Raven-Symone Talks ‘Empire’s’ Baby Mama Drama

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the 10th episode of Empire‘s first season, “Sins of the Father.”]After a few weeks talking about Olivia (Raven-Symone) and whether or not Jamal (Jussie Smollett) is actually the father of her adorable little girl, Empire has finally given the answer that so many people – including the cast themselves – have been waiting for.Leah Jeffries) dad. “I was the first to be like, ‘Jamal! Take a DNA test! ‘ [But] I think there’s a part of Jamal living in this world, ‘Can I do this?’ He and his family are attached to this beautiful girl. I think Jamal has a part where deep inside, he wants to believe that she’s his. Smollett told The Hollywood Reporter. boyfriend in scissors. Things get heated between the two men when Jamal realizes Reg (Jerod Haynes) hurt not only Olivia but Lola as well, and Reg pulled a gun on him – just for Lucious (Terrence Howard) to step up and claim Lola as his. a death by one shot will at least be faster than death by ALS. But despite that, the admission leaves everyone with a sour taste in their mouths as they realize how much Lucious has manipulated and taken advantage of Olivia over the years.Read more Fox Plots ‘Empire’ Season 2: Lee Daniels Courts Courts Oprah, Pushes for Less “Opacity” THR talk with Raven-Symone about her arc as Olivia in season one, the bigger implications behind her early years as Jamal’s beard, and if she’s in talks to return in season two.When Olivia was first introduced, there were some questions about when she returned to Lyons’ life and whether she was there to marry her. Are you worried about the audience’s reaction?I think with Empire as much drama as possible! So I was hoping that people would start saying, “Oh my gosh, is this real? Who is she?” I think people need to talk about the characters, and people need to talk about these issues.The story behind Jamal and Olivia’s marriage was originally in the pilot but was cut in time. Did you have access then to roleplay?Oh no. Like the day before filming needs to start [for episode six]! This was definitely a last minute thing that turned out to be a great opportunity for me and my career. I actually visited Chicago. Jussie and Lee [Daniels] and Taraji [P. Henson] and Terrence and I, we all know each other, and the day before that, Jussie walked into the room I was in and said, “Daughter!” and tell me about a part. And I was like, “What!?” And it started from there. I did a hair and makeup test, and the next morning I was on stage.You and Jussie have been friends for a long time, so what was the process of making history for these characters?We’ve never been in a romantic relationship, but we certainly, live in the methodical world of acting, acting as usual. (Laughs.) It’s natural and easy. I’m so glad he’s excited to work with me as much as I’m excited to work with him. We never really worked together. We did a bit of music together before he was on the show, but as my best friends, normally we would act like that when we were in a fun club. . “Let’s perform Grease; Let’s pretend we’re a couple and have fun on the dance floor! “He is my brother.Read more ‘Empire’s’ Jussie Smollett beats Jamal coming soonWho was the old Olivia that made Lucious think she was the perfect match for Jamal?We haven’t talked about it yet. I’ve passed the stage in my career [where I want to pitch who she has to be]. I used to do that a lot when I was about to start and try to make sure my unquoted brand was solidified, but now I leave it to Lee and Strong Danny and [showrunner] Ilene Chaiken. I trust where they want this character to go. They know me as a person, and I’ll get there. There are some limitations [to what I would do], but I don’t think they’ll push me to the point where I feel uncomfortable. I want them to bring it in!The story of faking Relationships to hide someone’s true gender happen more than we probably know, especially in Hollywood, but don’t show up on screen as often. How does it feel to discover something so profound but so little talked about?I think that’s what Lee Daniels does best: illuminate stories and situations where society sweeps across the rug. People can live long in heterosexual relationships on the outside when they are actually homosexual on the inside. They may show up later in their years because they are afraid or they have no one to look up to to help them, and I think having this program helps. It helps to show the fluency of sex. These days, I really don’t want to be labeled in a certain way, but I do want people to understand what I’m talking about. The sex is fluid, and Jamal and Olivia have made love once!But it was actually Lucious who manipulated them into an open marriage. Jamal is young and not ready to come out and try to please his father. What is Olivia’s motivation for continuing it?Fame and fortune and being part of a family like Lyons!However, when she returned, it was not payday. First she leaves Lola with Jamal to keep her safe, and then even in “Father’s Deadly Sins”, things are much more complicated when she is controlled by Reg.Olivia has returned to save her daughter. She won’t come back if her boyfriend can’t find her. You know, I hear a lot of different stories about doing the impossible to save their kids, and I don’t have kids, so I can’t fully embrace it, but I can certainly act like body I had. And that’s what I went through: “Let me think about how I would be in this situation.” And it also helps with my writing and the people around me; it just slipped off the tongue. She’s such a perfect character that I don’t have to do much because it’s right there. This is what she is doing, and what she is doing to save her daughter. And many people may not get away with certain situations, but I treated her like a strong person.Read more Boss ‘Empire’ Olivia’s Entrance Explained, Lucious’ Seasonal Walk, Triggers for AndreAnd let’s put it out there: calling the character Olivia has to be a nod to The Cosby Show. Can we pretend it’s the same character, all grown up?I think that’s a bit bad! (Laughs.) But hey, maybe the industry just really liked the name for me, and it kicked off my career, so I’ll take it!What’s the discussion about Olivia coming back in season two?Lee said that there will be an opportunity for Olivia to appear and let the story unfold more and more tense [to arise].Looks like Olivia and Jamal may have some business to deal with after learning who Lola’s father really is!I hope they do! If not, we’ll continue to do what we don’t want people to do, which is to keep our mouths shut about crazy stuff! I think we definitely have to show why Olivia and Jamal are connected, that might make Lucious want them to get married, and I’d love to be able to perform. [musically] with my best friend [too]. I don’t think it would be the Empire if they didn’t talk about it, but nothing concrete yet. Empire airs Wednesdays at 9pm on Fox. What do you think of Olivia’s story? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to bookmark the Live Feed page for a ton of Empire info ahead of the finale, and of course, weekly post-production.

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