6 Common CO2 Questions Answered

CO2 is an essential factor to consider when brewing draft beer and it is often the ingredient with the most questions associated with it. It’s not clear why people are so prone to feeling scared of CO2, but it may be because the chemical compounds and charts below remind them of their high school chemistry class.

1. How do I know what pressure my CO2 is set to?


Your regulator, which connects the tank to the air duct, will have one or two gauges. If it has two, look for a gauge that shows a range of about 0-60 PSI (pounds per square inch). This will be your specified pressure gauge. The number that the arrow points to on this gauge is the pressure being delivered to your tank.

2. How do I know how much CO2 is left in my tank?

This is why it is worth considering a dual meter regulator. A double gauge regulator has a regulated pressure gauge as well as a high pressure gauge, which measures the amount of CO2 remaining in your cylinder. Without the dual gauge regulator, it’s a guessing game. Instead of waiting until you’re completely depleted, it’s a good idea to know how many buckets you can dispense per CO2 tank to know the best time to refill.

3. How many buckets can I make before I need to refill my CO2 tank?

If you are using 5lb. CO2 tank, you can dispense 2 to 4 full-size buckets before having to refill. The colder the ambient temperature, the closer you are to 4 bins.

4. What should my CO2 pressure be set to?

Most US breweries recommend a CO2 pressure between 12-14 PSI. The brewery or distributor from which you received the kegs should have a pressure recommendation, and if you are getting the kegs from a third party, it’s best to call the brewery and ask. flat beer or too much foam beer.

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5. Should my CO2 tank be inside or outside of the Kegerator?

Although it doesn’t make a significant difference, most CO2 tanks are mounted outside of the freezer compartment. This allows better use of the space inside the refrigerator to fit the bins. The distance between the barrel and the barrel doesn’t matter as long as you have a reliable air duct. It is important that your CO2 tank remains upright and away from heat sources.

6. Where can I refill my CO2 tank?

Local soldering irons, fire extinguisher refilling sites, local home brew shops, and paintball sports stores are the most likely places to cause your CO2 tank to leak. you are full. If not, please leave your question in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Or call us directly at 1-866-950-8710. This will probably get you answers faster. Now, back to what really matters – drinking beer.

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