destiny 2 how to get past level 20

Destiny 2 video how to pass level 20 This is the fastest way to get to level 20 in Destiny 2: Simply beat the story. You then unlock a new central area with one more main quest marked on the map. This is a very fast quest that requires you to talk to several NPCs in the central area. After completing it, you will automatically reach level 20! It doesn’t matter what level you were at before. Even if you are only level 15, it will immediately take you to level 20. Read: Fate 2 ways to pass level 20 This is the location of the post-story quest that takes you to level 20. You will reach the center. This new auto zone after the final boss, can’t miss. Read more: how to carry multiple grocery bagsOther upgrade tips:

  • Focus only on the quests in the story and ignore all other activities.
  • Don’t bother with enemies in missions. Run through them, they don’t give much XP. You earn XP much faster just completing missions. Sometimes you will have to fight enemies but you can bypass about 80% by running through them. The best gear is also from quest rewards (even exotics) and you can buy better ones from NPCs.
  • Playing in a team of 3 will be faster than playing solo.
  • Between the main missions you will have to level up (reach level 6/11/15 to reach new planets and missions). The fastest way to close the gap is to complete hero publicity events. They take 3-5 minutes each and give 30-40% on going to the next level with a chance to earn exotic gear. It’s a level every 15 minutes. In addition, you can also play adventures (side quests) marked on the map, they will give rewards when done well.
  • Crucible also gives XP! The more kills you make in PVP, the more XP you earn. It’s not the fastest way, but you can combine it with Shaxx’s Call to Arms quest, which also unlocks the gold cup and earns you important tokens to increase your reputation with him ( This quest is started from the Farm area by talking to Shaxx in the hangar).
  • Don’t waste time by over-optimizing your load. The game is really easy even with poor devices. Besides, your equipment will become obsolete when you reach level 20. Before that, farming anything would be ineffective.
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In short: only do story missions and hero public events, run through all enemies, ignoring all other activities. Once the story is complete, you’ll get a quest that takes you to level 20 instantly. Level 20 learning in Destiny 2 takes about 10 hours on the first attempt. It can be made faster with the second and third character. Level 20 is the highest level. Then you can only become stronger by increasing your power level. The power level is increased by installing better equipment.

Increase power level (after level 20)

Read more: how to hang a wreath around the door After reaching level 20, the only stat that matters is your power level. You need to equip two pieces of exotic gear (yellow) and all other slots have to be legendary (purple). At power level 210 you will still see levels 16-17 drop. As your power level increases to 250 or higher, you will see level 20 items drop more often. With each improved gear section, you will gradually increase the power level little by little. Always equip the pieces with the highest power value to ensure better items can drop. They have a good chance of dropping an exotic or legendary device. You also get chests from each event with tokens. The tokens can be deposited at the provider of the respective region to increase the reputation with them. When the reputation bar reaches its maximum, you earn a legendary engram (purple) from the vendor. At power level 230 you have access to Nightfall Strikes, which also have a good chance to drop better gear. Plus, do weekly flash points for legendary item rewards. Let us know in the comments below.Read more: borderlands 2 quick solo level up | Top Q&A

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