A New Pad in Nashville for Country Singer Kellie Pickler

BUYER: Kellie Pickler LOCATION: Nashville, TNPRICE: $1,435,000 Area: 4,865 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms also has a new nest in Nashville, TN. Many kids will recall that Little Miss Pickler, who looked as rustic as cornbread, came in at #6 on the 5th season of American Idol. That’s about two seasons after Your Mama stopped watching all those talented but tedious singers mutilating Joanie Mitchell and Elton John songs, so what we know little about Little Miss Pickler comes mostly from what we’ve read in gossip and dig deep It seems Little Miss Pickler has undergone a transformation since her appearance on American Idol, when she appeared on stage as a Sweet and uncomplicated young girl with a nonchalant attitude who mispronounces words and who. -by most accounts- comes out as a lovely but almost illiterate piece of country land. She’s Ellie May Clampett in a glamorous pair of heels and makeup. Since then, with the encouragement of Carrie Underwood, her American Idol bandmate, and much of the beef industry’s boredom, she’s gone vegan, dated Kid Rock, and put on makeup. her looks with nice clothes and enough (supposedly) plastic surgery that she looks like your mom more like Tanya Tucker than the spiky-toothed striped she used to appear when first appeared on boob-toob. Read more: Home is where I want to be. maybe for all of us, fitting for all sorts of liberal elitist types, your mom is the type to suspect that the hill country hottie is quite as weak-minded as she sometimes is. he appeared. (Remember that surprise appearance on Are Your Smarter Than a 5th Grader when the LMP said she’d never heard of Budapest and didn’t think France was a country but thought Europe wasn’t?) Giggling hair means you’re on your own in thrift store shoes, get through a seriously messy home life, seduce Simon Cowell’s pants, set a gold record and buy a house home worth $1,435,000 when you were 24 years old. We should all be that stupid, right? As far as Your Mama knows, Little Miss Picker is laughing her country ass all the way to the bank and good for her. Besides, whatever you might think of her, she, my dear ones, is the epitome of at least one kind of American dream. Pickler closed on a newly built home in Nashville’s upscale Green Hills neighborhood for which she’s raised more than $1,435,000. Little Miss Pickler’s new digs are set in what appears to be a neighborhood of mostly humble rancher farms, and brick front caps are, one by one, replaced by cars. Loading room, it impresses with its stylish guest driveway and SUV-sized facing garage. The listing states that the two contemporaries of Little Miss Pickler are located on a 46-acre tree-lined, 4,865-square-foot property that has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 stables including the master bedroom on the first floor. one with parquet floors, a wooden beamed ceiling with the most beautiful wooden beams we have ever seen, a beige tiled tile and granite pooper with double vanities, a large soaking tub, a room spacious room and a spacious walk-in closet where she can store all her red high heels. is accessed via a winding road from the parking lot to a small covered porch. The tall, narrow front door opens to the entrance hall, where hardwood floors are paved at a 45-degree angle to the wall. This angular effect is all well and good except that the hardwood floors in the dining room and the “big room” area are not placed in the same corner. We’re sure this is done to visually distinguish the foyer from the living space, but it just makes your Mom feel like the floor everyone’s confused about. In our humble and no-nonsense opinion, what could be a lot more efficient would be to line all the wood in the same direction and lower the dining room and “great room” areas by a few steps. : Wormspore | Q&AT: The “great room” space includes a “formal” dining area, located at the front of the house with a wood-lined vaulted ceiling, a double-ceilinged living area, and a fireplace. Two stories high stone fireplace between the bookshelf and the kitchen. In Your Mama’s humble and no-nonsense opinion, the floorpers made another mistake by not extending the hardwood floor in the “great room” into the kitchen. Instead, we get this harsh and distracting transition from wood to anything beige on the floor. The kitchen, while the suburban home is too far away for our particularly fussy taste, is well equipped with lots of Viking brand appliances, sand-colored granite countertops and cherry wood cabinets. The second floor can be reached by stairs or-for the lazy and other with an elevator. In addition to the 3 family/guest bedrooms that each have their own fish house, the second floor also features a work/office area overlooking the “great room.” Little Miss Pickler’s new pad also features a huge Blu-Ray-equipped media room with sand-colored carpet, a widescreen, wet bar and a pair of ceiling fans. Ceiling fans. Uhm, no. Your mom thinks it would use the skillful and skilled hands of a very good gay decorator to transform that media room into a space that looks like it used to be a garage because as far as we know, it looks like a converted garage. At the back of the “wonderful room” wooden-framed sliding doors open to a large screen porch with slate and stone floors, raised ceilings with wooden beams and panelling, and a fireplace that resembles a fireplace. heating. in the “wonderful room.” Rebuilders make the mistake of choosing a two-tone floor instead of just one of the materials. The porch opens onto a small terrace with a built-in barbecue center located a few steps up from the pool area, surrounded by mature shade trees that will most and if she so desire, provide for Little Miss Pickler needed the privacy she needed to dry her cakes and bake her bare coats in the sun without causing a fuss in the neighborhood. nothing else, we like something about her and her seemingly innocent country ways. We wish her a happy new home but hope she does something about the multitude of floor problems in her new home. Read more: Assassin’s creed valhalla where to find nickel bars

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