Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Ginger in a Pickle Quest Guide

Ginger in a Pickle is a main story quest unlocked after completing The Hunt Begins in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. After a violent incident on a horse farm, Henry must investigate who committed the crime. You are sent to find a man named Ginger who may have witnessed the events. Follow the steps in this guide to track down Ginger and complete the quest Ginger in a Pickle in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Start Ginger in the Pickle Quest


As soon as you complete the story quest The Hunt Begins, Captain Bernard will ask you to investigate the crime and find Ginger, who can lead you to the culprit. First, stop and talk to the rancher’s wife, Zora. She will send you to talk to Jakub, who will be standing in the yard near the warehouse. Read: Where is the Ginger Kingdom Click Jakub for details on Ginger by choosing convincing dialogue options. After a bit of persuasion, he finally reveals that Ginger is involved with several groups of Coal Burners, essentially the coal sellers in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Find coal burning camps

Next, you’ll need to keep an eye on several groups of Coal Burners to see if they can help you find Ginger. Initially, there are two groups of Coal Burners that you can pursue, one north towards Uzhitz and another south of the farm. Following the quest marker will lead you to the First group of Coal Furnace along a hill south of Neuhof. He will send you to find the second group of coal burners in the woods to the north. Alternatively, you can go straight to the second group by heading north along the path until you reach their camp at the end of the path. Read more: where to film the man from the snow river | Top Q & AAgain, look for the Charcoal Burner Spokesperson, this time the second group. Talk to him and he’ll send you to find the third group of Coal Furnace. To locate this last group, head west on the path that runs along the river in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, find the third group of Charcoal Burners and talk to their Spokesperson. He wouldn’t reveal the details of Ginger’s whereabouts easily. First, you have to help solve his bandit problem. Speaking of bandits, if you come across some suspicious men asking about Ginger, don’t provide any information. These guys are also bandits trying to track down Ginger. You can distribute them now while their vigilance is off. At the very least, you can take their armor and sell it later.

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Kill Bandit (Optional)

Back to the original bandit problem. The Charcoal Burner spokesman asks you to kill a pair of bandits southeast of the Charcoal Burner camp. You can either agree to help, or lie to the Spokesperson by saying the bandits are dead. If you have a high enough persuasion stat to succeed in lying, you won’t have to fight bandits. This also comes in handy if you’re working your way up to the Benevolent title in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. If you agree to help or your lie fails, you will have to deal with the robbers on your own. Head to the bandit camp and try to stay hidden to maintain the element of surprise. When you are ready to attack the robbers, it is best to try to lure one of the bandits away to avoid fighting both robbers at the same time. If you can, try to get rid of the heavily armored bandit first to make the fight easier. Read more: Where is Bob ross buried Once you’ve destroyed the bandit camp, return to the Coal Burner’s Spokesperson. As a reward for dealing with bandits, he will reveal where to find Ginger.

Find ginger

Ginger is located in a small grass hut on the slope, northeast of the last Charcoal Burner camp. To find Ginger’s hideout, follow the quest marker on your map.Calm Ginger by informing him that the bandits have been taken care of, then talk to Ginger about what happened at the farm. At the end of the conversation, you can choose to help Ginger by agreeing to talk to Zora and the villagers on the farm, or have Ginger return to Neuhof and tell the story herself. then talk to Sir Radzig. Radzig will reward you with 75 Groschen for a job well done and the main Mysterious Way quest will begin. If you follow the steps in this tutorial, you should be able to complete the quest Ginger in a Pickle in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. For more tips, guides and tutorials, visit our Kingdom Come: Deliverance game center where you can learn the romance of Theresa and Stephanie. Read more: Where is the butterfly knife illegal

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