Fix: Chrome browser opens two tabs

Some users have reported a strange issue where the Chrome browser opens the same two tabs every time the user clicks a link. While some users only experience this problem when they try to start Google Chrome, other users complain that this is standard behavior for every hyperlink they try to access. of different perpetrators. Usually, the problem is caused by bad settings or corrupted files, but it can also be a symptom of a browser intruder. If you are facing the same problem, the methods below will help. Below you have a collection of fixes that other users in similar situations have used to solve the problem. Please follow each potential fix so that until you come across a fix that resolves the situation.

Method 1: Change Chrome’s Startup Settings


Before trying anything else, make sure that the problem is not caused by the Google Chrome settings. A lot of affected users have determined that this strange behavior is caused by startup settings. Here’s a quick guide on how to see if this setting causes your Chrome browser to open the same two tabs on every startup:

  • Open Google Chrome, click on the action icon (three dots icon) in the top right corner and click Setting.
  • In the Settings menu, go to When starting and make sure the behavior is not set to Open a specific page or a set of pages. You can set it to Open a new page or to Continue where you left off. continue where you left off 1Note: If it’s set to open a specific set of pages and you want to keep it that way, simply remove any duplicates you don’t need using the action button associated with each entry. remove 2
  • Close Google Chrome and restart your computer to see if you resolve the issue. On the next start, open Chrome again and see if you still see the two opened tabs. If the same behavior persists, move on to the next method.
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    Method 2: Turn off all Chrome extensions

    Extensions are often responsible for a strange behavior like this. If you are using a lot of extensions with Google Chrome, it is quite possible that some of them are conflicting and creating startup problems such as extensions that are happening. A few users have managed to identify the culprit in their extension list. To check if the problem is with one of your extensions, disable them all at once. Here’s a quick guide on how to manage your extensions:

  • Open Google Chrome and access the action menu in the top right corner. Then go to More tools and choose Extensions. 3 extension
  • Next, use the toggle associated with each extension to disable it. remove s 4
  • Once all extensions are disabled, restart Google Chrome and see if the weird behavior is fixed. If that’s the case, you can pinpoint the exact culprit by systematically re-enabling each extension and restarting the browser until you figure out which extension is causing the problem. .
  • When you manage to identify the culprit, click Eliminate to remove it from your extension list.
  • Method 3: Run a malware scan

    If the problem isn’t with Chrome settings or extensions, make sure we’re not dealing with a browser intruder. Some users tried to get rid of the strange behavior after noticing their browser was infected with malware. There are several ways you can ensure that your browser is malware-free, but we recommend using Malwarebytes for best results. If you need further instructions, you can follow our step-by-step guide on how to use Malwarebytes (here).

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    Method 4: Update or reinstall Chrome

    If none of the above methods have proven to be successful, then there’s a high chance that some kind of file corruption is causing the problem. Google Chrome should update automatically, but to be sure, click the action button (upper right corner) and navigate to Help > About Google Chrome. If a new version is available, wait until the browser is available and restart the application. update 5If Chrome shows that you already have the latest version, reinstalling the browser might be the fix you need. Here’s a quick guide on how to do this:

  • Press Windows key + CHEAP to open the Run box. Then enter “appwiz.cpl” and hit enter open Program and features. appwiz 2 6
  • internal Program and featuresright-click on Google Chrome, then follow the on-screen prompts to remove the browser from your system.
  • After Chrome is removed from your system, use another browser to access this link (here) and download the latest version of Chrome.
  • When the installation is complete, restart your computer and see if the problem is resolved on the next reboot.
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