Unturned Cheats – Item IDs for Weapons, Animals, How Do You Enable Cheats?

Unturned is a crafting/survival game in which players struggle to get a foothold in a blocky world filled with zombies. It’s pure jank in the best possible way, and can be a real blast to play with pals. There is a way to make Unturned even better though, and that’s with cheats. Unturned uses a classic chatbox interface for inputting cheats, and Item IDs to spawn different elements into the world. To help you get started in adding cheats to Unturned, we’ve put together this Unturned Cheats Guide. We’ll lead you through setting up cheats in Unturned, show you how to open the chatbox, and list some of the more popular cheats like adding XP, spawning vehicles as well as weapons.If you have any essential Unturned cheats that you’ve been using, be sure to stick them in the comments. Note that cheats are used at your own discretion, and you’ll need to accept the fact that they may potentially mess your game up.Reading: unturned how to give xp

Unturned Cheats


Unturned is pretty liberal in letting its players use cheats. Everything from weapons, vehicles and armor, to money and XP can be added in an instant. We’ve included everything you need to know below:

  • How to Use Cheats in Unturned
  • How to Open the Chat Box in Unturned
  • Spawning Items in Unturned
  • How to Spawn Vehicles in Unturned
  • How to Get Instant XP in Unturned
  • Spawning in Animals Using Unturned Cheats
  • Teleporting in Unturned Using Cheats
  • Unturned Item IDs

How Do You Enable Cheats in Unturned

In order to use cheats in Unturned, you’ll first need to head to the start menu. Click ‘Play’, choose a map, and then look at the menu on the left hand side of the map options. You’ll see an option for ‘Cheats’ with a red cross next to it. Click the cross and it will turn to a check mark. From here,you just need to head into a singleplayer game on your map of choice, then follow the details on opening the chatbox below.

How to Open the Chat Box in Unturned

Read more: How to get leather in MinecraftOnce you’ve loaded into a map, you’re ready to start adding cheats. First, you need to open the Chat Box. To do so, just press J. Cheats are typed into this box and then will be applied when you hit enter. Press ESC to close the menu at any time.Unturned 2

Spawning Items in Unturned – What are the Commands For Unturned

To test out the cheats in Unturned, we recommend spawning in some items. Every item in the game has an item number that must be entered into the chatbox to add it in. To spawn an item, type /give followed by the item number of choice. You can also type @give to have the same effect. We’ve listed some useful Item IDs in the tables below. To add multiple items at once, type /give/ followed by a number.

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How to Spawn Vehicles in Unturned

Spawning in vehicles to Unturned is a easy as following the same process outlined for the Items. Just open the chatbox with J, and then type /vehicle followed by the vehicle number. For example, /vehicle 109 will spawn the rainbow car.

How to Get Instant XP in Unturned

One of the most useful cheats you can use in Unturned is the one that grants instant XP. It’s pretty straightforward to use, as you’ll just need to open the chatbox and then type /experience 100. This example will grant 100 XP.

Spawning in Animals Using Unturned Cheats

Adding some animals into the mix in Unturned can be seriously fun. Just open the chatbox with J, and then type /animal followed by the Item ID. We’ve listed some of the best animal IDs in the table below.

Teleporting in Unturned Using Cheats

Read more: how to tie your hair up with tape extensionsGetting around the vast open maps of Unturned can be a real hassle, unless you teleport that is. If you check your map you will see a number of town names. Open the chatbox and type /teleport followed by the name of the town you’d like to go to. You can also teleport to a waypoint by typing /teleport followed by wp.unturned 6

How to Change the Time of Day in Unturned Using Cheats

If you’re looking to change the time of day in Unturned, you just need to follow some easy steps. First, open the chatbox with J. Then @day to change it to day, or @night for night. You an also adjust the time in incriments by typing /time followed by a number.

Unturned Item IDs

Each item, vehicle, animal, and asset in Unturned has an associated Item ID. This can be used to spawn things into your well, but you’ll need to know the IDs first. We’ve collected them all below, separated by category. Note that some of the codes below were sourced via topqa.info/

  • Unturned Weapon Item IDs
  • Unturned Vehicle Item IDs
  • Unturned Food Item IDs
  • Unturned Drink Item IDs
  • Unturned Animal Item IDs
  • Unturned Medicine Item IDs
  • Unturned Legendary Item IDs
  • Unturned Backpack Item IDs
  • Unturned Glider Item IDs
  • Unturned Melee Item IDs
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unturned 3

