Place where they cook in front of you

Do you need to know the people who created the recipe along with a way of preparing the food? We have actually prepared a list of dining establishments where they cook in front of you in NEW YORK CITY. If you want to watch someone at work, especially if he’s cooking up something scrumptious for us, check out this list of charming places with open kitchens.

For oriental food enthusiasts


Fuji Hibachi Japanese Steak Home Sushi Bar

  • Time Square Kitchen Area, Heck, NY 10036
  • Varied Cost – $11-30
  • Fish and Shellfish, Steak, Japan

When you arrive at Fuji Hibachi, you are truly lost in a quiet hideaway. The dining establishment offers high end food at a really affordable cost, it’s a great place to consume Readings: Where they cook in front of you Besides the fusion food, Fuji Hibachi also offers teppanyaki, standard sushi and many other specials. The staff are really pleasant and inviting as well. Fuji Hibachi reserves the right to position it on your monthly or evening buddy list.


  • 72 Kenmare St, NY 10012
  • Varied Cost – $31-60
  • Japanese, Tapas / Small Plates, Bar-b-que

Yakitori Tora is a comfortable and small place to touch personal privacy with a single best friend. If you pass by Tora, you will surely be surprised, why not have a testimonial about this amazing place.74709954 142389773710996 3917784836648102819 n1 minuteImage: Tora Dining Facility Went there for a quiet night and was well prepared and provided with dinner as well. It is possible that Tora will definitely become your favorite dining establishment, and neither will you leave a review simply to maintain this wonderful place.


  • 231 W 40th St, New York City Times Building, NY 10018
  • Varied Cost – $31-60
  • Sushi bar, Japanese food

“The heart of Japan in the heart of Manhattan” – is the slogan of Inakaya, their breakthrough is robatayaki. “Robata” is the Japanese word for “around a sunken hearth” and “yaki” also represents “grilling”. This is a standard Japanese food, featuring fresh active ingredients made right from the eyes of the customer.60362014 124985328691431 7070015129399919821 n1 minuteImage: Inakaya Dining Facility In addition to the open kitchen area and truly amazing meals, there are great deals on a variety of other family entertainment as well. Go there to enjoy grinding rice and also get a great dish made to order right under the chef’s blade.

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  • 100 W 82nd St, NY 10024
  • Varied Cost – $11-30
  • Sushi bar, Japanese, oriental food

Fire is a dining establishment that offers hibachi, sushi and oriental restaurant food. Combining home entertainment and top-notch active ingredients with indulgent dining, Fire is a great choice for any occasion.18095941 119518115270026 2457905888241909760 n1 minute Image: Fire dining establishment Read more: Where are my testicles SummerGoing there works great and dinner is absolutely delicious, this place is suitable for all kinds of goals whenever it’s a meal Lunch with friends, an enchanting day, satisfying newbies or a conference organization.

Momofuku Noodle Bar

  • 171 Method 1, between 10 and 11 St., NY 10003-2949
  • Varied Cost – $11-30
  • Japanese, oriental food

Momofuku Noodle Shop is absolutely one of the must-visits if you’re in New York City. If you are looking for a ramen or ramen place, it is below. In addition, those who prefer steak to oriental food its meals are extremely delicious.70030213 2387035828239287 1970368914940115208 n1 minuteImage: Momofuku Noodle Bar This solution is amazing, there are many web hosts that provide tableware so your dishes are sure to show up simply by that time. As well as its open kitchen area, it is sure to give you a bit of a surprise when you see how many of the active ingredients are mixed together in hibachi to make your meal scrumptious. .

For enthusiasts of the best solution and elegant dishes



  • 239 E 5th St, New York City, NY 10003-8507
  • Varied Cost – $31-60
  • Brand new American, French, Spanish dishes

A small dining establishment with about 20 seats is arranged around the kitchen area. There is no thin layer of glass separating the cook and the site visitors, so you will certainly feel both saturation and saturation as well. You can come alone and not really feel empty because it is very cozy and friendly.

