How to catch Chansey in Pokemon GO

With the advent of Flower Crown Chansey, Happy, and Blissey, many players wondered how to catch one of these well-dressed medical Pokemon. As a result, many veteran players will likely have a Blissey of their own, or at least know how to grind the Chanseys needed to have one. like Series 1 goes back to BBHowever, for players who don’t have this Pokemon and want as much festive Chanse as possible, this is a little help.

How can players catch Chansey in Pokemon GO?

Earning Chansey in Pokemon GO is now easier than ever. Currently, there is an almost guaranteed method to get a Chansey Flower Crown variant until 8pm on April 8 local time. that will reward them with an encounter with the Flower Crown Chansey. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that the player will catch Chansey, but it’s a guaranteed encounter. Read more: catching catfish in stardew valley | Top Q&A If this encounter is killed or if the event has ended by the time it is being read, the player will need to add some elbow grease to find a match. They will need to hatch 2km of eggs for a truck of Happinys and get enough candies to evolve a Happiny into Chansey or they will need to go on excursions. biomes. Fire, Rock, and Ground-type Pokemon are common spawners in these regions, so having a wide variety of these creatures could mean players are looking in the right place. Players can use Razz Berry to knock down Chansey’s target, then use some sickly curvy pitching to hit the box and get an ‘excellent’ catch. They might as well just treat the Ultra Balls as a monster and hope that Chansey gets comfortable in one and hangs around. Read more: Where to buy delta-9 in Florida. Avatar

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