365 Reasons Why I Love You List

The ultimate list of 365 reasons why I love you because love is that powerful and it deserves to be celebrated with the right words.While I was planning our anniversary, hundreds of gift ideas ran through my head.Reading: 365 reasons why i love you listI knew I wanted to give my partner something special that they can hold on to forever but I couldn’t think of anything worthy of this glorious date.Then it hit me—what could be more valuable than me putting my emotions for my loved one into words? Below you’ll find the list of 365 reasons why I love you, one for each day of our relationship.

What Are The Reasons You Love Someone?


Even though love cannot be explained with words, some of the biggest reasons why we love someone is because of the way they make us feel.When I was making this list, hundreds of reasons why I love him were running through my head, and here are some of them:

  • I’ve realized that I’m a sucker for his great sense of humor.
  • I love the fact that we have tons of inside jokes (that nobody else understands).
  • I also love the fact that I can be myself with him (including all my weirdness that comes with the package).
  • In a nutshell, I love him because he brings out the best in me.

My love for him is growing every second, every hour, and every day of my life. If I had to come up with 100 reasons why I love you in 2 minutes, I think I’d be able to do it because I’m literally crazy. I’m crazy for him!If you feel the same way about your loved one, then we understand each other.

What Should I Write For Why I Love You?

Beautiful girl wearing blue dress sitting on manWhen writing reasons why you love someone, focus on the value they bring into your life and how they make you feel. Focus on worshipping their personality, their cute habits, their mindset, and their unique way of loving you.The list of reasons why I love you is a perfect gift for every occasion because you can DIY, it’s romantic and it’s a keepsake.If you’re looking for inspiration to write your own list of reasons why you love your special one, you have my full support!Below you’ll find enough material to inspire you to do so. (Or you can simply “steal” a few lines, I won’t mind).I’ll use this opportunity to write a special note to my loved one:Darling, if you’re reading this, it’s my anniversary gift for you: A list of 365 reasons why I love you and always will—one for each day of our relationship.

