How to Dismantle and Repair Weapons and Armor

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Focus your attention on managing and swapping out your gear, whether it’s finding better weapons and armor, crafting new ones, or maintaining the ones you have. We’ll show you how to do the two intrinsics of that right here: how to repair and disassemble your device.

Dismantling weapons and armor in Witcher 3


Dismantling is essentially a way to destroy something you own, but to get the pieces that make it up in the process. For example, removing a silver sword can get you some plain silver and some leather straps (if it’s something made from that sword, it will vary from item to item). very useful if you want to craft a new item, but lack some basic materials, turn unnecessary equipment into various resources that you can use, to sell to merchants or to craft your own items.

Equipment dismantling place

Read more: how to fix dry patches on the lawn Dismantling can only be done by finding a blacksmith or blacksmith and paying them to damage your equipment. There’s usually at least one in every medium or larger town, marked on your map with an anvil and hammer icon, or a large plate of armor. or fix something, it doesn’t matter. It will open the Blacksmith menu. From there, cycle through the tabs shown at the top until you get to the tab marked “Remove”. Here you can select the items in your inventory. When you do, it will show both how much it will cost to dismantle it and what you will get in return for doing so. If you see one you want to dismantle, click the button in the center to break it down into those pieces. Make sure you want it split, as there’s no way to undo this!Dismantling is a power exclusive to blacksmiths and blacksmiths who will charge you for their work. | Joel Franey / USgamer, CD Projekt Red

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Repair Weapons and Armor in Witcher 3

Repairing your best gear is important to progressing through the game, especially if you find weapons and armor that you like and don’t want to swap out later. unusable, but as they are used more, they become less effective, dealing and absorbing correspondingly less damage. Repairing them will (temporarily) return them to their maximum potential and get rid of all the punishment they have accumulated during your adventure.

How to repair the device

Unlike dismantling that has to be done for you, Geralt can repair his equipment anywhere from his inventory, as long as he has the equipment to do so. This is done through a repair kit, which restores a certain percentage of the item’s integrity when dragged and dropped onto it (although this uses up the repair kit in the process). this). Repair kits are specific to weapons or armor and can be purchased from blacksmiths, certain merchants, or found around the world as random rewards.Witcher 3 Inventory Repair KitRepair kits can help you in trouble when your device is badly damaged. | Joel Franey / USgamer, CD Projekt RedHowever, if you don’t have a repair kit, the blacksmith will still repair your item for a fee (a fee that will vary depending on how damaged the weapon is. as well as its value). Like dismantling, find a blacksmith and ask to see his goods, then scroll through the tabs at the top until you get to the tab marked “Repair”. Select the item you want them to fix and you’ll be shown how much you’ll have to pay before you commit to it.Witcher 3 Repair BlacksmithBlacksmiths can repair your equipment for a variety of fees. | Joel Franey / USgamer, CD Projekt Red Of course, the best equipment will need you to be highly qualified to use it. If you want to gain experience and levels quickly, you can check out our guide to that right here. Or if you want to see the best way to take down werewolves, some of the game’s deadliest enemies, check out our helpful guide here. Read more: how to turn off fast play in daring

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