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Crazy City is a top action video game created by Schwifty Studios on December 3, 2017 and it hit the main page two years later, on January 28, 2019. In this game, Just like policeman or hero, you need to bring peace and honesty. , and as a criminal, you need to raise the crime rate in the game and avoid the police. Mad City is one of the popular video games like Jailbreak, a hugely popular game on the platform, many unique features that make Mad City more unique and interesting. This year, the crazy city video game became the 12th game to reach 2 billion users. Here you will get complete instructions on how to be a villain in crazy city and the main characters of the game. Read: Crazy city roblox how to be a villaincrazy city

About the Mad City villain:


Villains are a group or team that was added in Season 4. Criminals and prisoners can join the party by choosing a power crystal. Once killed, they will respond with shotguns at their base while still accessing the Warehouse Crime Base and the crime base. Read more: how to change text message background on galaxy s8 after updating a door on its background. If the Villain is killed, captured or killed by the Hero or the Police within a specific time period, or dies in a specific vicinity of the prison, they will respond as a prisoner.

Mad City Game – Main Characters & How to Play


Other police items such as Taser, Pistol, and Handcuffs. The main objective of the police is to catch or kill the criminal or perpetrator who escaped from the prison. Police officers must remain at the police station and act if required.

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Prisoners can live in prison; Their overriding goal is to get out of prison and re-offend. Using cans, containers, boxes or hammers, they can escape the prison, and they open the bars and run away from the prison and start the crime again.


Read more: How to dm a girl on instagram example Heroes are not the same as the police, the main difference is that the police arrest the perpetrators, and they directly kill them and put them behind bars. Heroes have extra powers like Inferno, Hotrod, Proton, Hotrod, Voltron, Titan and Archer to limit crime rate in the state or city. If a culprit kills a hero, then extra powers will emerge from him and become the Villain.


Villains are not added via the menu; They come to power when a perpetrator kills a hero and gains a superpower. Only they can get under the volcano. From there, they can become Phantom, Raven or Rykou. The villain under the volcano can go to the base and choose three villains – Ryuk, Phantom or Raven.


After escaping from the prison or prison, your character will be the criminal or the culprit, and the crime will intensify in the mad city. You can initiate the robbery in various locations and states, and after the theft or robbery, you need to pay the criminal base. If you are accidentally killed or murdered by a policeman or hero, you will be returned to prison or prison again.

Follow the simple steps to become the villain in the crazy city:

  • First of all, you have to go to the gun store or crime area as soon as possible and bring your weapons, grenades and knives.
  • Then go to the menu option and tap on the “Spawn” tab then select the “Small” option where you will find a vehicle there.
  • Then go to the hero’s base as soon as possible and wait for the hero to kill.
  • Now, you have to kill the hero as soon as possible.
  • After killing the hero, you can get his superpower.
  • In the end you are now the villain of this top and best crazy city game and have some extra powers than crime.
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Final conclusion:

Crazy City has become very popular in the international gaming world, where thousands of Roblox subscribers log in and spend hours killing heroes to become part of a Villain team or club. Mad city game is extremely recommended for those who love open world online games. Please let us know which character you like the most in crazy city game. Read more: How to use a weed grinder

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