Dauntless Repeaters – How to Unlock and Upgrade Ostian Repeaters in Dauntless

At the start of Dauntless, you will have chains, axes, swords, hammers, and nails available. But what about the Ostian Repeater weapon? In ours Dauntless repeater guide, we will guide you how to unlock repeater in Dauntless as a weapon option, as they are not immediately presented to you at the start of the game.

Unlock Dauntless Repeaters


Right from the beginning of Dauntless, after doing your introductory hunt, you’ll find yourself in Ramsgate city. This is the central area of ​​Dauntless, where you will earn and perform new quests. First, visit Katerin Sorrel. She’s right in front of you when you join Ramsgate after any quest, and is directly to the left of the Hunt Board. Katerin will give you a quest, which basically involves going and meeting all the other NPCs in Ramsgate.Katerin Sorrel. | Hirun Cryer / USG, Phoenix Labs Each NPC in the central area has a focus. There is a blacksmith that makes weapons, an armor supplier, etc. All of these NPCs will give you a specific, introductory quest that you need to perform. You can keep tabs on your Tasks by pressing the pause button on the controller and scrolling to the ‘Tasks’ tab. Once you’ve done a very simple quest for each NPC in Ramsgate, return to Katerin. Now she will give you a new mission, but what you really want to do after visiting Katerin is go visit Janek Zai. This NPC is located behind and to the left of Katerin’s position.janek zai npx 1Janek Zai here. | Hirun Cryer / USG, Phoenix Labs After talking to Zai, he will automatically give you the first Ostian Repeater in Dauntless. The repeater works differently from other weapons in Dauntless, as there is only one version of it in the game. Instead of upgrading weapons, you can mix and match parts of your repeater for new abilities and stats. Just below we have listed all the upgradeable parts of the Ostian Repeater.

  • Barrel – The repeater’s crate determines your attack factor.
  • Chambers – The chambers of a repeater change your single Skill ability.
  • Grip – The grip on the repeater sets your throw.
  • Prism – The prism that you assign to the repeater creates a passive reward for you.
  • Mods – Like every weapon in Dauntless, you can assign mods to your repeater to improve accuracy, firepower, movement speed, and more.
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ostian repeats 2A standard Ostian repeater. | Hirun Cryer / USG, Phoenix Labs

Oil-free repeater barrel

In the table below you can find a list of all the crates we have encountered. These crates will largely determine not only your overall firepower but also your elemental abilities. BarrelAttack PowerElement PowerStandard Barrel28NoneBlaze Barrel2880 BlazeFrost Barrel2880 Frost Barrel2880 ShockTwilight Barrel2880 UmbralDawnstar Barrel2880 RadiantSylvan Barrel2880 Terra

Oil-free repeater faucet

The table below shows a complete summary of all the bays you can find for the Ostian Repeater in Dauntless. These three compartments all give you different Skill abilities, invaluable in the battlefield. ChamberAttack PowerCooldown TimeSkillshot AbilitySalvo Chamber2815s Creates a rocket that explodes, dealing 400 damageMarksman Chamber2820sPlays a single shot in a line, dealing 250 damage (Behemoth partially hit deals 40% more damage over 10 seconds) Full-Bore Chamber2815sFire through , deals damage including falling

Oil-free repeater handle

Grips in Dauntless give your Ostian Repeater a unique Throw ability. While there are only two grips for repeaters in Dauntless, both give you some pretty powerful abilities. GripAttack Power Cooldown Increases Captain’s Grip by 2810 seconds Activates spells, increasing damage and attack speed by 15% for 12 seconds

Dauntless Repeater Prisms

There are a fair number of Prisms you can get for repeaters in Dauntless. Each, as the table shows below, gives you an ability that can truly change the battle against the Behemoth. PrismAtack PowerPassive BonusEclipse Prism16 Hot damage has a chance to generate Shadow Orbs, increasing damage dealt by 2.5% for 5 seconds Consecutively dealing 250 damage BlazeSnowdrift Prism16L Last 4 shots in your magazine you make a Frost Sprite that deals 50 damage plus Frost damage to your next attackGlacial Prism16Evading drops three ice mines (on 30s cooldown)

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