How to get bamboo in Minecraft: Step-by-step guide for beginners

Video Where to find bamboo in minecraft Find bamboo in Minecraft? Bamboo in Minecraft was introduced with the 1.14 Java and 1.8.0 Bedrock updates. This makes players excited, because it has quite a few uses and is easy to obtain bamboo when there is a sword or ax in the player’s inventory.

Where to find bamboo and how to get it


Bamboo can be obtained in a number of ways, but either way, it will only generate in some variation of the forest biome. When players arrive, they can see it springing up naturally, through fishing and dropping mods. Bamboo digging is very simple, but players should try to have a sword or ax ready. These two tools break bamboo fastest, giving players more time to gather more resources before dark.


Bamboo only grows in forests (unless cultivated). They are usually detected in single and widely spaced shoots. However, in some variants, they will grow in clusters.

Mob Drops

Read more: Where the Wrinkle of Time takes place If the player kills the panda, they will drop the bamboo. In the Java version they only drop 1, while in Bedrock the player has a chance to get 2.


When Minecraft players fish in the forest biome, they have the ability to reel in the bamboo. Technically, this is a “throwaway item” when fishing, but still useful.

What is bamboo in Minecraft used for?

Bamboo is involved in a variety of actions in Minecraft: crafting, farming, smelting, and raising pandas.


Bamboo can be used to make both sticks and scaffolding. Scaffolding is simply made, scaffolding is used to climb many floors without having to use blocks to erect. This proves to be useful in large scale projects in survival mode.

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Farmed bamboo provides the player with an abundant supply, which can be as high as 16 blocks. With this much bamboo, the player can create as much scaffolding as their heart desires, or they can use it to smoke and/or feed raccoons.

Melting / cooking

Read more: Where is Kathy lee brynner now Armor smashing is an important quest in Minecraft. It is necessary to turn many ores into their respective ore bars. They are used to make tools, weapons, armor, and other items (e.g. flint and steel made from flint and an iron rod). Without the furnace, the player cannot last long in the game, using the furnace to cook food also prolongs the satiety time. When going on adventures or living like a nomad in the game, it’s important to stay full. Since it can be grown in bunches and is quick – especially as far as bone meal is concerned – it is an ideal item to burn.

Panda Breeding

Bamboo can also be used to feed pandas in Minecraft. This can be done by feeding two adult pandas with bamboo in close proximity to each other. This also requires 8+ bamboo blocks within a 5 block radius. This will lead them to mate and produce offspring. Here is a Tweet from @Minecraft showing a baby panda with its parents:


Bamboo is an extremely useful and abundant resource in the game. It should be used to its full potential.Read more: The fastest way to find Enderman in Minecraft | Top Q&A Avatar

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