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Video Where to Shoot a Rechargeable Bear What’s the best way to defend yourself if you encounter a grizzly while hunting — or if a grizzly tries to lunge at you? Nearly all authorities on the subject agree that the first two words to keep in mind on the matter are “spray pepper spray.” I fully know that some hunters associate pepper spray with politics, cannibalism, New Age, tree-hugging crapola. “Just give me the gun,” the men boasted, “and I will drop any charger like an ice pack.” Other hunters are less fanatical on the subject, but they have only serious (and understandable) doubts about the effectiveness of a spray to stop one of the largest and deadliest animals in the world. North America. Doesn’t it just make sense that a large caliber bullet is stronger and more effective in a life-or-death situation? and the value of their weapons, as we will discuss later. Studies by biologist Stephen Herrero and others show that pepper spray stimulates bears about 90 to 96% of the time. Mark Matheny, a hunter was severely bitten by a grizzly bear a few years ago while hunting deer north of Yellowstone Park, and who later began a career devoted to bear self-defense and manufacturing vaporizers UDAP, explains how a burst of cayenne aerosol can suppress anger: Read more: Skyrim: Where to get clay | Top Q&A “First, with a charging bear, loud hiss and billowing clouds startling them, reducing or shifting their aggressive intentions to a state of surprise or even dodging the room. player. When a bear touches the wall of fog and breathes it in, its sense of smell is instantly turned off, which would confuse any animal. Chemically, pepper spray is an inflammatory, irritating substance that penetrates the mucous membranes of bears, causing temporary blindness, suffocation, and difficulty breathing. In many cases, they go hacking and coughing. ‘ power ‘ to stop a bear. But you’re talking about a bullet that’s not much wider than a pen that hits a critical area. That’s assuming you even get a bullet. Most most of the time when someone with a gun is attacked, they don’t get shot. You have to raise the gun, aim and shoot. With pepper spray, you can fire a gun straight from its holster, spreading it wide, even mist. blind, it’s deterrent. You can react instantly, and the odds of hitting the bear are much greater.” Another compelling reason for using pepper spray instead of bullets is the multiple attacks of The grizzly bear isn’t a full-fledged “attack”, but merely the bear’s attempt to frustrate and intimidate human intruders.For example, if you surprise a grizzly bear to eat elk meat (probably your elk carcass), the bear can charge you with no intention of making physical contact, its purpose is just to drive you away.bear behavior, it’s fair when asking, “How can I tell Does the bear mean business or just a scam?” That’s exactly why pepper spray is a better alternative to a bullet in most situations. With the spray, you can very well frustrate the bear without making the situation worse or elevating it to irreversible death. If the bear makes it through the blast, and you’re an armed hunter, you still have a gun as a last resort. But if a bear is sprayed away, the encounter is over. No one was injured. Conversely, if your first line of defense is a shot and you shoot at the bear, the results will almost always be more severe. If the bear was just cheating, you’ve now unnecessarily killed or injured a bear. It is also possible that by injuring it, you have turned an innocent bear into an extremely angry one, intent on killing you. Another scenario: You shoot at an attacking bear and—because they come so fast, incredibly fast if you’ve never experienced it, often taking you completely by surprise—you simply give up. Miss. The bear is on you. What you missed with bullets, you can easily hit with blocking spray.Read more: Pumpkin Minecraft Tutorial | Top Q & ABut At no point should you shoot, or perhaps shoot? While pepper spray is often considered the primary bear protection measure, you don’t want to make the same mistake as Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest hunter who was accused by a A sow with three young calves is growing old. threw his high-powered rifle at the bear and pulled out a pepper spray, which at the time failed to stop the attack. The hunter was attacked until his teammates shot and killed the 475-pound animal. Then, from his hospital bed, the hunter said he didn’t want to shoot the bear for fear of going to jail (for killing an endangered species) and losing his hunting privileges. to shoot, and beyond, you would be foolish not to. That’s why I think of pepper spray as “the first line of defense, when possible”. If there’s no time to hit the spray button (and with the pistol fashion case strapped to your belt, you can aim and fire from the hip in seconds), or if you spray and the bear keeps charging, you have very few options but to shoot. When a grizzly is still far enough away to dissuade, you can try a shot into the air or to the ground near the animal, hoping the muzzle pop or the noise of the bullets will stop or redirect the attack. But with a bear approaching and fast, don’t waste time with a warning shot. Aim for the deadliest spot you can find. For a bear charging close, this will likely be the face or the upper part of the chest. Usually full-blown grizzly bears will keep their heads low when they charge, so that’s all you have to aim for. Many of my acquaintance’s Alaskan guides suggest aiming for the muzzle – a high shot to the skull above or even through the top, to the neck or spine; and if the bear jumps up or you shoot low, you’ll have a chance in the throat, chest or even shoulder or leg, all of which can stop the animal, if only long enough for you to aim and shoot again. legitimate self-defense, it is clearly not a desired outcome. That’s why Mark Matheny likes to say to hunters, “Spray them, don’t kill them.” He points out that too many grizzlies that encounter each other are needlessly killed; this is not only bad for bears, but also for the already precarious social image of hunting. Longtime bear biologist Chris Servheen agrees that sports athletes needlessly killing grizzly bears a “threat to hunting.” In the end, ideally, protect yourself while saving bears, whenever possible.Read more: 10 things you didn’t know about Dave East | Top Q&A

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