365 Reasons Why I Love You List: I love you because…

Couple sitting on wooden bench during daytime1. You take care of my needs and put them in front of your own.2. Every time you look at me, you do so like you’re seeing me for the first time ever.3. You can never be happy unless you make sure I feel the same way.4. You consult me regarding important life decisions.5. Neither of us is flawless but we are perfectly imperfect for each other.6. You let me win every time we play a game together, even when I suck at it.7. After all these years that you and me have spent together, you still succeed at reminding me what butterflies feel like.8. Even when you get mad, you’re careful about not hurting my feelings.9. You’re everything I’ve always wanted in a bae.10. You’re genuinely a good person—not just a good romantic partner.11. You’re not intimidated by me and you don’t try intimidating me.12. Your kiss is the sweetest thing in the world.13. You were so excited before our first date.14. You make our every memory worth remembering.15. You accept my past as a part of who I am and you don’t judge me for the choices I made before I met you.16. You have an incredible ability to handle my anger and sadness.17. You make my heart smile.18. You say, “I love you,” in the cutest way ever.19. You’re not too proud to say, “I’m sorry,” and you put me in front of your ego.20. We have a deep bond and our intimacy is incredibly strong.Man holding happy red hair woman in the forest during daytime21. You try to make up with me every time we argue.22. We take long baths.23. You know my deepest secrets, darkest thoughts and wildest dreams.24. You fix me and everyone around you.25. You make an attempt to love the things I love.26. Your deeds match your words.27. You cuddle me when I wake up in the middle of the night.28. You’re ready to compromise and to meet me halfway in every possible situation.29. You always ask about my day.30. You know when it’s the right moment to say I love you.31. Nobody smells as good as you do.32. You love me primarily because of my soul and personality.33. You respond to my texts right away.34. You never make me wait.35. You never fail my expectations.36. You make my name sound like the most beautiful melody in the world when it comes from your mouth.37. You respect your parents and I know you’ll treat mine the same.38. You act interested even when I’m boring as hell.39. We have meaningful conversations—not just small talk.40. You never lose your temper at me.Portrait of young man kissing young woman41. You can’t help yourself but declare your love in the cutest ways possible when you’re drunk.42. You have strong moral values.43. You listen to my favorite songs.44. You’re the only one who never gave up on me.45. You laugh at all the stupid things I do.46. You make me stay faithful and never wish for another person besides you to be by my side.47. You’re there to catch me whenever I fall.48. Even our fights are productive.49. You are thoughtful, loving and caring.50. You respect my privacy.51. Next to you, every day is Valentine’s Day.52. You have the sexiest voice and I love it when we talk on the phone.53. We want the same things from life and have the same plans for the future.54. You believe in me even when I lose faith in myself.55. You take me to see my favorite football team play.56. You’re strong whenever I’m weak.57. You make me feel special and unique.58. You’re the sweetest person I ever met.59. You know when it’s time to be tough and when I need you to be gentle.60. You still use your cheesy pickup lines when we talk, just to see my smile.Man holding woman in blurry backgroung61. You always get me and try hard to understand me.62. You don’t put me down.63. You have never made me question our relationship or your intentions with me.64. You appear to be an introvert but you get all wild when you’re around me.65. You protect me from everyone, even if that includes myself.66. You don’t try to hide who you really are.67. You have never deceived me into thinking that you’re a better person than you actually are.68. You watch my baseball team play even though you couldn’t care less about sports.69. You listen to me sing, even though I’m awful at it.70. You don’t care how I look and love me the same in my pajamas and in my fancy outfits.71. You’re there for me in sickness and health.72. You hug me in your sleep, without even being aware of it.73. You’re my missing part of the puzzle.74. You taught me that true love doesn’t have an expiration date.75. No one had ever stuck with me for so long before you came along.76. You’re the first person who showed me what true love is all about.77. You worry whether I’ve gotten home safe and you’re always up until I get home.78. You use every opportunity you get to touch me.79. You never judge me, even if I’m to blame.80. I’m the first person you call when you have some good news to share.81. You’re a hopeless romantic and you make every anniversary and Valentine’s Day special.82. You made me realize why it never worked out with anyone before you.83. You do me small favors and run errands for me.84. You healed my broken heart.85. Each one of these 365 reasons why I love you and the things I love about you were so easy to list.86. You helped me regain my faith in people.87. You respect my personal boundaries.88. You