Help! What is a French bed? King size, double, small, and single dimensions

Video What is a french bedBack in the days, the label “French bed” served the sole purpose of marketing for luxury comfort, and prestige.Reading: what is a french bedHowever, nowadays, the meaning of the term “French bed” has evolved to having dual meaning where one shifted to represent a rather larger mattress size while the other stands for the luxurious royal-looking bed frame, headboard and canopy.Reading: what is a french bedAs you can imagine, vintage royal beds had length and width, often referred to as “double beds” while in reality, they were used by a single person, or at least, most of the time, that is.Reading: what is a french bedIn Italy, for example, a “letto francese” is referred to “one and a half” or “una piazza e mezza”, which literally means “one and a half twin beds”. A “French bed” though, is equivalent to a one and a half twin bed – bigger than a twin, but smaller than a double bed.

What Is a classic French bed?


Although sounding romantic, the classic French bed often comes with the reference of solid iron or wooden frames decorated with arches and gentle, natural ornaments. Floral elements along greenery patterns added the dash of royal luxury and might.Reading: what is a french bedTo figure out the French bed sizes can be confusing as there are multiple options and various manufacturers. One aspect is for sure – if you are after a truly unique bed, you are at the right place. In France, its common name is “un grand lit”.Reading: what is a french bedAt we have a wide range of French beds:Reading: what is a french bedReading: what is a french bedReading: what is a french bedWhite & Ivory, Black, Silver, Gold, Natural Woods, Coloured, Four Poster Beds, Metal Beds, Crushed Velvet Beds, Fabric Beds, Leather Beds and more.Reading: what is a french bedCheck our catalogue to choose the best French bed for your interior.Reading: what is a french bedHowever, the typical French bed is a large, comfortable bed meant for a single person that could easily fit two.Reading: what is a french bedIt measures to around 140 cm in width (more on sizes below), which makes it, as said, larger than a twin bed. It is meant for a single person to feel extra comfortable. Suitable for larger bedrooms styled in elegant Parisian interior, the French bed would take a central part in it with its sheer sense of luxury, given from the rich details and solid frame.Reading: what is a french bedAnd if you’re after the antique French bed looks, consider a matching range of Parisian interior and design.Reading: what is a french bedAt Homes Direct 365 we offer more than 90 gorgeous sets to please caprice. If you want to arrange the bedroom yourself, consider out French-styled bedside tables, French chest of drawers, blanket boxes, wardrobes, armoires and the rest of the gorgeous furnishing in our hand-picked catalogue.Reading: what is a french bedBesides being comfortable for a single person, the French bed is cosy and could provide intimacy for a couple.Reading: what is a french bedFrench style bedroom with four poster bed and canopyReading: what is a french bedOn another note, if you are looking to lend out a short term rental, or you wonder what is a French bed in a hotel, it would be a good idea to opt in for a French double bed. It will both serve a single person and a couple while adding style to your abode.Reading: what is a french bedA great addition would be to match it with the right French bedroom furniture set.Reading: what is a french bed

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The Rococo Headboard and Footboard

Read more: What does minecraft cows eatGold rococo antique french style headboard what is a french bedThis may come as a half arch or a rectangle, featuring artistic elements such as flowers, branches or other natural forms. Back in the day, depicts of nature were carefully crafted by skilful craftsmen. Nowadays, the same work is done for less time through advanced machines and technology.Reading: what is a french bedThe higher headboard and lower footboard have their role in design and the purpose of the royal bed – to glorify and emphasise the noble. Being mostly canopy or four-poster beds, royal beds were and still are a symbol of style and sophistication.Reading: what is a french bedCheck the wide range of French headboards at here.

The Solid Bed Frames

The original royal bed was made of solid wood, but now you’ll come across pine, beech, ash, oak, maple, walnut, and of course, various alloys.

The French Bed Legs

The classic French bed has beautiful legs, crafted in many different styles such as the classic cabriole legs, arrow foot, claw foot, brackets, bun and bow, spade and more. This fine-tunes the looks of the bed and builds the impression of glam and finesse.Reading: what is a french bedBesides that, the space between the bed frame and the ground adds to the overall feeling of floating and lightness, making it easy to comprehend amongst the rest of the furniture.

Why Bother With a French Bed?

A tabby cat laid on the duvet of a bedReading: what is a french bedThe bed plays an integral part of any bedroom, and if you are looking forward to adding character and elegance, there isn’t a lot more suitable than a French bed. It brings up character and style with the everlasting maturity of materials such as brass, iron, carved wood or even rattan. It is the perfect sanctuary of sleep and the right choice for a comfortable bed.Reading: what is a french bedIt can contribute to the beautiful decor with a touch of luxury. The French bed is the perfect centrepiece of art and comfort for your bedroom.Reading: what is a french bed

What Are The French Bed Mattress Sizes?

