How To Get Ember Guide

Ember is a frame that can be obtained later in the game. To get to the boss that dropped Ember, you need to complete the “New Strange” story quest, defeat “Alad V” on Themisto-Jupiter, and complete a normal quest, Baal-Europa. After completing these mini quests, you can work your way to Tethys, Saturn, where “General Sargas Ruk“Will be waiting for you. If you kill him he will drop all Ember parts (blueprints) Read: warframe how to get emberEmber is a great frame if you want to burn the world (pun intended). She is easy to understand and can change depending on your needs, the only downside is her weak armor and shield/health. Her blueprint costs 25,000 credits and it is found on the Marketplace. most likely need is a Neural Sensor, which falls on certain planets. Jupiter is one of those planets and we recommend missions for Elara and Sinai. Read more: How to tell if a crystal is real or not the planet also has Saturn.

Kill General Sargas Ruk to get Ember


The owner’s name is “General Sargas Ruk“Not just for show. With thick armor and strong attacks that can easily knock down weaker frames, he can fight quite well. Vitality is highly recommended. If you have Steel Yarn and have the space, it can improve your sustainability.

  • The boss will use his flamethrower for ranged attacks or will swing his weapon for a melee attack. After an attack, part of his armor (right arm) opens. That’s where you need to shoot.
  • After dealing enough damage, that armor will cause the boss to use Fire Blast, creating a ring of fire around him. After each attack, a new piece of armor (his chest) will open. Just shoot it, until it explodes.
  • Sargas Ruk will now cast Inferno, dealing AoE damage around him. Just like before, attack the opening (his back) and kill him.
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Best Warframe to Kill General Sargas Ruk

Any tank frame is good for absorbing damage. Rhino, Chroma (remember to fully charge and keep up Vex Armor), Inaros and map (cannot be knocked down) are both good choices.Other great options are:

  • Although that makes the fight more difficult, but since you are a weakling, it is not impossible to deal with Sargas Ruk. Loki, Ivara, Ash are all good options. Just make sure you avoid taking AoE damage.
  • Other options might be Frostwith him Snowball boost, can slow Sargas Ruk, so that his weak point can be shot more than topqa. Infoher frames of the same category are Nova. She Molecule Excellent (4th skill) if built to power properly, can slow down an entire room, making fighting easy. Frost and NovaAbilities can combine and will stack, making the boss really slow.
  • Limbo can enter the rift, avoiding damage while the boss attacks (except Inferno). He can also put the boss in a rift with Cataclysm. Anyone out of reach can’t be harmed, unless they step into it. Modifying it for Duration and a little scope would do the trick.
  • Saryn can clean the room with her miasma if built for range and power. She Toxic Lash makes her weapon deal extra poison damage, making her Viral status weapon stronger. (Viral status deals more damage if there is no armor on the boss. Her spores deal corrosive damage)
  • Trinity if built for range and power can heal (100% health and restore shield) and buff allies with damage reduction (up to 75%).
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There is no requirement for a specific weapon. Sargas Ruk is very weak to Radiation damage Read more: How to tandem snowboarding for beginners We still have some recommendable weapons if you’re not sure what to bring.

  • If you’re using a weaker Warframe with low armor or health, I’d recommend using a sniper and only picking him from a distance. Simply run to him, to attack, then run away and snipe. Just make sure the generated addition doesn’t kill you. Weapon Hints: Lanka, Vectis, Rubico for snipers with critical chance mods, critical damage and status mods.
  • Tigris, Arca Plasmor (with built-in radiation) can also work if modified to suit the condition and high damage. Critical chance and damage is not a must. If you have space for it, it helps, but it shouldn’t be too much of a difference.


Boss fights can be tedious and frustrating at first, with the addition of coming up and hitting hard and the boss just burning everything around. Armor doesn’t unlock for long, so if you’re new, jump around so you don’t get hit, you might miss your chance to damage him. Ember has all the moves that Sargas Ruk used. (Who’s the imitator here?) Frames are a bit rough but can be fun to use early in the game. The final skill, World on Fire, sets everything around you on fire, while her 3rd ability is Inferno Blast, which creates a firing ring around her and any weapon that hits the trough Heat damage will be increased. Make sure your Warframe is on fire, as her passive kick restores 10 mana per second while increasing your ability power by 35%. Read more: How to dress according to your brand

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