10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dave East

Rap is not easy and many people with loads of talent never make it into the game even though they have what it takes. It’s not an industry that lets too many people in at once, and rapper Dave East knows how tough it can be to get into the game. He has been working hard for more than a decade, although he has been more successful than many of his peers. He’s recorded several albums, he’s worked with some famous people, and he’s been successful in rap. With that said, we think it’s about time people know more about him.

1. He’s using a stage name


Dave East isn’t his name, but it looks like it could be. However, his birth name is David Lawrence Brewster, Jr. It’s not as catchy and rap-like as Dave East. You don’t hear many rappers with the name David Lawrence or Brewster or even Junior. We adopted this stage name, although his name is highly academic and sounds lovely.

2. He was born in the 80s

His birthday is June 3, 1988. That makes him 32 years old in 2020. He’s not the youngest rapper in the game, but he’s not too old to really make it even. even bigger than he had. He’s got his time, and he’s got a lot more talent than some kids trying to make it into who are a lot younger than he is.

3. He’s from New York

He was born in New York City. He lived in East Harlem with his mother for a while before moving to Queensbridge with his aunt when he was a bit older. We don’t know why he moved in with this aunt or what happened to his mother, but it looks like things are going well for him.

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4. He went to high school in Maryland

When he wasn’t living with his mother in Harlem or his aunt in Queensbridge, he moved to Maryland. We’re not sure who he lived with there. He attended high school in Silverspring, Maryland, where he played basketball and soccer. He’s good at both, but he’s really good on the basketball court.

5. He played with famous NBA players

We mentioned that he was good at basketball, but he was so good that he was able to make it into the Amateur Athletics League as a teenager. He played there with some of the most famous NBA players in the game. He booked with Greivis Vasquez and Ty Lawson, both of whom play for the NBA. He also cultivated a close friendship with NBA star Kevin Durant while there.

6. He went to university

He entered the University of Richmond before transferring to Towson, but ended up dropping out of college before graduating. He plays basketball, but his problem is with the coaching staff. He didn’t like them, they didn’t get along, and he decided to go on bail and focus on his rap career rather than his NBA career.

7. He’s part of a gang

As a teenager, he didn’t know where his life would take him. His life has not been easy, and he has made the dark and dangerous decision to join a gang. He joined Rollin ’30s Harlem Crips, being part of the Crips gang you might have heard of before.

8. He did time in prison

During his time in the gang, he was sentenced to prison. He spent a lot of time there, and he made some positive life choices while there. He decided that he wasn’t living his best life. He chose to convert himself to the religion of Islam and get his life in order.

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9. He is a father

While in prison, he had no idea that his girlfriend was pregnant with his child. He made her pregnant before being sentenced, and she would give birth to his child. He didn’t know when he got in, but he found out when he got out. Now he has a daughter. Her name is Kairi Chanel Brewster. She was born in 2016.

10. His net worth

Despite the fact that he has been working hard for his rap career since 2009, he has not yet amassed a huge net worth. We’re not saying Dave East’s $500k net worth is small. That’s half a million dollars, very impressive. However, we imagine he will amass a much larger net worth as he gets closer to making it bigger.

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