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Cat Quest is an engaging and endearing action RPG that stars a Dragonblood cat on a quest to save his trapped sister. Along the way, he’ll help out a few cat farmers, kill a few monsters, and collect tons of loot. many ruins and caves along your trip. Stepping to these chests results in a large red key symbol appearing on them and they cannot be opened. to unlock them. Once you have this key, going to one of these chests will bring up the same magnifying glass icon and tap-to-open option of any other chest in the game without any requirement. any other. It will be necessary to reach a specific point in the main plot and then complete an additional side quest. We’ve outlined the steps below: there are minor revisions to the main story, but most players at level 25 and up will probably be at this point or beyond. To the city of PawtThe first thing you need to do is reach the Pawt City questline and complete the main story sequence there. If you have passed this point, please proceed to the next section in bold below. Otherwise, this quest opens after you defeat Drakoth’s second dragon: you’ll be informed that fighting the next dragon will require the ability to walk on water and someone in the City Pawt may have this knowledge. Pawt City’s first mission— “I. Path to Water Walking — is level 20. The last quest in this path— ”IV. The Miracle”—to level 27. Once you’ve completed all four of these quests and learned the ability to walk underwater, you’re ready for the next step. Read more: How to get money from a netspend account without a card be sure to do in part IV of the quest before moving on to the step below. You will learn to walk on water mid-mission and then be able to freely run around while the mission is still active. Submit it to the governor on the dock so you have no active side quests. CatQuest GoldenTreasureChestGuide FoundersIslandTo the islandOnce you are able to walk on water you can access the side quest that will give you the master key. This can be done at any time after the underwater walk mission, but it’s best done immediately so you have access to the golden treasure chests as early in the game as possible. Shipwreck off Felingard. If you go to Catpital (where the King lives) and head southwest, you’ll soon find the small village of Mewtown. Keep going southwest and you’ll reach the wreck. (If you research the wreck, it will mention “a strange island very far south from here…” although you don’t need to see this notice to continue.) From the wreck, go straight. South. You’ll be out in the water with nothing nearby for a few seconds, but after about 14 steps you’ll reach an island. (Zooming in on the map at the wreck will only show you the extreme part of the island so you know its distance.) This is Founders’ Island, and it has a small village called Gentle Town. If you talk to the townsfolk here, you’ll see that they are the embodiment of the developers’ cat, The Gentlebros. CatQuest GoldenTreasureChestGuide GentleCatGold KeyOn the east side of the island is a quest board with a single quest on it: the “Golden Key”. Accept this quest and talk to the Gentlecat quest giver. He will take you to an unmarked cave on the southwest side of Founder’s Island.Read more: How to Backsweeten Mead and Cider | Top Q&A for caves, but be prepared for extremely powerful enemies inside. There are five mimic chests waiting: three that roam in the center of the small cave, and two that close near the chests on either side. These mimics deal 999 damage with a single hit regardless of your level or armor, so you’ll have to be extra cautious and dodge their attacks to avoid instant death . You will have to defeat all five imitators to complete the mission. (Note: there can be only four people in the cave. As long as you kill everyone present — get the message “Cleaned up” the cave — you should complete the quest.) We recommend that you practice. centered on three people in the center at First. The guys on the edge won’t chase you unless you get too close to them, so stay close to the center and try to lead one chest towards the entrance to get it out of the other two. Also, if all three are grouped, focus on casting spells to damage them all from a safe distance. Freezepaw is a useful skill for this battle as it slows down the mimic’s movement and their attack speed. When frozen, it takes much longer for the red attack circle to fill up, giving you a chance to hit them a few times and get out before they attack. If you haven’t picked up Freezepaw, you can buy Freezepaw from the Arcane Temple on the peninsula just northeast of Pawt City. CatQuest GoldenTreasureChestGuide GoldenKeyMimicCaveRemoved the two smaller center mocks first because the gold emulation has more health and moves faster: removing the two smaller mimics will give you more breathing space to focus on the larger model . Once the three people in the center are brought out, lead each of the remaining clones near the treasure chests towards the center and deal with them in the same way. The fight will take quite a while. The imitators have a decent amount of health, so you’ll just need to keep attacking it bit by bit and dodging to stay alive. Diving is the most important part of this fight due to the one-off attack potential of the monster chests. dungeon. If you’ve encountered any locked chests before, be sure to re-enter those dungeons to open them. They contain unique and often more powerful armor and weapons that you won’t find in smaller chests. Want more? Check out our growing collection of Cat Quest articles! 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