A Guide to Cheap & Free Wood

Winter is here, which means it’s time to dress up in your most luxurious winter clothes, brew a steaming cup of hot cocoa and sit by the flickering fire. But, oh, no! You forgot to buy firewood! No need to say goodbye to cozy winter dreams or your hard earned money. In this guide you will learn where to get cheap or free firewood.

Where to find free firewood


No need to watch your money go up in smoke! There are many places where you can get firewood for free.

Check out construction sites

When looking for free firewood, it’s best to think of businesses that have a lot of extra wood that they have nothing to do with, such as construction companies. out of trees, they clean up for projects. They’re rolling in a pile of wood that they can’t use. .

Cleaning up after the storm

A boy stands on a tree cut down after a hurricane in FloridaWaking up on a road full of branches, leaves, and even fallen tree trunks can be intimidating, but you can also take advantage of all the free firewood that a severe storm has to offer. Of course, to take advantage of this free firewood, you will likely need some power tools and a large vehicle. while getting some firewood for myself.

Free tree pruning

Similar to cleaning up after a hurricane, by offering your landlord a free service like tree trimming, you can help them while collecting free firewood for yourself. The premier Q&AOf course, this option also requires the expertise and equipment to prune trees again, but if you have both, you can do it too. To start, drive around looking for trees that look like they need to be pruned, then ask permission. Contact them to ask if they have free or cheap firewood, if they can afford it.

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Using wooden pallets

I feel like I always see outdoor signs or online posts about free wooden pallets. The bargain hunter in me still wanted to lure people in on offers, but I never figured out how to use wooden pallets. One use is firewood. Transport pallets make great firewood, especially for campfires. The only caveat is that you should be wary of burning pallets that have lots of nails, screws or pins on them and you should make sure that the pallet you’re burning is safe to burn. If a pallet is marked “MB”, it means it has been treated with methyl bromide and is not safe to burn.Where to buy firewood pallets?

Where to get cheap firewood

If you can’t find free firewood, look for the next best thing: cheap firewood. These options will provide you with easy-to-find firewood that isn’t too expensive.

Search on local websites

where to buy high firewoodCheck out Craigslist, The Freecycle Network and Facebook Marketplace to see if people are giving away free or cheap firewood. You can start by searching for “Free Firewood” and then looking for “Cheap Firewood”. If you can’t find any posts that offer free or cheap firewood, post your own “looking for” ad. People may have firewood to dispose of that they just haven’t thought of listing!

Apply for a license to burn firewood

Contact your local authority about obtaining a permit to cut trees on public land. Normally, a firewood permit costs around $20, which is well worth it as the wood you cut with your permit can last all winter. Usually, it’s limited to trees that need to be cut down, trees that are dead or that have been felled, but depending on where you live, that should still be more than enough wood.

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Check out your local sawmill

Read more: Melbourne’s most livable suburbs in 2020, which can make great firewood. Contact the mill to ask if they have any wood for sale. Even if they don’t advertise it, they still can.

Get green firewood

Buying green firewood is a great, easy way to get cheap firewood – but you have to plan. You can usually buy green firewood at a reduced price. It’s pre-mixed so once you buy it, you’ll have to leave it in a dry place for up to a year in order for it to be in season. , it might be worth it to you.

If no cheap or free firewood options appeal to you, consider buying firewood from these places. While they’re not exactly cheap, you’ll know that the wood you’re buying is quality and will burn out quickly.


Check your local Lowe’s for some relatively affordable firewood options. They have firewood from brands like TimberTote, Bundle of Warmth, and FireMaster. Not only do they sell firewood in small sizes and in bulk, but they also have smart sticks and lighters so they can be your one-stop-shop for fires this season.

Home Depot

One of the best things about Home Depot’s firewood selection is that they give you a wide selection of quality. You can buy from industry leading brands like Duraflame, Fat Wood and Pure Garden. However, unlike Lowes, they lack bulk firewood options.


You can really buy anything on Amazon! Although their selection of firewood is not particularly extensive and the firewood they carry is expensive, there is something to be said for that you can easily put firewood on your doorstep.

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No need to burn all your money on firewood! You can buy cheap, free and quality firewood from these incredible places, or even consider alternatives like electric fireplaces. I hope you found this guide helpful! If you did, please share it and comment below with your questions and firewood.Read more: fools plunge into the place of fear of angels to tread on meaning | Top Q&A

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