Unturned Weapon Item IDs

ItemItem IDEaglefire4Timberwolf18191197Cobra99Schofield101Ace107Hawkhound109Bluntforce112PDW116Zubeknakov122Nykorev126Snayperskya129Dragonfang132Grizzly297Shadowstalker300Crossbow346Maple Bow353Birch Bow355Pine Bow356Compound Bow357Maplestrike363Masterkey380Maple Rifle474Birch Rifle479Pine Rifle480Sportshot484Desert Falcon488Rocket Launcher519Matamorez1000Sabertooth1018Avenger1021Peacemaker1024Viper1027Heartbreaker1037Kryzkarek1039Yuri1041Sawed-Off1143Nailgun1165Tank Cannon1300Paintball Gun1337Teklowvka1360Augewehr1362Hell’s Fury1364Vonya1366Bulldog1369Fusilaut1375Nightraider1377Calling Card1379Ekho1382Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)1394Quadbarrel1436Shadowstalker Mk. II1441Scalar1447Fighter Jet HMG1471Luger1476Maschinengewehr1477Determinator1480Empire1481Devil’s Bane1484Wezel15036Orel15039Cobalt15041Dagger15044Hospitality15048Hollowcharge15050Judgement15053Vityaz23001Glaz23016unturned 4

Unturned Vehicle IDS

ItemItem IDBlack Offroader1Blue Offroader2Green Offroader3Orange Offroader4Purple Offroader5Red Offroader6White Offroader7Yellow Offroader8Black Hatchback9Blue Hatchback10Green Hatchback11Orange Hatchback12Purple Hatchback13Red Hatchback14White Hatchback15Yellow Hatchback16Black Truck17Blue Truck18Green Truck19Orange Truck20Purple Truck21Red Truck22White Truck23Yellow Truck24Black Sedan25Blue Sedan26Green Sedan27Orange Sedan28Purple Sedan29Red Sedan30White Sedan31Yellow Sedan32Police Car33Fire Truck34Black Van35Blue Van36Green Van37Orange Van38Purple Van39Red Van40White Van41Yellow Van42Black Roadster43Blue Roadster44Green Roadster45Orange Roadster46Purple Roadster47Red Roadster48White Roadster49Yellow Roadster50Ural51Humvee52APC53Ambulance54Desert Ural55Desert Humvee56Desert APC57Explorer58Black Snowmobile59Blue Snowmobile60Green Snowmobile61Orange Snowmobile62Purple Snowmobile63Red Snowmobile64White Snowmobile65Yellow Snowmobile66Black Quad67Blue Quad68Green Quad69Orange Quad70Purple Quad71Red Quad72White Quad73Yellow Quad74Golfcart75Taxi76Racecar77Black Racecar78Green Racecar79Orange Racecar80Purple Racecar81Red Racecar82White Racecar83Yellow Racecar84Tractor (Green)85Bus86Forest Jeep87Desert Jeep88Makeshift Vehicle (4-seater)89Makeshift Vehicle (6-seater)90Makeshift Vehicle (1-seater)91Sandpiper92Forest Huey93Desert Huey94skycrane95otter96Roundabout97Black Jetski98Blue jetski99Green Jetski100Orange Jetski101Purple Jetski102Red Jetski103White Jetski104Yellow Jetski105Police Helicopter106Hummingbird107Police Launch108Rainbow Hatchback109Black Auto110Blue Auto111Green Auto112Orange Auto113Purple Auto114Red Auto115White Auto116Yellow Auto117Toiler118Vodnik119Forest Tank120Desert Tank121Luggage Car122Ghost123Dinghy124Black Rover125Blue Rover126Green Rover127Orange Rover128Purple Rover129Red Rover130White Rover131Yellow Rover132Annushka133Orca134Hind135Ural (Olive)136Russian Tank137Tractor138Moon Buggy139Fighter Jet140Dumptruck141Prison Transport SWAT Truck142Humvee143Huey144Jeep145Jeep Coalition145Ural Coalition147APC (Olive)148VW Golf Black149VW Golf Blue150VW Golf Green151VW Golf Orange152VW Golf Purple153VW Golf Red154VW Golf White155VW Golf Yellow156Eagle157VW Beetle Black158VW Beetle Blue159VW Beetle Green160VW Beetle Orange161VW Beetle Purple162VW Beetle Red163VW Beetle White164VW Beetle Yellow165German Police Car166German Firetruck167German Ambulance168Black Dirtbike176Blue Dirtbike177Green Dirtbike178Orange Dirtbike179Purple Dirtbike180Red Dirtbike181White Dirtbike182Yellow Dirtbike183Bicycle185Police Motorcycle188Blimp189Armored Police Truck802Commander803Fire Tanker804Fire Chief805Coaster806Hovercraft807Bouncer808Coastguard Truck809Coastguard Seaplane810Red Sportscar811Blue Sportscar813Green Sportscar814Orange Sportscar815Purple Sportscar816Orange Dune Buggy819Red Dune Buggy820Black Dune Buggy821Blue Dune Buggy822Green Dune Buggy823Purple Dune Buggy824White Dune Buggy825Yellow Dune Buggy826Fishing Boat827Coastguard Jeep828Desert Truck829War Machine830Skipper831Blue Scrounger832Black Scrounger833Green Scrounger834Orange Scrounger835Red Scrounger836Purple Scrounger837White Scrounger838Yellow Scrounger839Bulldozer840Cement Truck841Skid Loader842Sport Dune Buggy843Scavenger844Legareno845Auto Gyro846Delivery Truck847Makeshift Raft848Hot Air Balloon849Red Glider1800Blue Glider1801Green Glider1802Orange Glider1803White Glider1804Purple Glider1805Black Glider1806Spartan (6 seats)3500Chariot (3 seats)3501Cerberus (2 seats)3502Metafora (7 seats)3503Police Car (4 seats)3504Grasslands Chinook (11 seats)3505Black Cooper15000Blue Cooper15001Green Cooper15002Orange Cooper15003Purple Cooper15004Red Cooper15005White Cooper15006Black Scout15007Blue Scout15008Green Scout15009Orange Scout15010Purple Scout15011Red Scout15012White Scout15013Yellow Scout15014Ireland Tank15015Ireland APC15030Ireland Huey15031Ireland Jeep15032Ireland Ural15034Ireland Humvee15035Bus (Carpat)23001Black Lanus (Carpat)23002Blue Lanus (Carpat)23003Green Lanus (Carpat)23004Orange Lanus (Carpat)23005Red Lanus (Carpat)23006White Lanus (Carpat)23007Police Car (Carpat)23008Ambulance (Carpat)23009unturned 2

