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Lichdom. It is one of the most powerful forms a mortal can take, removing the flesh’s demands for near-infinite knowledge. Legendary creatures, Liches are feared across the land; the entire campaign took place under the watchful eye of their empty eye sockets. You may have seen Liches before, and perhaps want to be one yourself. But how did a mere Player become one of the most legendary monsters in the game? Well… Thanks to the Strahd Curse, we have a logical way to understand this process. Check out our guide to how to become a lich 5EWarning: The following contains some spoilers for Chapter 13 of the adventure book The Curse of Strahd. If you want to avoid any and all revelations from the book, please don’t read on. Read: dnd how to become a lich

How to become a Lich 5e


First of all, the process is entirely based on GM approval. You cannot become a Lich in any way if your GM decides that you cannot. They may also have specific ways for you to become a Lich that go against Strahd’s interpretation. Talk to your GM to see if there are other ways to do so. Easy mode. It’s a 3 step program. The first one is the simplest of them all…

1. Become a humanoid of an evil link that can use level 9 Wizard magic.

See? Easy. Just be at level 17. Read more: Resilient & resilient love This also has a bit of GM approval planted in it. Can Cleric 16 / Wizard 1 use Level 9 Wizard spells? After all, they can use Burning Hands at level 9. Most GMs will probably specify that you need to be able to use level 9 Wizard spells, such as Wish and Meteor Swarm. Sometimes your GM might be interested in an evil calendar, rather than just a normal one.

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2. Create a Phylactery strong enough to hold the soul of the beneficiary

At level 17, this shouldn’t be too difficult to handle. According to the source, it took 10 days to do so. Afterward…

3. Concoct a Potion of Transformation to turn the Beneficiary into a Lich

Again, not difficult! That only took 3 days, can’t be done at the same time with Phylactery. And then, tada! You are Lich! .. Under the control of the DM, because your only goal in life is the pursuit of knowledge.Read more: how to make a door in roblox | Top Q & ACrud.

Alternative routes?

The problem with being a Lich is that Lichdom is inherently evil and involves the pursuit of mysterious knowledge. There’s really no way to be a non-evil Lich without the GM’s permission, as you’ll lose all your memories of being undead. Older versions allow the creation of Archlich. Archlich is similar to Lich, but is not evil, and finds knowledge of Lichdom through intense research, not demonic pacts. If your GM allows you to masquerade as an Archlich, then according to legend, you will control your body and allow infinite time to research. to get the form. Until then, you’re stuck with the Lich’s rotting form, which completely disappeared from the other gods. Katherine is sad, but you have made a covenant with your soul. Would you like to answer more questions? See our answer to “how long is a short break in 5E?” Read more: how to find out when a text was sent on Android

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