*scratches*“ I had to forget you. ”*scratches*“I’m looking for my Fitz[4]. ”*scratches*“ You have dry lips! ”*scratches*“ You are hurting me! ”*scratches*“ Become a pharmacist. “*scratches*” Why are black Americans so violent? ”*scratches*“ Stop crying! “*scratches*” Why are you so black?! ”*scratches*“… I don’t… I don’t want to be here anymore… I just don’t want… here…” *bleeds* Why am I itchy… with thoughts…. ********* The image in this post is an adaptation of Newtown grafitti’s image via FlickrPortrait - AfrifaEmmanuel Afrifa, affectionately known as Rambo, is a first generation Ghanaian-American who was both curious and skeptical about writing and therefore wrote himself.

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