Genshin Impact: Where to Find Geovishap Hatchlings

As you go through Genshin Impact, you’ll probably start to figure out which ascension materials you’ll want to keep an eye on for your particular character or weapon. One document you might notice is Fragile boneomitted Geovishap HatchlingsHowever, Geovishap Hatchlings are hard-to-find creatures that you may not come across, especially if you don’t explore thoroughly. Luckily, we already have detailed information on some of Hatchling’s locations so you can spend less time searching.

Where to find Geovishap Hatchlings

There are two main areas that we took a look at Geovishap Hatchlings in Genshin Impact.

Tianqiu Valley

The first place you can find Geovishap Hatchlings is Tianqiu Valley (circled above), where we highly recommend looking. This area is found west of the map, south of Minlin and north of Dunyu Ruins. Here you’ll find the regular Geovishap Hatchlings, and unlike Guyun’s Rock Forest (below), this spot is easy to get to and locate. Read more: Skagen Watch Review | Are Skagen watches of good quality? | Top Q&A Try looking in the southern part of this area to find them, towards the Dunyu Ruins. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across low-level Geovishap Hatchlings.

Guyun Rock Forest

Impact Genshin & Colon; Where to find Geovishap HatchlingsYou can also find Geovishap Hatchlings in Guyun Rock Forest, located in the Southeast of the map (circled in the image above). Guyun Rock Forest is actually an archipelago to the east of Liyue Harbor and south of Yaoguang Shoal. Other players have reported that Geovishap Hatchlings can be found between Mount Abzang and Qingce Village, but we had no luck finding anyone there.

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What do Geovishap Hatchlings look like?

Impact Genshin & Colon; Where to find Geovishap HatchlingsGeovishap Hatchlings are medium-sized hybrid lizards with thick, brown skin and yellow underparts. They are easily detected as they roll on the ground and often come in groupsThey look cute, but they are deadly creatures, so make sure you’re prepared for a fight when going up against them.

Benefits of defeating Geovishap Hatchlings

Read more: Where are the little women of New York nowImpact Genshin & Colon; Where to find Geovishap HatchlingsThe main reason for farming Geovishap Hatchlings is to get Fragile bone. These are upgrade materials that are used to increase gradually Prototype Weapon that seems to drop every time you beat Geovishap Hatchling (we killed about seven of them and each dropped Fragile Bone Shards).

Tips to beat Geovishap Hatchlings

Impact Genshin & Colon; Where to find Geovishap HatchlingsDepending on the level of Geovishap Hatchlings you are facing, you may have some difficulty defeating them if your character has low level equipment. If you come across high level Geovishap Hatchlings then at least 10 levels higher than your characterYou can also continue your search in other places.

Use wind attacks to defeat Geovishap Hatchlings quickly

Assuming you’re on the same level as Geovishap Hatchlings and have good gear, we’ve found the best way to take them down is use Wind’s attacks to turn them upside down. Doing so makes them more susceptible to damage, so you can comfortably use melee weapons.

Beware of their burrowing attack

You’ll want watch out for their signature burrowing attack wherein they dig underground and then pop up no matter where your character is. This is marked with a big red circle appear on the ground below you. If you see this, turn away immediately. focus on one Geovishap Hatchling at a timeWith that in mind, you should now be well prepared to join the Geovishap Hatchlings and get the Fragile Bone Shards in Genshin Impact. They are slightly off the starting area, but as you start to explore, these enemies will be much easier to find. For more on Genshin Impact, be sure to visit its hub page here and keep visiting GameSkinny for more tips! Read more: Morphics Farmer Guide 2021 | Top Q&A

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