Here’s Where to Find Linus Basket in Stardew Valley

How can you waste your time on something like that? Oops, that’s what my friend said after a few hours of watching me play the game. Seriously, Stardew Valley is addictive. This is the kind of game that once you decide to play will make you preach miracles. For those who have neither heard nor seen, Stardew Valley is basically a farming simulation inspired by the game Harvest Moon and it has a bit of an RPG element. confused, thus wondering about the possibility of accomplishing that goal. Assuming you’re new to Stardew Valley, chances are you’re having a hard time finding Linus’s missing Blackberry basket. This quest is really simple to start with, but what makes it difficult is the fact that the game doesn’t give any clues or hints as to the location of the basket. It’s not clear where or why he dropped it, nor do the townspeople know. Reality is everywhere, shake the bush in the hope that It will pop out or something, you will feel that the basket doesn’t even exist in the first place, but it does and we will guide you about where it is located.

Who is Linus of Stardew Valley?

Read more: Where the peak of dantes was filmed. Linus, like the other characters, is a villager living in Stardew Valley. He lives in a small shack north of Pelican Town and has a profound knowledge of the mines. I usually think he’s weird but he’s not. He’s just different and loves his solitary life. But even then, he dreams of participating in one of the town’s events. With a love for nature more than love, Linus is still very sympathetic and often helps players by carrying them back to their farm whenever they are out of water.

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How did Linus lose the basket?

In Stardew Valley, Linus uses certain tools to survive. For example, the basket used to hold the blackberries he collected from the farm and unfortunately got lost. But how? How did he lose it in the first place? I don’t know, but I can guess. Because if he did, he would make it clear why and where. Don’t tell me he’s afraid of buses or maybe running away from enemies. No matter how I picture it, I think he’s testing the player. Perhaps to see if he would be willing or kind to do a quest for him. Whatever the case may be, here’s where to find the Linus basket in Stardew Valley.

Looking for Linus Basket

So you just read the letter he dropped in your mailbox? Tell you what he has lost and ask for your help to get it back. This is the place to find it. To start, go to the right exit of your farm and you will reach the bus stop.Read more: Lyrics Where Are You Going – Toc Duc | Top Q&A From there, go left down the street and into the tunnel. It’s really a no-go zone, but that’s where what we’re looking for. So go ahead and make your way to the end and you’ll see the Linus basket stained with blackberry juice.linus-basketPick it up and head back to the Linus tent. It is north of Pelican Town, near the mines. When you see him, walk up to him and he will automatically take the basket from your inventory and leave a thank you note saying how much the basket means to him.linus-basketThat’s it, you’ve just completed that quest, thereby gaining the Linus friendship. In case you get close to Linus and the game tells you he is the wrong one, you can simply reload or hard restart the game to fix the error. Read more: where is my friend’s house | Top Q&A

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