According to CEO Jonathan Prichard, products labelled as French can vary in size anywhere between 140 cm by 190 cm and 160 cm by 200 cm.Reading: what is a french bed Size: Width inCM Length inCM Single French bed 90 cm 190 cm / 200 cm Double French bed 140 cm 190 cm / 200 cm Large Double / French queen bed 160 cm 190 cm / 200 cm King size French bed (Full bed) 180 cm 190 cm / 200 cmReading: what is a french bedBecause of the growing popularity of foreign brands, such as IKEA, the 200 cm mattress is ever more common.Reading: what is a french bed

French bed Sizes in Inches:

Size: WidthIn Inches LengthIn Inches Single French bed 35.4” 75” / 79” Double French bed 55” 75” / 79” Large Double / French queen bed 63” 75” / 79” King size French bed (Full bed) 70.9” 75” / 79”Reading: what is a french bedCheck the range of mattresses and here.Reading: what is a french bed

The Standard French Bed

As mentioned before, French bed measures around 140 cm by 190 cm (or 200 cm), which happens to be the equivalent of a British double mattress.Quite comfortable for a single person, or a cosy, snuggly experience for a couple. This might be a perfect investment for a teenage-to-adult bedroom, a rental or a hotel room.

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Small Double French bed

Depending on your needs, you may opt in for a 120 cm by 190 cm (or 200 cm) mattress.This size still gives the level of comfort for a single person, together with full-sized French bed with all the details about it without being out of proportion. Though, this mattress size is not suitable for couples.

The King Size French Bed

In case you are looking forward to a really big bed and you have enough free space in your bedroom, a king size French bed would definitely a suitable candidate.Also referred to as a “full bed”, it measures at 190 cm (or 200 cm) by 150 cm with a solid headboard and frame, the bed is going to add up mass and sense of stability in your bedroom, making it a perfect sanctuary. This is what a french bed vs full bed means.

So, “French Sized Bed”. What is That!?

It is a double bed, measuring at 140 cm by 190 cm (or 200 cm).The mattress size and bed frame may have different proportions to your preferences, however, keep in mind the elaborate details or the French bed might be too overwhelming, making it look funny and out of proportion. Consult with an interior designer before making a decision and if you are not using one – sketch up your room and map the bed in it to oversee the end result.

French Bed Styles

Read more: What Does OBS Truck Mean? | Top Q&ANow that we solved out the concept of French bed, we will dive in the depths of style and design. This way HomesDirect365 will help you determine the type of bed frame and mattress most suitable for your preference. Do not hesitate to get in touch for tips and advice.Generally speaking, French beds fall into two categories: Straight end and Corbeille (Curved).Reading: what is a french bed

Straight End

Blue color antique french style headboardReading: what is a french bedStraight end means the footboard of the French bed has one straight peace/ It gives a little bit of “edginess” to the overall looks and resembles the form of a rectangular.The legs of the bed are inclined towards the end of the over and foot boards, making it look sturdy and well grounded.Reading: what is a french bed

Pastel Blue French Headboard

Reading: what is a french bedThe straight end French bed is suitable for rectangular mattresses that can be bought at many specialised shops. This is an important detail, as this situation with corbeille end is different.Make sure you check if the French bed is the standard size of double bed mattress 140 cm by 190 cm (or 200 cm).Corbeille (Curved) EndFrench style headboard in white what is a french bedThe corbeille end option is more “oval” per se. Its footboard has a curved shape that wraps the bed frame and covers the edges of the mattress.Reading: what is a french bed

Louis XV style headboard

Louis XV style headboard what is a french bedTo be fully compliant with the oval form, it is a good idea to opt in for a “curved end mattress” which will be nicely accommodated to the overall looks of the bed. Beware for these specific products might be a subject to a higher price. However, it is worth the cost and effort as it adds the dash of individuality and style.Reading: what is a french bed

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Antique French style hand carved headboard

Antique french style handcarved headboard what is a french bedThe legs of the corbeille end French bed are inwards compared to the straight end. This brings the effect of “lightness” of the bed as if it is suspended because looking from above, they are not invisible to the eye.


French beds can be made from various natural materials with the purpose to provide comfort and style. Most often than not, moulded iron, fortified white or dark wood are preferred materials by craftsmen and interior design companies. The frames can contain elaborate woodwork and depict of natural symbols.Reading: what is a french bedA peculiar trend shared by Jordan Vellutini, director of Westline Electricians & Installations, is the custom installation of lighting fixtures both under the bed and along the canopy bed frame. This is a great wait to further enhance interior aesthetics and glam.Reading: what is a french bedParisian interior styled bedroom decorReading: what is a french bed

  • At we offer various lantern lamps to enhance your Parisian bedroom.
  • We also provide a wide range of French style wall lights and lamps to compliment your home.

Reading: what is a french bedAs the style of the bed itself has been around for decades, there are many unique antique designs still laying around. Gold plated metals shaped in curvy fashion were a normal manner of fashion back in the old days.


Often perceived as a symbol of status and luxury, the cost of obtaining a French bed is significantly bigger and be prepared to open your wallet.The good thing is that this style of bed has been around for decades and you can find it in some second-hand shops or depots, where for a smaller sum and couple of hours of restoration can lead you to in a classic style bed. If you’re about to go after antique furniture, consider an air purifier to tackle allergies and asthma. Antique French beds tend to hold on to various allergens and professional maintenance and cleaning are a must both for the bed and surrounding environment.


Before committing to a French bed, look at your room.Do you really feel such an elaborate piece of classic furniture will fit in with the rest of the decor? French beds are a highlight or a centrepiece in any room they are fitted and they will require enough space to show the full statement and picturesque look. If you’re about to buy a brand new bed check with a designer if you are unsure if the French bed is the best option for your bedroom.Reading: what is a french bedFor more inspiring reads, check the rest of our French-themed blog.Help! What is a French bed? King size, double, small, and single dimensionsRead more: What does fishing in the dark mean

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