witcher 3 where is milton hiding

Video where Witcher 3 is hidingWitcher 3: Blood and Wine there are all sorts of games, from tournaments to boxing to the increasingly popular Gwent, but one game you just can’t lose is puzzle to find out where Milton is hiding in the quest Beast of Toussaint. We’ll walk you through the process and show the consequences of doing it right or wrong.

How to find Milton


Milton hides somewhere in Beauclair’s Gardens as part of a fancy gala game, not realizing that a serial killer is after him. To find him, Geralt and the Duchess must find three clues that will reveal his location: an egg, a unicorn, and a goldfish. Once you have all that, you should be able to deduce where he is. The Duchess will find the egg, but Geralt will get the other two. Read: witcher 3 where milton hides

How to catch a Unicorn

Up close to the unicorn, it is clear that this is just a rather cunning horse with a false horn tied on its head. However, it won’t be as easy as walking to it, as your first attempt will end up screwing up the “unicorn” before you can get to it and run away somehow.Why fascinate the poor horse when you can appeal to him instead? | Joel Franey / USgamer, CD Projekt Red To get the hang of it properly, use your Witcher Senses to find a few people nearby having a picnic (the area to look for will be marked on your map). Check the baskets around them until you find one filled with carrots or apples, then grab it and equip it from your Quick Select Menu, just like you would with your crossbow or charms. and cast the Axii spell. However, there is a chance that this will lead to a skirmish with some courtiers unless you can also appease them with Axii. There will be a short clip where Geralt takes its ribbon, then you can actually ride the unicorn to the next clue; goldfish.

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Where to find goldfish?

The fish find area should be marked on your map, a large area on the coast where there are a number of boats with fishermen. You don’t have time for that, so just dive into the water and start searching again with your Witcher Senses.Witcher 3 Gold FishIt’s not exactly sports, but a man’s life is on the edge. | Joel Franey/USgamer, CD Projekt Red “Fish” are actually ceramic figurines tied to the knot of the lake by chains, floating in place. Red will appear when you use your senses, though not if you are too far away. Once close enough, you can search for them just like any other container. The fake ones will only have candy inside, but the real ones will remind you of the cinema when you get close enough. The fish you want to fish is in the Southwest, close to the beach. If you find it quickly, you will get 100 more experience. Otherwise, there will be a short clip where the other two take it first, then Geralt just takes it away from them. Either way, it’s progress.

How to solve puzzles

Head back to the yard where you parted with the Duchess and you’ll be full of puzzles. It goes like this: Read More: Quick Answer: Where are Bookmarks Stored on Android? | Top Q&A “I started like an easy whine, Then ended up like a rat with a hard cheese head.” This is not an easy puzzle (or a very good one), but the answer is Greenhouse. If you do it right, you will get 200 experience. Do it wrong and there will be no reward, but it won’t make you lose the quest; The Duchess will take care of that for you instead, and things keep going.Witcher 3 . greenhouse locationLocation of the Hare Greenhouse and Mask. | Joel Franey / USgamer, CD Projekt Red

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How to Find the Greenhouse and Get the Hare . Mask

Once you’ve completed the puzzle, the game will automatically take you to the greenhouse, then to a new location in town to beat the boss. However, you can return to the greenhouse later to get the Hare Mask that Milton is wearing, located in the center of the floor. This will go into the quest items section so you can wear it whenever you want.Witcher 3 Hare MaskSure, it’s not elegant, but… actually, why are you wearing this? | Joel Franey / USgamer, CD Projekt Red If you’re exploring Toussaint, why not check out our guide to the special achievement of taking down the giant Golyat? Or if you want to bring some culture back to Novigrad, check out how to make the game as good as possible in our guide to the “The Play’s the Thing” quest. Read more: Where was the peak of dantes filmed

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