10 DIY Selfie Sticks You Can Create Easily

Selfies are in fashion all over the world. New innovations bring front-facing camera and selfies as a solution for people everywhere who depend on mirrors to get the perfect front-facing image. Using a selfie stick? For those looking to save some bucks and get creative, the DIY selfie stick is just the thing for you. Here are some guidelines you can follow:

1. DIY ‘Super’ Selfie Stick Tutorial


This tutorial will take you through a six-step tutorial on how to make a selfie stick. The instructions are very detailed and have pictures to show you exactly how. For this tutorial you will need a bamboo stick, a string, glue and a mobile car holder, you will also need 2 large round magnets and a Bluetooth shutter remote. It’s easy to follow the instructions to get yourself a selfie stick.

2. WikiHow Cassette Selfie Sticks

2. WikiHow Cassette Selfie SticksHere’s a quick 6-step tutorial that shows you how to make your own band-aid to make your own selfie stick. For this method, you will need a flagpole, duct tape, Popsicle sticks, some sponges, and an empty box of tape. The steps are explained in detail and all you have to do is follow the steps below to make your own selfie stick. Using popsicle sticks as a stand, stick the sponges and place your phone between them.

3. Convenient DIY Selfie Stick

This tutorial shows you how to make a very convenient selfie stick monopod. For this tutorial, you’ll need a construction hair dryer, a drill, tongs, some bolts, a glue gun, rope, foam rubber, and a stationery knife. There are 9 clear steps in this method, as well as pictures to guide you step-by-step into making your own selfie stick.

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4. Globo Surfer DIY Selfie Stick

4. Globo Surfer DIY Selfie StickThis selfie stick method must be the simplest. All you need to follow this tutorial is a stick, sponge, and duct tape. You need to find an angle that won’t let the phone get damaged or have any traces of tape. Use tape to secure the sponge at the end of the stick. Place your phone securely in the sponge and your selfie stick is ready to go. They also offer an alternative method of using flagpoles and cassettes with detailed instructions.

5. Cyber ​​Omelette DIY Selfie Stick

5. Cyber ​​Omelette DIY Selfie StickThis is a simple yet incredibly creative build. The materials you’ll need for this tutorial are a spatula, a sponge, an elastic, a headset with a volume control, and a smartphone that takes pictures with the volume button. If you don’t have any if to see parts, you can buy them from a dollar store. You will learn how to assemble different materials to get a functional end product.

6. Make your own selfie stick with a hanger

Wire hangers have been used for the longest time to hang clothes, but they can also make great selfie sticks. For this tutorial, you’ll need to sell duct tape, sticks, pliers, headphones, and a phone case. The video shows you exactly how to bend the hangers and arrange them in a shape that can be used for selfies. It also teaches you how to assemble the various components to create a selfie stick.

7. Super easy DIY selfie stick

For this tutorial, the materials you’ll need are glue, a phone case, tape, headphones, a thin tube, and some old electrical cords. The video doesn’t have a voiceover or any written instructions which means you’ll have to depend on the visuals of the guide. However, the video is clear and shows you all the steps you need to take from start to finish to make your own selfie stick.

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8. Make your own selfie stick out of an old umbrella

This tutorial shows you an easy way to make a sturdy selfie stick. The materials needed for this tutorial are an old umbrella, a PVC cover and cover, a small hammer, and a screw. The tutorial begins by showing you how to take the center part of the umbrella and remove the unnecessary parts from it. It will then teach you how to add screws to the PVC case and then how to assemble the various parts to form a DIY selfie stick.

9. Make your own selfie stick at home

This tutorial shows you a simple method to make your own selfie stick at home. The materials you will need for this tutorial include a lanyard, a portable visor, headphones, and a cane. You start by crimping the wire, and the video shows you clearly how you can do this. The next step is to attach the strings to the stick with tape and make sure they are carved around the stick in the right way. The phone case is then attached to the strings to complete the selfie stick.

10. DIY paper selfie stick

This is an article that shows you how to make a selfie stick at home using a headset, wire, and paper. This is a unique method because what you need is mostly paper. It’s also pretty easy to follow as there are instructions on the side for each step illustrated on the video.


Our generation is associated with phones and tablets with the proliferation of many new technologies. One of the features of these devices is the camera. People take a lot of pictures and selfie sticks are just some of the ways you can get a great photo. The above instructions will help you get started with making your own selfie stick to get the perfect selfies.

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