Pet Healing Station

Pet Healing Station is a station used to cure the health of pets that are contained in a catch shell. It’s handcrafted at Pet Station. And yes, that means it can also be very convenient to bring your captured pets back from the dead. inside the player’s inventory window when the pet is out. Placing a catch on the healing station and clicking the ‘heal’ button will return the creature inside to a healthy state.

Race description

Apex: Machines like these are used to heal captured creatures. Avian Avian: Helpful, I can heal any creature I catch with this. Floran Floran: Floran can keep the creature healed in this way. glitch Incident: Very impressive. This device can heal any captured creature. Human Human: I can use this to heal any creature I’ve caught. Succinct! Hylotl Hylotl: Such things are useful for ensuring excellent organism health. Novakid Novakid: I can use this utility here to heal captured creatures.

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