give me enough space and time for myself.89. You inspire me to improve and to become a better person.90. You taught me to enjoy each breath I take.Woman holding man and forming herat shape with his heands near the sea during daytime91. You find a way to cope with me even when I’m nervous.92. You made me forget all of my exes.93. Ever since I’ve been with you, I have felt like I’m loving someone for the first time ever.94. You know all my tickle spots.95. Waking up next to you feels like I’m waking up on clouds.96. You rub my back.97. You’re faithful and you would never cheat on me.98. You make me feel like I’m the only woman/man in the world.99. You respect me and my choices.100. You make me calm when no one else can.101. You love kids and want to have children with me.102. You tell me you love me a million times a day and it still feels like the first time hearing it.103. You have the ability to read my mind just by looking at me.104. You always come up with amazing vacation destinations and road trips.105. You make me laugh and tease me all the time.106. You put me back together.107. I enjoy the way my sheets smell of you when you leave my bed.108. You’re serious about us.109. You’re ready to stay up all night and talk to me when I can’t sleep, even if you have to get up early.110. You have never taken me for granted.111. You know my phone number by heart.112. You never try to tell me what to do but you’re always there to give me a piece of advice, when I need some.Read more: if he likes me why did he block me | Top Q&A113. You turn me on.114. You introduced me to your best friends and family.115. You told your friends and family all the best things about me.116. You love me the same at my best and at my worst.117. I have absolutely no control over myself when I’m around you.118. You always forgive me when I do something wrong.119. I’m not myself without you next to me.120. You meant it when you told me that you were never going anywhere.Black and white closeup photo of couple laughing121. You let me be independent.122. There are more than 365 reasons why I love you.123. You’re the most charming person I’ve ever met.124. Time flies when I’m with you.125. You’re so lovable.126. You rub my feet.127. You use every opportunity to compliment me.128. You’re decisive.129. You’re firm but gentle at the same time.130. You get all excited around the holidays like you’re a little kid.131. You dance with me, even though you hate dancing.132. I know I couldn’t live without you.133. You made my reality better than any fairytale.134. You know when I need you to sit next to me, without saying a single word.135. You’re not embarrassed for us to have matching outfits.136. You remember everything about me, even the little things I told you about ages ago.137. You take care of all living creatures.138. You love animals so much.139. You and I are a perfect match for each other.140. You call me by all those cute names.141. Even when I’m next to you, I can’t help but think about you.142. You’re ready to move mountains for my sake.143. You complete me.144. When you’re not around, it seems like a part of me is missing.145. You don’t try to tame my wildness.146. You don’t make me question your loyalty.147. You buy me stuffed animals.148. You share all of your secrets with me.149. Your friends have become mine as well.150. You always make an effort to look your best for me.Happy man caring happy woman on his back outdoors151. You broke the walls around my heart.152. Your love feels like home.153. You’re my safe haven and my anchor.154. My hand fits perfectly into yours.155. You are incredibly patient with me.156. You never fail to surprise me.157. You chase all of my fears away.158. Everyone is jealous of the love story we have.159. You give me your undivided attention, even when you’re in the middle of the busiest day.160. You want to be around me all the time.161. You would spend every second of your free time with me if you could.162. You’re the purest soul I have ever met.163. You’re jealous but in a cute way.164. We are meant to be.165. You don’t care about my looks.166. You play with my hair in a unique way.167. You make fun of me in a cute way, without ever insulting me.168. You do everything in your power to please me.169. You grant my silliest desires.170. The sound of you breathing peacefully next to me makes me feel at ease.171. You want to travel the world with me.172. You are willing to try new things with me.173. You make me the happiest person alive.174. I can always count on you, no matter what happens.175. You gave me the best parts of yourself, without expecting anything in return.176. No one could ever love me the way you do.177. You handle my mood swings exceptionally well.178. I couldn’t stop loving you, even if I wanted to.179. You don’t make false promises or empty excuses.180. You keep a picture of you and me on your phone’s lock screen.Heart shape made of tree leaf181. I have always known where I stand with you as you labeled our relationship from day one.182. You pause your video games for me.183. You still flirt with me, after all this time.184. You’re irreplaceable.185. You don’t care if I’m too dramatic sometimes.186. You know when I need help, even when I don’t ask for it.187. We finish each other’s sentences.188. You stick to me during the good and the