Koe Wetzel

Taking a comfortable break between country swagger and the punch of his roots rock & roll, Koe Wetzel is a singer-songwriter from Texas who has quickly risen from enigma to become one of the best. most popular artist on the country stage of the Lone Star State. Wetzel was born in the town of Pittsburg, East Texas on July 14, 1992. He became interested in music from his mother, a singer, and took young Koe on the road with her; he sang on stage with her for the first time when he was six years old. He took guitar lessons at the age of 12, but while he loved music, he took a step back to play sports as he was growing up. In high school, Wetzel played both soccer and baseball, and he went on to play soccer for Tarleton State University. However, as his interest in football began to dwindle, his love of music grew, and in 2012 he left school to focus on composing and performing. He formed a band, Koe Wetzel & the Konvicts, and they released their EP, Love and Lies, in June 2012. Wetzel and his team hit the hard road, playing extensively in Texas and around the Southwest, and their passionate live shows, their loud yet easy-to-understand lyrics and strong charisma have helped them gain a loyal following, especially among students. college and twenty-somethings. The buzz for Wetzel grew after the release of his first full-length album, Out on Parole, in January 2015, but he became a real star in Texas with the release of Noise Complaint, was released in March 2017. “February 28, 2016″, “Something to Talk About”, and “Tell It All Town” gained regional broadcasting rights and became a favorite on translations. streaming service – so much so that when a major streaming outfit pulled Wetzel’s music licensed by the custodian artist, fans flooded social media with requests to reinstate his music. ended up helping Wetzel’s popularity more than damaging it, and he went on to sell out clubs and book festival runs across the Southwest. Wetzel released his second full-length album, Harold Saul High, which he quickly followed up with another full-length effort, 2020’s Sellout.

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