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“Consumed during merge to power up existing Modes”Read: where to farm endo



This is a special type of resource that is used to upgrade Mods through fusion and is usually in small quantities.EF-2The more you upgrade your mods, the more Endo you will need and it will take an abundant amount of Endo to upgrade all the mods you need. In addition to being the reward from spinning in different quests, there are many other ways to farm Endo. You should know, how to farm Endo will be essential for later, when you need to upgrade a large number of your mods.

How to farm Endo?


To farm Endo more than once, you must follow certain steps to achieve the quest that allows you to do so, and this will take place on Sedna.EF-3Sedna has three Arena missions, Nakki, Yam, and Vodyanoi, which pit the player and their team (if they’re on the same team) against Grineer enemies as they battle in a gladiator-type arena. The first team to get 25 kills will be the winner, and when they win, the player gets a Judgment Point. Checkpoints are needed to advance to the high level arenas and our goal is to farm Endo on Vodyanoi.Also read Agriculture: Alloy Plates

Get Judgment Score

EF-4There are two arenas that you can choose before going to Vodyanoi: Nakki and Yam. These two quests give you Judgment Points that you can later use in Vodyanoi.


1) Nakki

EF-5Nakki is the first arena quest and doesn’t cost Judgment Points to participate. Enemies placed at level 40 can be difficult for some players newer to Warframe. At this level, players can solo easily, but going with a team will be faster because the enemies will appear in larger numbers.EF-6There are a lot of frames you can carry and most weapons should be able to easily kill level 40 enemies in Nakki. However, be aware that the surrounding mana drops may not be enough for the whole team as they only provide a small amount.EF-7After completing Nakki you can earn an average of 15 to 200 Endo and you will be rewarded with 10 Judgment Points.

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2) Yam

EF-8Unlike Nakki, Yam requires 10 Judgment points to start, and players on a team are on a mission, the said points will be forfeited when the mission begins. recommended for this level not only due to high enemy level but also quest completion rate with more members.EF-9Enemies will have higher armor, as they are level 60 and can be a bit dangerous for most frames. Having a team with different abilities can be beneficial to your victory, especially if there are Warframes that can assist or deal massive amounts of damage.EF-10After the end of Yam you will be rewarded with 15 Judgment Points and could have received an amount between 15 and 300 Endo.Also Read: Argon Crystal Farm

3) Vodyanoi

EF-11Similar to Yam, this quest will take Judgment Points to begin with, specifically 15 points. Enemies here are up to level 85 and can provide a challenge for even experienced players. and the abilities that the enemy has.EF-12Having a good team with you is essential to get the most out of the mission by killing enemies quickly and being able to keep drop points in an area. Endo.Nidus also plays a big role here, as he can pull enemies from a large range, allowing anyone to safely gather enemies. and that’s up to you, as long as you have those 2 Warframes. as it will only spread enemies.Also Read: Risedo Farm

Endo . Farm Technology

EF-13Our best Endo farming method involves two Warframes, Nidus and Nekros. The fact is that the spoilage also affects body parts. will be able to pull the enemy from long distances, saving time and making it a more effective way of killing.EF-14Having a team with you will not only make it easier to kill enemies, but it will also make farming sessions faster because more enemies will appear. Choosing the right Warframe for teamwork will make your missions complete faster and easier, and doing so will save you a lot of time and farm a decent amount of money.EF-15When Nidus pulls an enemy in, the team can focus comfortably on the enemies inside the Larva, as its drag range carries all of the enemies and no one is left to attack allies. Good but also make sure he constantly uses Larva or the whole team can get hit. i read bj alexEF-16The suggested build for Nidus would be to increase his Range and Effectiveness so that he spams Larva. Fast and time-saving allows to run many times and this is considered the best way to farm Endo.EF-17Once an enemy captured by Nidus ‘Larva’ is destroyed, Nekros’ Desecrate will increase the chance of looting. those items and you can end up earning a huge amount of Endo at the end of the mission.EF-18In addition to Nidus and Nekros, other Warframes can be added to the team depending on which Warframe they prefer to use and which they think will benefit the team. give the whole party a big bonus depending on the buff. If someone decides to use another support Warframe to heal or protect the party they can do that too. cooperation you will be able to have Endo sessions quickly and effectively.EF-19In less than 3 minutes, you and your Warframe can create about 400 to 1000 Endos or more. It’s only 3 minutes now, so imagine if you do this about 10 times you can get 4000 to 10,000 Endo or more. Teamwork is key and a good team can make raising Endo easier than you can imagine.

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Other ways to get Endo

1) Treasure of Ayatan

EF-20Ayatan treasures are elegant items that can be found in various quests at random places and a small chance. They can be used as decorations or just kept in a collection, however you can do something different with Ayatan Treasures. The treasure for Endo at Maroo’s Bazar can be found on Mars.

2) Selling modes

EF-21If you find yourself with a bunch of extra mods you don’t need, you can also trade these mods for Endo. really need it.

3) Bonus Bonus

EF-22Bounties have a chance to reward Endo randomly from the reward table that the quest has. Relying on bonuses is not the best way to farm Endo and should not be practiced by trying to earn large amounts of it.Payment procedures: All instructional resources hereEF-23Endo is an important and necessary resource to make your mods stronger to increase the overall potential of your Warframe and weapons. including Rivens. For a more detailed guide on how to farm resources, click here to see different ways to farm as well as a guide on what can be used to farm efficiently. Read more: where can I watch Filipino movies | Top Q&A

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