Yolanda Adams: children, husband, house, net worth, latest updates

Yolanda Adams is a singer, actress, radio host and record producer. Although she hasn’t released many projects in the past decade, she has sold over ten million albums in three decades. Yolanda has also won four Grammy Awards, five BET Awards, among others. Currently, the talented female artist is more involved in her radio program besides running various businesses.Yolanda Adams performing during the Soul Train Awards Ceremony. Photo: Gabe Ginsberg Source: Getty Images In addition to her long and successful musical life, Yolanda’s personal life has also been notable over the past two decades. For example, in the 1990s, her divorce and subsequent remarriage (a former NFL player) were two of the most televised events in US entertainment. The talented artist has also spoken out about the dark side of relationships.

Profile Summary


  • Name: Yolanda Yvette Adams
  • Date of birth: August 27, 1961
  • Place of birth: Houston, Texas
  • Education: Sterling High School and Texas Southern University
  • Job: Singer, radio host, actress and record producer
  • Husband: Divorced

Yolanda’s Early Life, Family and Siblings

Yolanda Adams was born in Houston, Texas on August 27, 1961. She later attended Sterling High School and later Texas Southern University. Despite having moved to different states over the past 3 decades, Yolanda is proud of her Texas roots. From an early age, she was exposed to music thanks to her mother’s classical music background. Listening to the greatest musicians like Edwin Hawkins, Nancy Wilson, James Cleveland and Stevie Wonder inspired her to love music. Yolanda is the first child in a family of six. Of all her siblings, only Allegró Nevella is musically involved. She has also toured with Yolanda and other artists such as Kirk Franklin. Besides touring, Nevella has worked with Yolanda on previous projects. For example, she introduced Yolanda in the song 2.2 Billion.

Yolanda Adams children

Yolanda AdamsTaylor Ayanna Crawford (L), singer Yolanda Adams (C) and a guest at BET AWARDS. Photo: Earl Gibson II Source: Getty Images Award-winning musician is a mother of one child. Yolanda Adams’ daughter, Taylor Ayanna Crawford, was born in 2001. Over the past two decades, Taylor has enjoyed high profile events, thanks to her mother’s status in the US entertainment industry. a close relationship with her. Every year, she shows her appreciation for motherhood. For example, on Mother’s Day 2019, she shared a photo of herself and Taylor and expressed her gratitude for being a mother.

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Love life and relationships

Is Yolanda Adams married? No. She is currently single. However, in recent interviews, she has always dodged questions about her relationships, especially whether she is dating or not. However, she was married twice. Yolanda Adams divorced Troy Mason in 1990 after three years of abusive marriage. After a few years of hiding from gossip about her marriage, she confessed that Mason was abusive. She began recording her next album shortly after her messy divorce. After being single for seven years, Yolanda married Timothy Crawford. Unlike her previous marriage, her relationship with Crawford was free of abuse. It was also from this combination that they got Taylor Ayanna. Unfortunately, Yolanda and Timothy Crawford divorced in 2004 after 7 years of marriage. While the details (about the breakup) are still unknown, Yolanda has managed to address some rumors about the cause of the breakup. According to her, the divorce was a mutual agreement between them and they remained friends of Crawford.


Yolanda AdamsYolanda Adams accepts the award for “Lady of Soul” on stage. Photo: Paras Griffin Source: Getty ImagesYolanda Adams is multi-talented. Since 1982, she has worked on many projects, inside and outside of music. Although she is mainly known for her music, she is also a good actress and radio presenter. Some of the highlights of her career include:

As a musician, composer and record producer

Just as I Am is Yolanda’s first album. Although she had released singles before, the 1988 project was her debut album. The project also helped her gain the vision she needed as a contemporary gospel artist in the late 1980s. Although the discussion of which albums had the most influence on the contemporary gospel scene is topical. but Mountain High… Valley Low is her most successful album in terms of sales. divorced her husband. However, the album doesn’t have soulful songs like 1997’s More Than a Melody, but Yolanda Adams’ latest project. The 12-track album was released in 2011 and has received rave reviews, especially from her fans. Unlike his previous projects, Adams is not afraid to get hurt on the subject, making the project unique and eye-catching to many people. Yolanda’s disco has earned her 14 Grammy Award nominations and four wins. She has also won five BET Awards, including Best Gospel Artist in 2012 and 2002.

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Yolanda as an actress

She has been in nine TV shows and movies. In addition to her talent, Yolanda Adams’ height has made her the right person to star in some of the most iconic Christian movies and TV series. For example, she was a guest star on In the House and Ride Along 2 in 2016.

As a radio host

In 2017, Yolanda premiered Yolanda Adams Morning Show on KTSU. Although the queen of contemporary gospel music has done radio before, this new show is unique in many ways. For example, she has a co-host (Marcus Wiley), and more importantly, she now has full control over the show’s creative direction. For almost four years, the show has become famous for its diverse themes. Yolanda, along with the co-host, created some interesting segments on the show. The most popular highlights on the show are Points of Power and Bishop Secular.

Yolanda’s Income Stream and Net Worth

Yolanda AdamsSinger Yolanda Adams attends the Black Music Honors at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center. Photo: Paras Griffin Source: Getty Images: How much is Yolanda Adams worth? According to multiple sources, such as Celebrity Net Worth, the record producer is worth $5 million. Although Yolanda has stopped releasing music as she used to, she has increased her fortune over the past decade. Yolanda Adams’ home was the focus of her 2008 spat with the IRS. Fortunately, the lawsuit was dismissed at the end of the year. However, the IRS did not disclose the home’s value or the reasons for the investigations. Yolanda’s jewelry collection and handbag business is her latest project. Unfortunately, the revenue generated through these two businesses is private. For the past four years, Yolanda has performed in major events. These include BET, the Super Bowl, and the Grammys. Although the revenue (from concerts) is unknown, the award-winning musician has had at least one major performance; Thanks to her huge social media following, Yolanda is also gaining influence. While her rating tag as an influencer is unknown, sponsored ads on her Instagram page can be attributed. These micro-influencer gigs contribute to her annual income. Yolanda Adams is without a doubt one of the most decorated gospel artists of all time. With 15 complete projects since the early 1980s, Yolanda has one of the most diverse single-songwriter discos in recent history. Even with this achievement, she has had her share of negative media coverage, especially due to her two failed marriages. Gospel music is one of the most listened to genres with millions of fans worldwide. It has the net worth of greats like Michael W. Smith, Erica and Tina Campbell, and Kirk Franklin, among others.

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