Thì tương lai tiếp diễn (Future Continuous) – cách dùng, công thức và bài tập

Future Continuous is a in the following key in structured english. By them are used only many in the job and life in foreign language environment. That is understood, I have compiled the necessary knowledge to help you guys be able to understand and grasp the knowledge of this architecture. Hope this article will help you in the working and studying environment. Download now: Choose your FREE English therapy kit

1. Definition of future tense


Future forum is used to talk about an action in progress at a specified point in time in the future.

2. How to use, the future future

Use to describe an action or the job is going to the a timeation in the future. At 12 o’clock tomorrow, me and you will have school lunch. (At 12 o’clock tomorrow, my friends and I will have lunch at school.) We will climb the mountain at this time next Saturday. (We will be climbing this time next Saturday) When you arrive tomorrow, they will play tennis. (When you come tomorrow, they’ll be playing tennis) She will wait me when I come tomorrow. (She will be waiting for me when I arrive tomorrow.) The action will take place and continue for a period of time in the future My parents are going to London, so II’ll stay with my grandmother for the next 2 weeks. (My parents are going to London, so I will be staying with Grandma for the next 2 weeks) Action will be done as part of the plan or part of the performance Party will start at ten o’clock. (The party will start at 10 o’clock)

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3. Formula Futures Forum

CreditsOverlayersQuestionS + will + be + V-ingExample: – I will stay at your hotel in Nha Trang at 1pm tomorrow. (I will be at the hotel in Nha Trang at 1 o’clock tomorrow.) – She will work at the factory when you arrive tomorrow. (She will be at the factory when you arrive tomorrow.)S + will + not + be + V-ingNOTE: – will not = wouldFor example: – We won’t study at 8 a.m. tomorrow. (We won’t be studying at 8 a.m. tomorrow.) – The kids won’t play with their friends when you come this weekend. (Children won’t play with their friends when you come here for the weekend.)Will + S + be + V-ing?Answer: Yes, S+ willNo, S+ won’tFor example: – Will friend wait for the train at 9 a.m. next Monday? (Will you be waiting for the train at 9am next Monday?) Yes, I will./ No, I will not.– Will she doing housework at 10 p.m. tomorrow? (She will do the housework at 10 p.m. tomorrow, right?) Yes, she will./ No, she will not.

4. Future tense sign

In the sentence, there are verb states of time in the future with a specified time: – at this time / at this moment + time in the future: At this moment… .– At + specific time + future time in future: at… ..For example: – At this time, tomorrow I Will go shopping in Singapore. (At this time tomorrow, I will go shopping in Singapore.) – At 10 am tomorrow my mother will cook Lunch. (My mother will have dinner tomorrow at 10:00 am.) You can find more information on how to use the Simple Future here: Download now: Choose a FREE English language kit

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5. Exercises

Exercise 1: Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

  • They are staying at a hotel in London. At this time tomorrow, they are (traveling) in Vietnam.
  • When they (come) tomorrow, we (swim) in the sea.
  • My parents (visiting) Europe this time next week
  • Daisy (sitting) on ​​the plane at 9 a.m. tomorrow.
  • At 8 o’clock tonight, my friends and I watched a famous movie at the cinema.
  • She (plays) with her son at 7 o’clock tonight.
  • He (work) at this time tomorrow.
  • They (make) their presentation at this time tomorrow morning.
  • Exercise 2: Complete these sentences using the future continuous.

  • This time next year I (live) ______ in London.
  • At 8 o’clock tonight I (eat) _________ dinner with my family.
  • They (run) ________ for about four hours. Marathon is extremely difficult!
  • Sorry, I (work) ______ on my essay so I won’t be able to watch the match.
  • She (research) _________ at the library tonight.
  • (you / wait) ______ at the station when she arrives?
  • I (drink) _________ at the pub while you were taking your test!
  • (her/visiting) ________ Her grandmother again this week?
  • At 3 p.m., I (watch) __________ that movie on channel four.
  • (they / attend) ____________ your performance next Friday? It’s lovely to see them.
  • Answer

    Lesson 1:

  • going to travel
  • come – will swim
  • will visit
  • will sit
  • will watch
  • will play
  • will work
  • will do
  • Lesson 2:

  • will live
  • will eat
  • will run
  • will work
  • will learn
  • you will wait
  • will drink
  • she will visit
  • will watch
  • Will they attend?
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