For Italian food enthusiasts


  • 567 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Varied Cost – $31-60
  • Standard Italian Food, Alcohol Bar
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This is a fine dining establishment that is both sumptuous and comfortable with Italian dishes.69313615 513639702784663 8537193737230091553 n1Image: Lilia Dining Facility The atmosphere and solutions are also top-notch, as is the food. Come below for family dinners, corporate conventions or an enchanting day – this is a great place to have a good time and great food too . As well as the open kitchen area which is sure to be a great view.


  • 194 Elizabeth St, NY 10012
  • Varied Cost – $31-60
  • Usual Italian food

This is one of the most popular Italian dining establishments in downtown. The Peasant Style is the equivalent of harsh and also urban chic.70960549 170158884045650 8569202182224307084 n1 minuteImage: Farmer’s Dining Visit below to enjoy a day with your soul mate, invest in a quiet night with scrumptious dinners and also enjoy the unique atmosphere that The dining facility has to be in its layout.

For vegetarians and vegans

Sweet dust

  • 86 Allen St, NY 10002
  • Varied Cost – $31-60
  • Vegetarian School

Read more: Where the saddle should sit This dining establishment is well worth a visit if you are a meat enthusiast.52958364 137738810609132 1298617118839670316 n1 1024x1024 1Be aware that Dust Sweet does not have a la carte options for dinner but does offer 2 more sample food options, The Veggie Spot & The Veggie if you previously thought vegetarianism was monotonous. , then this experience will surely transform your suggestion about going vegetarian.

Holy Place canteen

  • 143-09 Holly Method, Flushing, NY 11355
  • Varied Cost – $3-15
  • Indian, vegan

Authentic Indian vegan food can be ordered at Holy Place Canteen. You order at the counter, where the food options are displayed on the screens above; While waiting for your phone number to be asked, you can review spiritual publications, watch Indian DVDs, you can fully immerse yourself in Indian society. Speaking of the layout, it’s neither comfortable nor relaxing, as you grab your snack tray from the open kitchen area, however the food itself is worthy of your obligation.31941430 195655641056127 5451063292539699200 n1 minuteImage: Holy place Canteen

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Avant Yard

  • 130 E 7th St, NY 10009
  • Varied Cost – $31-60
  • Vegetarian & Vegetarian

At the same time, it is a kind of luxurious and comfortable peaceful place where you will surely be amazed by the scrumptious food and also the special solutions.12276871 1076223429111275 373611494 n1 minuteImage: Avant Yard Dining Facility Go there to enjoy the tree branches above the open kitchen area, and enjoy the scrumptious food, both perfectly prepared and on offer.

For sweet cravings


  • 68 Jay st. 119 Brooklyn NY 11201
  • Varied Cost – $3-35
  • Beer shop

A small bakery with a glass facade. Cook Ayako Kurokawa originally prepared this area to be just a production kitchen area but opened to the public in 2014, and has also truly transformed the area known for its imaginative, differentiated handling. Her statue with standard French bread with Japanese and American bread.71011438 819064651824733 2856102547737274532 n1 minuteImage: Delve patisserie Resistance foods are cookies and cakes, gorgeous layered lotions and mousse and even custom sponges like hazelnuts and eco-friendly teas. Don’t miss the splendor of the superior, it’s a great place for a sweet craving day.


  • 203 E 10 St, NY 10003-7636
  • Varied costs – from $18
  • Patisserie, Snacks

If you have companions or loved ones who love desserts, this is the place for you to choose. Come and also see, how the chef thoroughly delivers each dish before it even appears on your table.64820761 144701709980353 5483390313973443527 n1 minuteImage: Dust Sweet Bar There may be a line, however it’s worth the wait. Personally say that ChikaLicious is an experience, not simply a treatment. Read more: Where does Beauty and the Beast take place | Top Q&A

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