bad days.189. I always find peace in your amazing brown eyes.190. You’re proud to have me by your side.191. You use every opportunity to show me off.192. You take responsibility for your actions.193. You don’t have a problem owning up to your mistakes.194. You make me believe that things will work out between us.195. You give me hope that we will succeed and that our relationship will have a happy ending.196. You help me get up on my feet every time I fall.197. You hold my hand when I need it the most and make sure I know you would never abandon me or leave me hanging.198. You’re never too tired to cuddle with me.199. You let me grow and you don’t hold me back.200. You keep my head above water when I feel like I’m drowning.201. You always talk things through, before acting impulsively.202. You make an effort to walk a mile in my shoes.203. You’re not resentful and you don’t hold grudges for a very long time.204. You enjoy spending time with me.205. You give me hope in a better tomorrow even during my darkest hours.206. You make me love life more.207. My heart beats a little bit faster every time you smile at me.208. You are such a good influence on me.209. I owe you so much.210. You’re ready to fight against all forces just to be with me.Hands writting I love you tag211. You make my life perfect.212. You have never tried changing me to fit your standards.213. We have built an amazing life together, without anyone’s help—just the two of us.214. You made sure our first kiss was so romantic.215. You trust me unconditionally.216. You’re the light to my darkness.217. You’re the only one who is able to put my demons to sleep.218. You always find the right words and tell me exactly what I need to hear in a given moment.219. You treat me better than I deserve.220. You love me even in the days when I can’t find a reason to love myself.221. You leave me love notes all over my apartment and car.222. You don’t yell at me even when I do stupid things.223. You take care of me when I’m sick.224. You worry whether I’m cold and if I eat enough.225. You take care of my physical, emotional and mental health.226. You have the softest skin in the world.227. I know that all of my secrets are safe with you.228. You share your ice cream with me.229. You boost my self-esteem.230. You’re never selfish.Happy man giving happy woman a piggyback ride outdoors during daytime231. You make me work out, even when it’s the last thing I want to do.232. You’re the yin to my yang.233. You know me better than I know myself.234. You’re not possessive and you don’t try to limit my freedom.235. You’re the wind beneath my wings.236. You can cheer me up whenever I’m feeling down.237. For the first time ever, I don’t feel like I’m the one who loves more.238. You put effort into teaching me new things.239. You want me to be the last person you see before bedtime.240. You kiss my nose and my forehead.Read more: why do dogs bark at other dogs | Top Q&A241. You challenge me intellectually.242. You cook my favorite meals.243. You make my every day meaningful.244. You’re different from anyone I have ever met.245. You make my hands and feet warm in the winter.246. You make all of my troubles look like a piece of cake.247. You make all of my problems disappear in the blink of an eye.248. You spoil me.249. Your phone number is the first thing I see on my screen every morning when I wake up.250. You accept me for who I am, together with all of my imperfections.251. You make me feel I’m more than enough.252. You’re mature, you know what you want and you’re not afraid to get it.253. You think of the consequences of your actions before doing them.254. You’re my biggest fan.255. You have the best gift ideas for my birthday.256. You have never forgotten Valentine’s Day or our anniversary.257. You wipe my tears away and put a smile back on my face.258. You’re the only person I can see myself growing old next to.259. Our love story is a never-ending one.260. Every time you kiss me, it feels like our first kiss.Young man and woman sitting on the ground close to each other in autumn backgrund during daytime261. Your family treats me like I’m a part of them.262. You always have time for me.263. You take all those goofy photos with me.264. You’re an amazing listener.265. You hardly ever fight with me.266. I fit perfectly in your arms.267. I know that you would never break my heart, even if your life depended on it.268. You take my opinions into consideration.269. You make my eyes shine every time you look at me.270. You’re not ashamed when I call you cute names in public.271. I love your intelligence. After all, you were smart enough to fall in love with me.272. I feel like I’m about to reach the stars every time you kiss me.273. I’m in seventh heaven every time you smile at me and I feel fireworks every time you look at me.274. We are equal partners in this relationship.275. You never use my vulnerabilities against me.276. You make me become the best possible version of myself.277. You bring me breakfast in bed every Sunday morning.278. You never forget to text me goodnight and good morning.279. You get along great with my best friends and family.280. You love my friends and family because you know they matter to me.Romantic couple in nature kissing while laying in the grass281. You do everything you can to become a better