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Facility security depends on finding rocks in RUST


Stone is an essential building ingredient in RUST and is required for stone foundations, walls, ceilings, and several important basic components. Using stone as a base material makes your early game base design resistant to assault fire and your late game base design more secure against missile attacks. So when it comes to finding stones in RUST, it’s an important skill to hone early on. There are 5 easy ways to find rocks in RUST: Read: where to find rocks

  • Looking for small rocks on the ground
  • Mining ore nodes
  • Recycle stones from items
  • Buy stones from the Outpost
  • Mining stone from Giant Excavator
  • Although there are many ways to find rocks in RUST, and depending on the current phase of the sweep cycle, specific methods will be more effective. Some techniques, such as finding small rocks, are only suitable for early game. Meanwhile, others can only be used later in one delete. It’s important to find the stone-collecting method that’s right for you.

    Search for rocks on the ground

    As a new creature, searching for rock fragments around the area is the easiest way to gather stones quickly. Look down as you run around naked, and you’ll see rocks, especially in rocky areas, although they can spawn anywhere. Each piece found will give you 50 stones, which will help you quickly craft essential tools like a stone hammer, stone pickaxe, stone spear, and arrows for your bow.It may be tempting to start hitting your rock ore node, but you’ll lose two-thirds of your node’s yield and spend up to a minute hitting the rock ore knot. Smashing your rock so early is dangerous because it warns other players nearby and can take your place. Once you’ve crafted the stone tools, you can switch to a much more lucrative way of gathering stones and have a way to protect your lane.

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    Mining ore nodes

    Rock ore nodes can spawn anywhere but are found more often in rocky areas such as mountains, slopes, rocks near the beach, or large enough outcrops. Not to be confused with sulfur or metal nodes, rock ore nodes are grayish-white ovoid rocks with ridges and a bright spot.Mining ore nodesRead more: where is lg tv made Once you’ve made a stone pickaxe, mining is a much more viable option. The rate you collect and the speed at which you collect varies depending on the quality of the tools you are harvesting rock ore with.

    • Stone pickaxe will give you 794 stones, very slow.
    • Metal pickaxe will yield 1000 stones but it takes even longer to break the button.
    • Salvaged icepick will yield 1000 stones and take half the time with a metal pickaxe.
    • Jackhammer will also give 1000 stones at a great rate of 1 to 3 seconds.

    Make sure when mining, you aim and touch the bright spot of the buttons. Effective lighting will double your mining speed and increase productivity. The light will move to a new location every time you hit it successfully, so you have to keep an eye on your button as you collect. You will hear a special attack sound every time you hit it, if it is night time or you are collecting ore in a mine, there must be overhead lights to see the bright spot. To do this, you will need to wear a candle or a mining hat. Both heads spawn in crates found in and around caves.

    Recycle stones from items

    Using a recycler with certain items will allow you to split those items into ice. There are a lot of less useful items found in crates and crates around beaches, roads, and monuments. If you’ve switched to metal tools, your old stone tools and spears can go into recyclers found at monuments to be broken down back into 50 stones.Recycle stones from itemsYou get up to 100 stones from items like concrete barriers and fireplaces, and more from advanced defensive items like the high outer stone wall and stone portal. If these defenses don’t work for you, or you’ve been researching the blueprints, there’s no good reason not to toss them in the recycler for a cool 1500 stone.

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    Buy stones from the Outpost

    When you get to the mid and late part of the game, you may find yourself with a surplus of wood and other scrap resources. In this case you can trade the Outpost vending machine at 50 scrap for 1000 stone or 500 wood for 150 stone. Conversely, if your wood is low, the swap remains the same. The speed at which you can collect scrap far exceeds the rate at which you can mine stone. The danger of this method is that you have to visit the Outpost memorial for it to work. Read more: where are bookmarks stored on android | Top Q&ABuy stones from the OutpostTo make a trip to Outpost worthwhile, you’ll need to trade scraps for stones in bulk, leaving you at risk of losing your loot to players or an unfortunate death to any potential threat. hidden by RUST. , traveling well-equipped, with armor and guns is required. Travel in groups when you can. If possible, find a mini helicopter and fly to the Outpost. If you land close enough to the trading post, you can interact with it without ever leaving the helicopter seat. to dig 150,000 stones in an hour. Diesel fuel can be purchased from Outpost for 300 partial low grade fuels or found as an item picked up at the Big and Small Oil rig ruins.Mining stone from giant excavatorThe Excavator monument has a loud noise and moves relatively slowly. People around will know it is being used and may take the opportunity to ambush you and try to get your hard-earned materials. So be prepared to protect the monument’s two separate payload areas during its lifetime.

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    ready for rock and roll!

    Each of these steps will help you in your never-ending quest for rocks in RUST. Some are best applied early on, while others are more appropriate in the later game. However, it is essential to know all of them, as stone will remain your most essential ingredient because of its versatility and relative strength in base construction and maintenance costs. Be careful enough and take advantage of the situation. There are always “alternative” ways to get what you want in RUST. Read more: Parrot in Minecraft

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