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Just a little north of Wellington in Palm Beach County is the community of Loxahatchee. Are you familiar with the Loxahatchee River? Within the city there is an incorporated town called Loxahatchee Groves. Most of the community is rural, and it is beautiful. Prepare to explore all that you can do if you live in or visit Loxahatchee, Florida.

JW Corbett Wildlife Management

JW Corbett Wildlife Management Area is located off Seminole Pratt Whitney Road. The area is well maintained and is a great place for hiking and wildlife spotting in Loxahatchee. People say they’ve seen crocodiles, turtles, all kinds of birds and more. The pictures of the JW Corbett Wildlife Management Area are beautiful. Apparently people also enjoy hunting there, it is said that Loxahatchee’s community is very rural. The next standout attraction is called La Petite Cheval Ranch. Located at 13678 14 Place, La Petite Cheval Farm is a great place to learn how to ride a horse. According to the assessment, a diving hunter training facility is also held at this facility. You don’t have to be a local to ride, see horses, and take a riding lesson.

Moon Creek Farm

Loxahatchee, FL near 33412You can also go horseback riding at Moon Creek Ranch. You get a riding lesson, and then you’ll get to ride with a guide for 45 minutes. The scenic ride along the canal is amazing and it makes for a great adventure. How did you feel about visiting Moon Creek Ranch? Mangrove Mamas Kayak & Ecotour is another popular adventure that awaits you and your family in Loxahatchee. Explore the mangroves of South Florida as you travel through the inland waterways. One of the tours offered is available at sunset, which is lovely. Can you imagine the views you can see and the pictures you can take? Mangrove Mamas Kayak & Ecotour is located at 16931 West Epsom Drive. Do you like paintball? Hot Shots Paintball is located at 16169 Southern Boulevard. This place is built on 20 acres, and has a total of nine fields. One of the fields even had a maze with plywood walls. Hot Shots Paintball is one of the best places to enjoy the sport in the whole of South Florida. Go from one painted field to another, and your team will have a lot of fun. You’ll also want to check out the Lion Country Safari. It really is the number 1 attraction in Loxahatchee. It makes for great family fun, and it might just be your favorite stop when it comes to community engagement. How much will you be able to do while in Loxahatchee? Are you planning to travel to other areas of Palm Beach County? This particular community is certainly a natural wonder, as it is more rural than other cities and neighborhoods in the area. That means you’ll be out in nature, and you’ll see that side of Palm Beach County, FL that not many people get to experience. Here are directions from Loxahatchee, Florida to Decypher Technologies Managed IT Solutions!

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