Unturned Food IDs

ItemItem IDCanned Beans13Canned Tomato Soup77Canned Chicken Soup78Canned Tuna79MRE81Chips82Chocolate Bar83Candy Bar84Granola Bar85Energy Bar86Canned Pasta87Canned Bacon88Canned Beef89Canned Sardines90Corn335Lettuce338Tomato340Potato342Wheat344Bread460Tuna Sandwich461Cheese464Grilled Cheese Sandwich466BLT Sandwich467Ham Sandwich468Canned Ham469Eggs470Cake471Raw Trout504Raw Salmon505Cooked Trout512Cooked Salmon513Raw Venison514Cooked Venison515Pumpkin Pie1047Amber Pie1076Indigo Pie1077Jade Pie1078Mauve Pie1079Russet Pie1080Teal Pie1081Vermillion Pie1082Pork1117Bacon1118Raw Beef1120Cooked Beef1121Pancake1160Waffle1161Dough1162Doughnut1163Pizza1164Raw Minnow1347Cooked Minnow1348Raw Goldfish1349Cooked Goldfish1350Raw Bass1351Cooked Bass1352Trout Sandwich1398Salmon Sandwich1399Minnow Sandwich1400Goldfish Sandwich1401Venison Sandwich1402Bass Sandwich1403Beef Sandwich1404Cheese Steak Sandwich1405BLT Sandwich1406Beef Sandwich1407Upgraded Cake1431Raw Squid1434Cooked Squid1435Split Coconut1453Olives6000Condensed Milk23008Cucumber23010Lusod Candy23014Blueberry Candy23015

Unturned Drink IDs

ItemItem IDBottled Water14Glue70Chemicals75Canned Cola80Apple Juice91Grape Juice92Bottled Energy93Bottled Coconut94Raw Mauve Berries115Raw Amber Berries270Raw Indigo Berries271Raw Jade Berries272Raw Russet Berries273Raw Teal Berries274Raw Vermillion Berries275Refined Mauve Berries396Refined Amber Berries397Refined Indigo Berries398Refined Jade Berries399Refined Russet Berries400Refined Teal Berries401Refined Vermillion Berries402Milk Box462Orange Juice463Canned Soda465Bottled Cola472Bottled Soda473Maple Syrup1159Bottled Lucky15100unturned 5

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Unturned Animal IDs – Spawn Animals

