how to find and kill a Cactuar for massive experience

How to find and battle a classic Final Fantasy title for some awesome rewards. It’s a little strange to think that a dancing, excitable cactus is one of the most iconic enemies of one of the greatest RPG series of all time… but it is. Cactaurs are a version of the classic Final Fantasy and so it’s no surprise that they also appear in Final Fantasy 15 – but they are extremely rare and quite difficult enemies that you can encounter. Read: Where to find ffxv cactuars During my first playthrough of FF15, it took me over thirty hours to see one – but if you know where to look, you can find an easier way. One advantage FF15 Royal Edition and PC Windows Edition players have is that they can take the knowledge of all the struggling PS4 and Xbox One players from a year ago – and track down a child or two. Cactaur is one of the areas where you can benefit. On this page, we’ll help you find – and battle – these elusive creatures for some awesome loot.

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Guide in Final Fantasy 15: how to find and kill Cactuar for a great experience

Read more: eso where to sell stolen goods | Q & AF First, it’s important to note that there are three types of Cactuar in the FF15 – the regular one Cactuarthe Slactuar and Gigantuar.The Cactuar and Slactuar Type enemies are found in the same areas as we can tell. The two enemies are also quite similar – you will certainly struggle to immediately distinguish the difference beyond the name. map. They certainly spawn in Duscae as well, and tend to be found around the enemy base area Perpetouss Keep. 5 am, but not until afternoon. You’ll want to hang around one of these areas a lot and use the monster summoner whistle item in your L2 menu (chapter 4 onwards) to keep summoning and spawning monsters until one of them some of them are Cactuar or Slacktaur. try to run, so you’ll want to try to lock it up quickly. It is weak against Knife and Gun type weapons. Avoid fire magic, as it counteracts that. However, Ice or Thunder are fine. The same applies to Slacktaur.Read more: Where buddy dad worked Gigantuar was found as part of an in-game hunt – so we won’t spoil the details of that – just Continue to hunt and level up your hunter rank to finally encounter it.

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Oracle Ascension Coins and Cactaur Needle – the spoils of your battles

First of all – both the Cactaur and the Slactuar are worth 3333 EXP. That’s a lot, especially for (relatively) low-level enemies – in fact, it’s right there with the items in our guide to leveling up quickly in FF15. Kill and withdraw! In addition, the couple also drops useful items. Oracle Ascension Coins. These useful items can be exchanged for high value items and equipment at a vendor in Altissa, but can also create items that increase magic power when crafting spells . Cactuar Needle item. This item doesn’t have as much permanent utility as coins, but is required for some weapon upgrade quests in order for Cid to upgrade some machine-type weapons, including some machine-type weapon upgrades. Slactuar hunting. Remember that in many ways the Cactuar and the Slactaur look and feel exactly the same, and the latter is rarer of the two – so you could be there for a while. Read more: Where are WordPress posts and pages stored? | Top Q&A

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