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How to join a faction in destiny 2? To join the Destiny 2 faction, just go to the tower. When you reach the tower, go to the leader of the faction and join. The question now is which side should you join.Many players, especially those who are new to Destiny, are asking the question: which faction should I choose? Good. that’s what this article is aiming to find out. In the end there will be no definite answer. I won’t say the best faction is “Death Orbits” but rather I will try to give you as much information about these factions as possible. Which faction will you choose based on the information. Check out how you can join all three. If you want to know more about the Destiny 2 story, check out my Destiny 2 story review. I heavily criticize the Destiny 2 story and how it can be just an average story.

The plot of the faces


Each faction is all about their lore and background. What weapons and armor are being offered by these faction vendors. How the awards work and how the best prizes are awarded. So you can capture that information and make the best choice for you. and this is what these factions talk about. How does each faction stand?

Death orbit

The members of Dead Orbit seek to escape the earth entirely to avoid the inevitable as they feel the darkness return. They seek salvation in the stars rather than the last city or earth. Dead Orbit emphasizes finding golden age technology in bunkers and shipyards etc to aid in this escape goal. however, it is an unspecified size. Dead Orbit may have a huge fleet waiting to cruise somewhere else. Judging from the events of Destiny 2. The idea of ​​just protecting tourists is clear that it is attracting some bad stuff and starting a new golden age on a completely different planet. At the location no one found humans.

Future War Cult

future war sectThis is a very interesting faction. During the Golden Age, they used some offensive technology and were able to design a device that allows you to see into the future. They discovered that the future is undefined. There is not a specific timeline that will happen, but instead, depending on what happens in the present, there are a number of different timelines that are likely to happen. This device allows you to view a variety of timelines. This is the origin of the Future War Cult, in fact, they see the device as something they can rebuild after the fall of the Golden Age. Rumor has it that this device is located somewhere in the tower which is currently a bit muddy with the Cabal invasion but in any case they consider the device essentially their God. crazy. However, the things that went out the other side and could explain what they saw were mostly war. Various futures in which darkness would return and I’m sure they saw the Cabal invasion as a possibility. So they think we have to prepare for future wars. All about preparing for armament training to be ready for future wars. They don’t see a future of escaping like that Dead Orbit in peace. they see a future of constant war.

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New Monarchy

new monad fate 2Read more: how to reset check lights on toyota prius This is a very interesting faction because it is almost a counterattack faction. It emerged from factional wars to be the driving force in trying to stabilize the city at last. The best way to explain the New Monarchy is to tell about the seven tenants of the new monarchies. here are seven goals they want to protect the walls of the last city number 1. To ensure the rights and freedoms of every famous citizen.2. In order to finance the science of saving the city, the ruins further to the golden age can be reborn.3. To support the Guardian’s orders by leading the city in technological innovations. To support the natural harmony of the city and actively discourage any group or individual from disrupting that harmony. To uphold all individuals and unions to the highest standards of productivity and sound conduct. Abolish consensus and transfer supremacy so that the rights and freedoms of all citizens are guaranteed to a single, invincible sovereign. They want this to be the Zavala of all. They realized that he was such a straight man that he was never going to go, scoundrel. He will lead the New Monarchy and the last city as this rightful ruler who has all the right morals and ideas and everything. The new monarchy is currently in chaos. They were in charge of the city, they were the defenders of the city and they really failed the Cabal invasion. So they’re quite frankly scrambling to rebuild at this point in Destiny 2. This is what you get if you pledge allegiance to a faction. What are the weapons and armor of the vendor this time.

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All Faction Armor:

Dead Orbit’s armor as you can see it is being sold or provided by Dead Orbit’s supplier for dead orbit upgrade. There is a different set of armor for each of the three different classes. looks the best on you. You can certainly do it if you like Read more: how to draw a garland step by step Remember that the colors you see are basically the colors of a certain faction. They will also come up with shaders that match these colors. If you like black armor then Dead Orbit is for you. If you like red then New Monarchy and if you like blue, yellow and red then Future War Cult. some faction.

Death orbit

I highly recommend checking vendor bonus weapons for each faction rally to see which weapons you want to stand out for me as follows. The Dead Orbit shotgun Gravity Slingshot. It has a big impact and can extend that range with better ballistics and field preparation allows you to carry more ammunition in reserve.

Future War Cult

The True Prophecy cannon has a perk known as a timed payload where the bullet will stick to the enemy and then explode afterwards. They also have the automatic rifle with 450 rounds per minute count, which is very good right now with the high impact reserve of the lower half magazine perk that deals more damage. They also get the Pleiades Corrector reconnaissance rifle which has very good stats on high caliber ammo and aggression.

New Monarchy

If you like high-damage high-altitude reconnaissance rifles, then you can’t look better than the Song of Justice VI. Plus, the Royal Dispensation II submachine gun has really good overall stats. It would be better to add perks. This thing looks pretty solid even though it clocks in at 900 rounds per minute. In every single faction rally, there will be a different weapon to acquire. So remember to go and check what weapons are being offered for each of the three different factions. Basically, whichever faction does the best overall in Destiny 2 in terms of the reputation it gains, that faction’s special prize weapon will be available for sale to anyone who buys it. and those who do not have will have to pay 50,000 times. Obviously, you’ll want to collect the most reputation for the faction with the highly rated weapon you’re most interested in as the other two won’t be for sale at, keep an eye on this event as Bungie release them. These prize weapons will vary from one faction rally to another, so be sure to check them out before deciding on your allegiance, or at least before deciding which character to play. the most that week. Here you have it! All the relevant information you need when deciding on a faction.

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Tricks to be in all factions

If you can’t decide which side to take, you should try this. I know it can be a tough decision when you want something from each faction. The only way I’ve found this to work is to join all 3 charterers with a different faction. You will have to analyze a bit more about the armor and choose which armor is given to suit your character. Let’s say you have a different class and not just all hunters. If you are, then this is just a simple choice for you. If you want to know more about the Destiny 2 story, check out my Destiny 2 story review.

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