ItemItem IDDeer (@animal)1Moose (@animal)2Wolf (@animal)3Pig (@animal)4Bear (@animal)5Cow (@animal)6Reindeer (@animal)7Wildfox (@animal)15010Sheep (@animal)15011Chicken52000Indigo Chicken52001

Unturned Medicine IDs

ItemItem IDMedkit15Bandage95Splint96Vaccine269Adrenaline387Morphine388Antibiotics389Painkillers390Vitamins391Purification Tablets392Rag393Dressing394Bloodbag395Suturekit403Cough Syrup404Heatstim1129

Unturned Legendary Item IDs

ItemItem IDMedkit15Timberwolf18Timberwolf Magazine20APC53Desert APC57Hummingbird Helicopter107Hummingbird107Rainbow Hatchback109Honeybadger116Vodnik119Forest Tank120Desert Tank121Hind135Hind Helicopter135Russian Tank137Fighter Jet140APC (Olive)148Grizzly297Grizzly Magazine298Shadowstalker300Rail301Rocket Launcher519Rocket520Armored Police Truck802Hovercraft807Blue Scrounger832Black Scrounger833Green Scrounger834Orange Scrounger835Red Scrounger836Purple Scrounger837White Scrounger838Yellow Scrounger839Auto Gyro846Hot Air Balloon849Matamorez1000Matamorez Box1005Safezone Radiator1050Claim Flag1158Spec Ops Vest1169Spec Ops Rucksack1170Spec Ops Top1171Spec Ops Bottom1172Horde Beacon1194Military Fragmentation Magazine1200Military Nightvision Scope1201Tank Cannon1300Missile1302Hells Fury1364Hell’s Fury Drum1365Ekho1382Ekho Magazine1384Spec Ops Beret1389Commander Coalition Top1423Captain Coalition Top1424Coalition Captain Hat1429Shark-Tooth Sword2020Platinum Ring4000

Unturned Backpack Item IDs

ItemItem IDRed Daypack9Black Daypack200Blue Daypack201Green Daypack202Orange Daypack203Purple Daypack204White Daypack205Yellow Daypack206Black Travelpack245Blue Travelpack246Green Travelpack247Orange Travelpack248Purple Travelpack249Red Travelpack250White Travelpack251Yellow Travelpack252Alicepack253Magic Cape562Halloween Cape580Windup603Vampire Cape732Blueknight Cape775Skater Skateboard779Davy Jones Locker787Headless Cape797Backpack Aprix 1805Backpack Bandit811Snow Shoes820Snow Sled827Wings837Fleece Cape839Artemis Shield841Harp842Athens Aprix Quiver858Athens Roman Cloak859Leather Pack1014Spec Ops Rucksack1170Diving Tank1178Black Dufflebag1182Blue Dufflebag1183Green Dufflebag1184Orange Dufflebag1185Purple Dufflebag1186Red Dufflebag1187White Dufflebag1188Yellow Dufflebag1189Shark Fin1496Arctic Alicepack1511Slavic Pistol Holster23509Slavic Backpack Blue23521Slavic Backpack Brow23522Slavic Backpack Green23523Slavic Backpack Orange23524

Unturned Glider Item IDs

ItemItem IDYellow Glider786Red Glider1800Blue Glider1801Green Glider1802Orange Glider1803White Glider1804Purple Glider1805Black Glider1806

Unturned Melee IDS

ItemItem IDCamp Axe16Blowtorch76Fire Axe104Baseball Bat105Hockey Stick106Kitchen Knife120Military Knife121Golf Club135Sledgehammer136Butcher Knife137Hammer138Pocketknife139Butterfly Knife140Saw141Rake142Flashlight276Makeshift Bat487Chainsaw490Baton1023Frying Pan1030Shovel1031Crowbar1032Paddle1033Pitchfork1034Machete1035Katana1036Scythe1174Pickaxe1198Pool Cue1390Jackhammer1475Zweihander1503

How to Enter God Mode in Unturned

Many players find themselves wanting to switch on God Mode in Unturned, usually when heading into deadzones. Unfortunately there is no native God Mode in Unturned, but there is a workaround. All you need to do is install the Rocket plugin, then host your own server. If it is deadzones you’re having trouble with, then make sure you have a gas mask or biohazard mask, and some filters. You can pick these items up at fire stations.That’s all of our cheats info for Unturned. If you’re having trouble with any of the codes listed above, be sure to let us know in the comments. In the meantime, stay safe out there!Read more: how to hold a pool stick left handed

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