Rasheeda on Building a Brand Using Reality TV

Image: DB Agency Although Rasheeda was a recording artist prior to joining the cast of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, it was the reality-TV-powered platform that helped propel her brand to the next level. a new level. Currently, Rasheeda is enhancing the success of the Pressed retail store and Poiz cosmetics line, and filming the sixth season of the hit reality TV series VH1. , which includes efforts in the health and fitness worlds and a new book. In a recent conversation with Rasheeda, the Georgia native talked about those projects and offered advice on how to use reality TV to launch a business empire.On how things are going with Pressed:Amazing! Everything is going well; I’m very happy. It could be summer, near the end of summer, I will be preparing to expand the brand and open new locations, but everything is still going well. The store is doing well, Â topqa.info, the cosmetics line is doing well. I’m so lucky!Open stores in other cities:I was thinking about expanding to other cities. I’m just trying to narrow it down and do some demographic work and just make sure when I make that move, it’s a smart move. I love New York, Houston, Charlotte and Chicago, so those are some [cities at] top of my list.About her other entrepreneurial endeavors:I’m definitely looking forward to releasing a book at some point in 2017. I’m definitely entering the wellness and fitness phase. I have some work to do there; Just about the women here really just trying to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves. A lot of times, we care about the people around us, and then we sit around like, um, OK. What about myself? So that’s what I was expecting. Expand Press and do more things; my cosmetic line [Poiz Cosmetics] also. I’m definitely looking to try to distribute my own products as well.On using reality TV as a launchpad for other endeavors:People always ask me about it. They are like that, what advice can you give me? I’m thinking of getting into reality TV. And I told them, you know? Start with a plan and that plan should be in place when you’re done with this foundation, your life will be better than it was before you started. And my thing is I always tell people if you have a business, use that platform to expand your brand. Like so many times, people get caught up in the drama and the doctor, and then you look up, and they haven’t started a business, don’t have any business, and the TV ends, control The investigation is gone, and now they’re standing around looking stupid. So at the end of the day, I always tell people, I actually had my website before I started Love & Hip-Hop, and of course, I was active in music before that, which is a wonderful thing. But for those of you who don’t have, you know, whatever goals you have, or any aspirations or business ideas you have, make those things happen and use that platform to open up. widen it while you can. You can’t pay for a better ad if you’re on reality TV; Use it to your advantage. If you’re not doing something, I don’t care if you’re selling napkins, you should find something other than a t-shirt, a few pairs of socks, find something while you’re doing it, and make use of it!About her musical career:I had a comfortable stay, and now I’m looking to return to the studio perhaps within a new month or so just to work on that last Rasheeda project. Music is my love and the foundation on which I can spread my wings and do all the things that I can do, so I’d love to end it with some amazing, classy, ​​empowering music strong, and then call it a dayÂÂ

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