6 Best Places to Sell Used Printer

The truth is, technology has a shelf life. Model units come and go. It is important to stay up to date with new models available in the market. A major dilemma involves dealing with the old unit. What will you do with the old model other than throw it away? Next to mobile phones, printers are one of those technologies that require an upgrade. What do you do with a good old printer? Perhaps selling or disposing of the printer are the top things that come to mind. The best option is to make decent money from it. There are 6 places that can turn your printer into cash. Before revealing them, there are tips to keep in mind.

Tips before selling your printer


Before taking off, remember to prepare everything starting from the box, the actual printer to the included accessories. Check if the printer is working. No one wants to take the machine if it’s broken or has missing parts. You can also get an optimal price if the basics are complete like the power cord and ink cartridges. Try printing a page to see if it works properly. In case you are going to transport the machine, you need to find out its weight. The original box or Google may provide this information. Skip this step if you plan to use the Jack Printer as they will provide a weight and will provide a free shipping label if you choose their service.

Where can I sell my printer?

There are two options where you can sell printers – online and local. There are pros and cons to choosing between the two. The main difference of these two will be in the timeframe and amount you will get from your old printer. The best option is online, especially if you’re not in a hurry. This is better because you will get more money than exchanging it locally.

1. Printer Jack – (https://printers-jack.com)

Time frame – 2 days after the printer Jack received the printer Advantages – Fast service, free shipping, high appraisal for printers, get used or damaged printers Defect – Printer pick up service only at ManhattanPrinters Jack is the best company for people who want to sell printers. They offer the highest prices whether it’s new, used or damaged. The service is user-friendly and has a number of benefits over other sites offering the same service. Printers Jack offers free shipping labels, and you can get paid within two days of your printer arriving at their office. For those who live in Manhattan, get paid same day. Printers Jack has a referral system where you can get paid to invite people to buy their services. Printer Jack has a three-step system – Get an estimate, deliver your printer and get paid!

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2. Classified Ads – Craigslist or BackPage

Time frame – 1 to 2 weeks Advantages – Not available Defect – Dealing with strangers can be dangerous Craigslist and Backpage are similar sites that provide a platform where you can post anything you want to buy or sell. People in your local area will see the posted ad. You have the option of listing your used printer on their electronic or computer section. All you need is a description and photo then you can post your ad. Note that when you list something on Craigslist, it takes a while to get a response. There is waiting time and uncertainty. One big downside is dealing with strangers. Sometimes you may encounter fraudulent buyers. Also, the prices of these sites are very competitive and you need to post a lower price to get the offer. Read more: How to say “Where” in Italian. Never lose (in translation) Again!

3. Online Auctions – eBay or Bonanza

Time frame – 2 to 3 weeks Advantages – Receive notifications for sold items Defect – Hard to get a printer’s value because the lowest bidder gets the item at their bid. Sell your printer in an auction as simple as put and forget. After creating an account, you need to submit the same listing as in the classifieds. The difference is that there is no need to spend time tracking your email to get a sale. After your printer is auctioned, all you have to do is wait for people to bid on it. Just like classified ads, there is no definite answer that anyone will bid on your printer or even buy it.ebayTime frame – About a month Advantages – Safer than Craigslist because of profile identification Defect – Give a certain percentage to the person who helped you Believe it or not, you can sell things on social media sites like Facebook or Google+. With this option, you’ll still face the hassle of waiting for someone to reply to your ad, but it’s safer than Craigslist. The top three social media sites where you can sell anything are Facebook, Snapchat, and Kik. For Facebook, you will have to search for “Buy and Sell” groups near you. You may be able to find some out of your state, which means it will cost you more to ship the printer. After joining the group, you can advertise your printer or ask the community to sell it to you. As for Snapchat, it will act like a viral video. Start by adding your local sellers and send them a snapshot of your printer. They will take your video and show it to all their followers in the hope that someone wants to buy it. The same goes for Kik but instead of a video it uses the relevant Kik number until they find a seller and you figure out a deal from there. Read more: Where do I get the box of poffin.social network-1806995_1280

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5. Trade in programs

Time frame – About 1 week Advantages – They offer free shipping. Defect – They only take new printers and you can only get gift cards Sites like BestBuy and Amazon Instant Sales give you the option of trading in electronics for gift cards. You must ensure that your printer is eligible to be traded. Nationwide companies like this take only products that are still in circulation and in near-perfect condition. So if your printer is old or looks worn out, they won’t take it. You will send it to their warehouse and will send you an e-gift card to your email.Screen Shot 2017 01 13 at 2.52.09

6. Pawn shops

Time frame – 1 day Advantages – Sell printers and receive money the same day Defect – Most pawn shops won’t accept printers and sometimes they pay the least. All you have to do is ‘Google’ pawn shops to get a list of pawn shops near you. The hard part is finding one that accepts the printer. Pawn shops keep only trending items in stock or items that people specifically request. The way pawn shops work involves appraising the product and then lowering the price even further. The reason for this is that they will wait for it to sell. This option is only for those who are in a hurry and want to do the same day. Of course, doing it online offers the fastest way to make money. Printers Jack is popular if you’re trying to get rid of your printer because it offers free shipping and offers you a quote. This is advantageous compared to setting your own prices and waiting for others to buy them for months.dollars-1362244_1280Read more: Where to broadcast the mad march

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