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You may have noticed that Stardew Valley isn’t just about farming. There are many additional quests, and also many opportunities to find friends. Some villagers are ready to get married, others will send you cool recipes or trigger unique quests. In this article, we will talk about Clint. He lives in Pelican Town and owns the Blacksmith. However, he doesn’t seem really satisfied with his job. He wanted to work outdoors, but his father was a blacksmith, so he just continued the family tradition. Clint, Stardew Valley suggest you give him the right gifts and we’ll help you add to that. Now let’s take a look at his schedule.

Clint’s schedule


Normally, Clint works behind the counter from 9:00 am. He left Blacksmith at 7:00 pm and then went to Saloon. At 1 a.m., he returned home. When the Community Center is restored, on Fridays, Clint will be in the Boiler Room from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. At 8pm, he went to the Stardrop Saloon and sat there until 12am. On the 16th of winter, Clint arrived at the Clinic at 11:40 a.m. and then went to the Pub at 4:10 p.m. When the Community Center. restored, you cannot buy anything, nor upgrade the tools in his Blacksmith. As you may have noticed, Clint visit the Saloon quite often. The reason is that he has a crush on Emily, even though he’s too shy to tell her about it. You can find evidence in his bedroom. It’s a romantic letter to Emily, where Clint admits that he never had the courage to tell her about his feelings.

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Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Clint . Edition

We offer Clint two gifts per week. It always increases friendship with any villager. Don’t forget to give him an extra gift on his birthday, which is the 26th of winter. Birthday gifts have an 8x impact on your relationship, so choose carefully and we’ll help you with that! He will love it too Stardew Valley gifts like Topaz, Geode, Amethyst, Fiddlehead Risotto, Aquamarine, Ruby, Gold Bar, Emerald, Jade, Artichoke Dip and Iridium Bar.Clint loves Iron Bar and Copper Bar, and is completely neutral to Hazelnut, Common Mushroom, Gold Ore, Chanterelle , Dandelion, Refined Quartz, Winter Root, Daffodils, Iridium Ore, Purple Mushroom, Snow Yam, Leek, Coal and Morel. Don’t give Clint Wild Horseradish, Salmonberry or Quartz, he definitely doesn’t like these. , the worst gift for Clint would be Holly, as well as the other Common Hate.


As we mentioned above, some villagers have interesting quests for you. Clint is one such villager. First of all, when you find the first piece of Copper Ore, Clint will visit you and you will receive blueprints for a Furnace. On the 6th of Winter, you will receive a letter in which Clint asks you to give Emily an Amethyst. Since Clint is so embarrassed about his empathy, you have to tell her it’s from him. You will help Clint, and he will reward you with +1 friendship heart. On the 17th of winter, Clint will ask you to bring him an Iron Bar. You will get another friendship heart and 500 gold. We also recommend checking out the “Help Wanted” sign near the General Store. Clint may randomly ask for coal or ore. You can also see requests from other villagers there. Be aware that if you bring him an item that you found before doing a quest, these items will not complete it. However, you can cheat a bit: just put the items in a chest, then select the items one by one by right clicking. Note that, starting with PC version v1.11, you cannot cheat by taking items from the inventory, dropping them, and then picking them up again. Sometimes Clint may ask you to kill some monsters in the mines. Your rewards for killing monsters can vary depending on their type. Each item from the “Help Wanted” board is rewarded with three times the gold of the default price, plus 150 friendship points.

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Heart event

Game Stardew Valley allows you to unlock unique scenes every time you get a certain number of hearts in your friendship scale. After you get three hearts with Clint, visit the Stardrop Saloon on Mondays from 7pm to 11pm. He will ask you for advice on women. Tell him he can impress women with his crazy moves, or use his power and charm. Such answers will give you +25 friendship points. You can also suggest to treat women the same way he treats men and earn +50 friendship points. Another three-heart event is when you receive a letter with the recipe for Algae Soup. The six hearts event will trigger in the Cindercap Forest from 09:00 AM to 06:30 PM. It requires you to walk (no horse) and a previously triggered three hearts event. This scene will also not trigger if you are married to Emily or have triggered the ten hearts or eight hearts event with her. You will see Clint watching her from the bushes, afraid to approach and talk to her. Threaten Clint by never buying anything in his Blacksmith or upgrading tools. Tell him to talk to her right now, and he’ll agree. Therefore, Emily accepts his invitation to the Grampleton Carnival. Clint is another recipe, this time it will be Dau Dau Hot Pot.

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