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One of the really cool things about Stardew Valley are different quests you get from different villagers, set some goals that you need to complete and once you have completed them will give you some rewards. While playing the game, you can check which quests you got by checking your log. There are two different ways you can get quests. Every day there are new help wanted quests posted on the bulletin board that you will find outside the Pierre’s General store. You will find randomly generated quests here that can be completed to receive some coins or increase friendship with the quest provider. One of the quests that you get when you increase your friendship with Linus it to help him find his missing Blackberry Basket. He gives you this mission by sending you a letter during the game time which is the 8th of autumn. Linus’ Blackberry Basket can be the hard one to find. The reason for this is because he didn’t give any word on how to find the basket, and you wouldn’t know where it might be. But half the fun is trying to figure out where it is without many clues. However, some of you may not want to take the time to figure this out for yourself. Read: where is linus’ basket Read more: where is the diaper king now | Top Q&A, we decided to help you with some Basket of blackberries in Stardew Valley direction. So put on your walking shoes and let’s go find that basket. The first thing you want is on your farm. From your farm, you’ll want to start traveling east. You will reach the bus stop if you continue in this direction. From the bus stop, you want to take the West route. Now we can’t measure you exactly where you’ll find the basket, but if you keep going in this direction, you’ll hit a dead end on the road. It is here that you should find the elusive Blackberry Basket. You’ll know when you find it as it will only be identified as ‘Basket of Berries’ and the description will tell you that it is dyed with berry juice. This must be the missing basket.Now it’s time to return the basket to Linus. You’ll find him in his familiar place west of the mines in his lonely shack. When talking to him, he will automatically take the basket from your inventory and you will be rewarded with 1 Friendship heart.Read more: Gali Cultivation Guide 2021 | Top Q&ALinus Probably one of the most interesting playerless characters in the game. He is known as a pagan who lives in a shack far from town. He considers the others in the village an enemy. He’s not an outcast by the townsfolk, he simply lives alone because he likes this. It is important to know that his Birthday is on 3rd Winter game time. So if you are playing the game make sure to befriend this NPC as he is considered as one of the characters. The playerless object is more important. Maybe you’ll get into some trouble if you’ve ever been in a mine. If you accidentally lose consciousness or are injured, Linus will be the one to save you and carry you out. So you should become Stardew Linus’ best friend.

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