bravely default how to delete save

Here’s a guide to clearing your saved data in Bravely Default II.

Manage Default Save 2 Bravely


Strong Defaults 2 Offers 9 Save Slots

Bravely-Default-2-Nine-Save-Slots.gifWhenever you save your game, Bravely Default II offers 9 different save slots that you can save to. There is also an AutoSave slot that the game uses when saving the game periodically for you. But you can use any of these 9 slots for your play.

Overwrite Save file

Bravely Default 2 How to clear Save data topqa.infoWhen selecting a save slot that already contains another save file, the game will warn you with a warning that overwriting that save slot will erase the recorded progress on that file so far. This can be one of the ways for you to set up a new file. save files may have different progress than your other save files.

There is no in-game option to delete the save file

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete the game files from the game itself. We recommend using new save slots or overwriting other slots if you want a new level. Read more: how to fix sun-faded laminate floors One alternative we can recommend is to delete the game’s data from your Nintendo Switch. However, keep in mind that this method will delete all of your Bravely Default 2 save files, not just one. If you are determined to do so, you can follow the instructions below.

How to delete saved data

Steps to delete saved data

1 Go to Home Screen Switch to Home Screen 2 Select System Settings 3 Go to Data Management 4 Select Delete Save Data 5 Select Default Bravely II 6 Select the profile you will delete save data 1. Go to the Switch Home screen First, press the Home button on the Switch to go to the Home screen. The Home button is a small round button located below the right joystick. Select System SettingsHow to clear Default 2 Save file Bravely - systemFrom the Home screen, find the Settings Icon from the bottom right of the screen. Go to Data ManagementHow to remove strong defaults 2 Save files - Data topqa.infoFrom Settings, scroll down on the left column until you find Data Management, then select it. Select Clear Save DataHow to delete Bravely Default 2 Save file - Delete Save topqa.infoAfter selecting Data Management, scroll down to the right hand column. Find Clear Save data from the bottom of this list. Choose Bravely Default IIHow to delete Bravely Default 2 Save files - Choose Bravely Default II.pngAfter selecting Clear Save Data, select BRAVELY DEFAULT II from the list of games. Select the profile you will delete to save data Read more: How to reheat tso chicken in generalHow to remove Bravely Default 2 Save files - Choose topqa.infoFind the profile you want to delete data for and select “Clear Save data for that profile to delete that user’s saved data for Bravely Default II.How to delete default save file 2 Bravely - Final topqa.infoKeep in mind that this will delete all of that user’s game save data. Be careful when using this approach.

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Game Mechanics Guide

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Game Mechanics Guide

Game Partial Mechanics topqa.infoGame Mechanics Read more: How to dress up like a boy Frat Game Mechanics What is the work system? Brave and default system game Difficulty How to delete your save file Boat Discovery Guide –

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