How to get Octavia & Octavia Parts

Octavia is one of the more interesting Warframes in the game. Not only does her musical theme make her unique, but she also has a Mandachord, which makes it possible to import musical tunes into the game. veterans alike. If you are looking for builds, we recommend our Octavia Build Guide where we also talk about Mandachord and more! do and where to start – don’t worry. You have found the right guide with all the information you need. Finding all the necessary blueprints is a bit of a hassle and probably one of the most complicated things in the game. But we are here to help!

Start with Octavia’s Song


The best way to start farming for Octavia is to start her own quest line, called ‘Octavia’s Anthem’. The quest line is super fun to play and very creative, so don’t miss that! It’s a solo mission, so you can’t bring friends or a team, but honestly, you don’t have to. Just relax and play through the amazing story. To start Octavia’s Anthem, you need to join any relay and go to Cephalon Suda. can always get quests here. Just play through the quest and upon completion you will be rewarded with the main blueprint for Octavia. Tip: If you really want to know more about the lore, you can read the manga’s official introduction on the official website. It’s worth reading!Playing through Octavia’s Anthem is really fun!

How to get Octavia parts in Warframe?

Let’s see where and how to get Octavia parts:

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Farming the Chassis Blueprint

Read more: See Where I Want to Eat Your Pancreas To get the Octavia Chassis blueprint, you need to go to Lua and do quests until you meet the Musical Puzzle there. Solve it and you will be rewarded with the blueprint. If you want to know more about puzzles and how to solve, you might want to check out my Lua Music Puzzle Tutorial. You can solve the quest objective while searching the room. There is no guarantee that the music puzzle will appear, so you may have to do Lua quests until you get lucky.

Develop a blueprint for neuroscience

The Octavia Neuroptics Blueprint is a bonus that can be obtained after every C Spin (20 minutes) in Orokin’s Masterless Survival quest. until you get the Neuroptics blueprint. To start the quest, you first need to craft the Orokin’s Masterless Survival Key. You can buy blueprints on the market and craft it in your foundry. It only takes 60 seconds to generate it, but you need some common resources as well as Navigation Coordinates. some more, don’t rush to complete the mission, but take time to open some containers! Tip: The easiest way to accomplish this task is to find yourself a good group and stay as long as you need to. A ‘perfect’ group might look like this:

  • DPS . War Frame: Saryn or Mesa are great options. If you’re going to camp in the room, single player with Octavia is also a good choice.
  • Trinity: You need to replenish energy in your group. You also need some form of healing to counter all the malicious damage you’ll be dealing with. And obstacle shields are always good too, so Trinity with Vampire Leech is the best choice for this position.
  • Speed ​​Nova: Camping together in one room has the downside that all enemies need to run towards you, which usually means you can’t kill enough mobs to get enough Life Support. A Speed ​​Nova helps a lot!
  • Nekros: Bringing in Nekros also helps with the issue mentioned above, because his ‘Desecrate’ ability will increase the number of Life Support drops. He also boosts all the other drops and has some great resources for the Orokin Derelict quests you’ll need.
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You can also choose to bring a Sonar Banshee or a Buffer Rhino if you plan to stay longer and if you need some form of damage support. .

Build a detailed system plan

This is probably the easiest Octavia blueprint to farm, as all you have to do is run the Crossfire quest on Lua, find a cache (the blueprint drops from A Rotation, so you just need to find cache first) and extract once you. You can even combine it with finding the Lua Music Puzzle, which is essential for the Octavia Chassis blueprints. kill everything while looking for the Orokin Cache first and then complete the quest quickly. Another great choice would be Volt, which uses Speed ​​Build. You can speed yourself (and your team), rush through missions while killing things, and save a lot of time doing so.How to get Octavia 3You just need to find an Orokin Cache.

Crafting Octavia

A few words about crafting a Warframe once you’ve found all of her blueprints: You need the Mandachord that you created while playing the Octavia quest line and some rare resources. you can participate in Orokin Derelict quests and equip blueprints, you can also find all necessary resources. group of farmers together. If you need any help or suggestions in that regard, feel free to check out our Resource Farming Guide.


Octavia is a bit special, because to get all the blueprints needed to create her you are ‘forced’ to run various quests plus her own quest line. Octavia Designs and Crafts Yes, some RNGs are involved, but completing missions multiple times is, after all, part of the appeal of Warframe. So do it and have fun playing Octavia! Read more: Zelda Guide: Breath of the Wild: Location of the Eighth Heroine and how to get sand boots

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