Stellaris: How To Expand Borders

Video Stellaris How to Expand the FrontierYou can’t be the ultimate ruler of the galaxy in Stellaris by setting up shop in a small outback of the galaxy. You need to expand your territories and stretch those legs with the borders of your rulers’ territories. Obviously, expansion is what you need when you want to progress in the game. Now the question is how to proceed with it. Let us help you. This is how to expand your borders in Stellaris and increase your territory that you might want to see.

How to Expand Your Territory Borders in Stellaris?

Here are the steps to increase your territory by expanding the borders in Stellaris. Read: stellaris how to expand the border

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Read more: How to romanticize your lifeFirst thing first, you will need to get Science Ship up and running to survey the territory you want border expansion This is important because you don’t want to go directly into a territory you know nothing about. Check the availability of useful resources and if the area is already under the control of other species. Once you know that the area is worth expanding, send your construction ship to build a border outpost. This will not only increase your empire but also prevent other Empires from expanding.


Read more: How to check value greater than 1 in rubyNow while check columns are the most popular method for border scaling in Stellaris In the early stages you can expand by conquering other rival territories if you have established a good empire. This is an unfriendly expansion and requires you to be strong enough to defeat the enemy. Once you have defeated your opponent, you can claim portions of their territory depending on their Philosophy of War policy. The more you expand, the more affect you gain in the game, this is an important part of the game. That’s all for our guide on how to expand borders and win more territory. If you want to know how to be The Crisis, be sure to check out our article on How to become the crisis in Stellaris.Read more: Get rid of Invisalign buttons the right way

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