person for me.282. You have never allowed me to miss you. Every time I wanted you by my side, you appeared.283. We only fight over who is the one who loves more.284. I can feel the way your heart beats every time you’re close to me.285. You make me feel attractive and beautiful.286. You hug me in the most special way and you’re never the one who lets go first.287. You are my best friend.288. You make me nervous but in a good way.289. You make me feel important and relevant.290. You’re one in a million and I could never find someone like you, even if I wanted to.291. You don’t make me feel awkward.292. I don’t need anyone when I have you.293. You never make me feel like I’m alone in this world.294. You have never made me cry.295. You’re everything I want for Christmas.296. You don’t follow me, nor do you try taking the lead—you go through life next to me, shoulder to shoulder.297. Somehow, I miss you even when you’re just in the next room.298. I could never get tired of being with you.299. You bring optimism and positivity into my life.300. You’ve helped me with my depression and anxiety.Heart drown on window glass301. You carry me through life. You’re my rock and biggest support.302. We both scream together when our favorite football team plays on TV.303. I’m the only one you want.304. I don’t have to second-guess your moves, read between the lines or decode any mixed signals.305. You don’t play games with me.306. You made me realize that there is such a thing as love at first sight.307. You prioritize me and never make me feel like I’m your second choice.308. You have the most beautiful brown eyes.309. You are as sweet as my favorite dessert.310. You’re actually a big kid.311. Everyone notices that I’ve changed for the better ever since I’ve been with you.312. I don’t want to go to sleep ever again because my reality is finally better than my dreams.313. You look at me like I’m crazy when I say a joke you don’t get.314. I can always smell your cologne on my clothes, even when I don’t see you for days.315. You make the impossible feel possible.316. You call me in the middle of the night just to tell me how much you love me.317. I know you would do anything for me. Just being with you feels like I can defy the whole world.318. You put up with me.319. You’re the one for me. You’re my forever person, my soulmate, my match made in heaven and my twin flame.320. You can listen to me babble on for hours.Man kissing woman on her forhead321. You’re never condescending when you explain something new to me.322. You picked me out of all the people in the world.323. You don’t make me fight or compete for your love.324. You were the first person who ever wrote me a love poem.325. You try hard to make all my dreams come true.326. You put a lot of effort into our relationship.327. You’re so honest and always tell me the truth.328. You push me forward.329. You still remember the first time we met.330. You’re the only person I could imagine myself having kids with.331. You showed me that fairytales do come true.332. You make sacrifices for me.333. We root for the same baseball teams.334. You’re my family and all I have.335. You are thrilled every time you get a birthday gift from me, even if it’s some little thing.336. My world would never be the same without you in it.337. We can drive around aimlessly for hours.338. You enjoy drinking with me.339. You warm up my side of the bed.340. I never fall asleep without your goodnight kiss.Love message in a bottle with red heart on the beach341. You don’t talk behind my back and you tell me everything that is bothering you right to my face.342. You let me hog the blankets.343. I spend quality time with you.344. You don’t make me feel replaceable.345. I don’t have to chase you.346. I don’t have to beg for crumbs of your attention.347. You notice everything about me.348. I couldn’t imagine myself next to anyone besides you.349. You kiss my hands.350. My day is not complete if I haven’t seen you.351. You’re my other half.352. You want me to move in with you.353. You know my tastes in everything.354. You are so passionate about our relationship.355. We started dating in the most romantic way.356. You admire me.357. You gave me the keys to your apartment.258. You found hidden pieces of me, including the ones I didn’t even know existed.359. We have a favorite song.360. You are you.Twho hands forming heart shape361. Everything around me reminds me of you.362. We still haven’t reached our full potential as a couple.363. I want you to be my last kiss.364. You give my existence meaning.365. You took your time to read the 365 reasons why I love you.

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Love Is Magical

Pink candy hearts with love written on one of themLove is inspiring. Love is powerful. Love is the little things.Love is making the list of 365 reasons why I love you. It is also kissing your loved one while they’re sleeping and being completely unaware of your presence. It’s crying and laughing together.Love is everywhere around us.“Love doesn’t need reason. It speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart.” – Deepak Chopra365 Reasons Why I Love You: The Ultimate List For Girls And Guys pinterestRead more: why does my dog uncontrollably hump the air | Top Q&A

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