Nước Hoa Nina Ricci Rouge Eau De Toilette

Nina Ricci Rouge Eau De Toilette Eau de Parfum


Nina Ricci Rouge

Featuring iconic products by Nina Ricci country flower Nina Ricci Rouge Launched with a new design. This product is described as a refined, seductive and “delicious” version. Nina Ricci Rouge created by the notes of the group of floral and fruity aromas. With an unbelievable beauty when yielding this, the product will bring fragrance with sensuality and sophistication.Nina Ricci Rouge Eau De Toilette Eau de ParfumSpecial features of Nina Ricci Rouge Eau De Toilette

  • Trademark: Nina Ricci
  • Origin: France
  • Mixer: Oliver Cresp
  • Release time: Year 2020
  • Concentration: EDT – Eau De Toilette
  • Fragrance group: Floral Fruity Gourmand – Floral – Fruity – Food
  • Fragrance: Close, Within an arm
  • Perfume retention time: Temporarily fine, from 3 – 6 hours
  • Style: Sexy, Sophisticated
  • Top Notes: Thanh Yen Fruit, Ripe Fruit
  • Middle Notes: Jasmine, Bay Flower
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Caramel
  • Time Point appropriate cooperation: Spring – Autumn – Winter, Daytime
  • Popular capacity: 30ml, 50ml, 80ml

Some features about the brand Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci brand is a brand website from France. This brand was created in 1932 by Italian designer Maria Nina Ricci and her son. In 1946, the first perfume line of this brand was born with the name Coeur Joie. The second perfume bottle is also an influential perfume bottle of Nina Ricci brand named L’Air du Temps, which was launched in 1948. Up to now, Nina Ricci has always kept her perfume color and fashion. . Until now, the descendants of this brand continue to maintain and develop the brand.nina-rougeNina Ricci Rouge Eau De Toilette Up to now, Nina Ricci has made a huge fortune with countless perfume bottles for men and women. Nina Ricci’s special products focus on fragrance and style for women. Nina Ricci Women’s Perfume Prepared and created by many world famous master perfumers. Because of that, Nina Ricci is always ranked in the TOP 50 famous perfume brands in the world.

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Nina Ricci Rouge – Charming beauty that is hard to come by

Nina Ricci Rouge Eau De ToiletteNina Ricci perfume bright red was launched in the perfumery village in 2020. The product she sent by all the cellular, sexy, even violent events was “delicious”. Nina Ricci Rouge could be current a passionate scent through the floral – fruity – food group. Let her charm, fully attract the opponent.country-hoa-nina-ricci-tao-doNina Ricci Rouge EDTNina Ricci Rouge’s sexy, sophisticated style The Nina Ricci Rouge EDTNina Ricci Rouge’s sexy, sophisticated style, once experienced, will leave an indelible impression. Open the head by the way of the sweet sweet, the lightness of the barberry with a little sweetness. Move over to the second note, which is an explosion of flowers. Bring out the delicate touches of delicate jasmine flowers. Base notes with the presence of caramel and Bourbon Vanilla. Like a deliciously raised hand, Sweet embraces the fragrance.I-doNina Ricci Rouge has a passionate, passionate fragrance with Nina Ricci red apple perfume, you will experience a fragrance that is hard to dream of. It is an exaggeration to guarantee that the world of perfumery is full of scents and styles. But at the Rouge is the bold opposite, sexy and extremely sophisticated. A seductive red fruit seduces the souls of so many girls, like just waiting for someone to come get it.

Design Nina Ricci Rouge perfume personality, sophistication

As stated at the beginning Rouge appears seductive and “delicious”. Nina Ricci Rouge Eau De Toilette Like coming out of the story “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. A peeled fruit is lacquered covered with an attractive red color. Bottle perfume This from the lid to the flower detail is also covered in eye-catching red. WOMENThe red creative Nina Ricci flower has a very unique design, showing both sophistication and personality and elegance.rouge-for-womenDesign Nina Ricci Rouge Eau De Toilette personality, sophisticationSome of the capacity variations of Nina Ricci Rouge Eau De Toilette can be mentioned as follows: Nina Ricci Rouge Perfume EDT 30mlNina Ricci Rouge Perfume EDT 50mlNina Ricci Rouge Perfume EDT 80mltheperfume.vn

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